10 Best Materials For Oil Painting 1

10 Best Materials For Oil Painting

Oil painting is an elegant medium that is widely embraced by painters worldwide since it was first introduced for its complex characteristics and intricate details to perfection. You may have seen famous artworks made of oil paintings that pave way for your inspirations and you are ready to paint your way using oil paints, here is your complete list of the 10 best materials for oil painting that you’ll ever need.

And as a beginner to this medium, or even have experienced before, this essential list will save you from any dilemma you might encounter along the way, on what to supplies to get to make your oil painting journey worthwhile and learn new techniques and ideas while discovering this elegant medium.

10 Best Materials For Oil Painting

The Supplies To Last

Oil Paints

10 Best Materials For Oil Painting
Oil Painting Materials – 10 Best Materials For Oil Painting

The first on the list of 10 best materials for oil painting that you will be using are the oil paints since we will be creating artworks from them. There are few recommended colors for beginners to start with, just making sure you are always getting the high-quality paints for they will save you money along the way.

So when you shop, always include these colors on your cart, Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Yellow, Ivory Black, Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Alizarin Crimson and Pthalo blue. Though getting them in small tubes for a starting session, however if you have a good budget, I advise you to go larger for these colors and add more greenish and brownish ones like the all-time favorite by most painters, permanent green light, earthly brownish for the shades of burnt and raw sienna to sum up the list.

Oil Paint Brushes

Since you are just beginning with oil painting, the next supply included in your list of 10 best materials for oil painting is paintbrush,  grabbing a full set is not a requirement, however, as you progress with this medium you might want to upgrade more brushes, but let’s stick to getting few brushes of different sizes to help you out with, a quick grab of small, medium and larger brush will do the artwork for now. Make sure you just have flat and round brushes and get started painting right there.

10 Best Materials For Oil Painting
Oil paint thinner – 10 Best Materials For Oil Painting

Thinner Or Turpentine

The oil paints don’t go off from washing them with water and soap, that is why you will be needing mineral spirits for cleaning them up or any brand of thinner that you can grab to any stores, though they are more pricey if you buy them on art shops, any local thinner will do the same job. Plus, you will need them in case oil paints smudge over your garments.

Old Clothes

Preferably choose those comfortable ones for every painting sessions. It is advisable to wear something comfortable when working with your artworks especially if you are using oil paints. It is one of the 10 best material for oil painting and those old clothes will be a great help for wiping some mess too from your canvas or your paint brushes to dry them up.

Paper Towel Or Rags

These will be a great help in keeping your paint brushes neat, dry and getting some mixed up paints to another color. Other painters used old newspaper, aside from recycling them for another purpose in your painting sessions, they are a great deal for drying up your brushes instead of dipping them always in the thinner along with the painting sessions. You can use the thinner or turpentine when you are done for proper cleaning after each session.

Support Panel Or Easel

This is nice to have even at the start of your very first art session, so you feel and get used to painting with it as a professional painters do. Find something that is sturdier and works well with you even if you got to move every time, that is easier to adjust even when you want to sit or stand, something that is almost the same as your height.

Grabbing a second-hand easel is a good way to add in your list of 10 best materials for oil painting, it is an alternative option for beginners and when you are experienced enough, taking extra time to find your perfect support will be the next step.


Going fancy for a palette is so overdue, the best thing to keep in mind in getting whether it is the expensive or cheaper one is the blending process along the way, the bigger it is, the better, you can even try using a big ceramic plate or any piece of glass where you can incorporate align all your paints for easy access when you start your painting sessions. If you are still thinking how big your palette should be, oil painters usually even go as half the size of your working canvas, that big is a great help for your art sessions,  the fact that oil paints don’t dry easily as acrylic paints do is a huge advantage for most oil painters too.

10 Best Materials For Oil Painting
Linseed oil – 10 Best Materials For Oil Painting

Linseed Oil

For most beginners, this also includes in the 10 best material for oil painting as it is necessary to get familiar with this supply. If you will get used to painting with linseed oil on your medium will be of great advantage. To further explain how the linseed oil is to oil paint, this is like a great medium to add texture to all your oil paintings, basically, they work like how water is helping watercolor reach their transparency, so that is how linseed oil is to oil paints.

They can set your desired tones for oil paints without sacrificing their texture. Most oil painters prefer to use a tiny amount with their paintbrush touching this medium before application to the canvas, that technique works with some while others directly mix and blend small portions into their palette or paints and apply to their canvas, either way, the linseed oil will give you the right texture you want with your oil paints.

Charcoal Pencils

Graphite pencil is usually for watercolor painting and most oil painters use a charcoal one for a quick breakdown of preferred ideas through sketching. Though other painters directly paint their canvas with oil paints, as a beginner, it is also included in the 10 best material for oil painting can be used to encapsulate your thoughts and inspiration before completely covering them with your paints. The sketches won’t really show for oil paints are opaque if you are worrying they will show at the end of your painting sessions.

10 Best Materials For Oil Painting
Oil Painting Materials – 10 Best Materials For Oil Painting

As you move forward with your il paints and gain more knowledge about them, sketching will be as easy as even with your own paintbrush if that suits you, for now, learn few rules and tricks and break them on along the way.

Canvas / Preferred Painting Surface

Though you may think that paintings always go with canvas, the last on the list of 10 best material for oil painting is the painting surface which solely depends on the preference that will suit you. For beginners, using a paper is also a great options as you are just knowing your craft and how it feels to do oil paintings, the key secret for your oil painting surfaces is just to prime it over with gesso and you can choose almost any kind of surface after that, gesso makes your surface a perfect fit to oil paints. So your next painting session, you can choose any surface as long as you coat it over with gesso.

Experiment With Your Paints

Just like any other medium, for you to be a professional with oil painting, experimenting and practice is the key. The more you have to paint with them over and over again will help you improve your skills in painting with oil paints. It doesn’t always come handy and you will get confused but when you practice and experiment, definitely you’ll come a long way to oil paints too.

Now get your paintbrush and start painting! If you have learned new tricks and techniques to, do share them with us and let’s all learn together. If you want to learn more about another painting medium, check this link about 12 smart techniques for watercolor painting



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