10 Excellent Oil Pastel Painting Techniques

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OIl pastels are a great choice especially for a neophyte like you who wants to dive in an amazing world of colors and creative imagination from pastels. These excellent oil pastel painting techniques will help you understand the beauty that is hidden in every stick. The handy nature of oil pastels and the vibrant colors that they produce is what makes them a great choice for beginners with this painting medium.

What are the things you need to know to easily learn these excellent oil pastel painting techniques in no time? What are the required materials to maximize and easily adapt to these excellent oil pastel painting techniques? Are there any tips to easily understand these excellent oil pastel painting techniques?

The Excellent Oil Pastel Painting Techniques That Every Beginner Must Try: Easy Painting Tutorial

There are many reasons why beginners to arts love using pastels as their stepping stone to creating artworks. The convenience that each pastel types and kinds make them an artist favorite. Plus the fact that they produce a world of great and vibrant colors. There are different and excellent oil pastel painting techniques you can try to improve your painting skills. These excellent oil pastel painting techniques will not just help you understand pastels but will love their unique and rich compositions.

10 Excellent Oil Pastel Painting Techniques
10 Excellent Oil Pastel Painting Techniques

You don’t need to worry if you are a total stranger with oil pastels. The trick is, as long as you have perseverance and dedication to learn then you are one step closer.  Achieving that knowledge that is meant for you in the universe of unlimited colors. Remember that as long as you love what you are doing.

On these excellent oil pastel painting techniques tutorials, we will discuss different yet easy painting mediums that are specially designed for the neophyte that you are. That way, it will help you also understand the beauty of colors and how each painting technique is done with easy mixing and creation.

Before we start with these excellent oil pastel painting techniques, we need to prepare first a few materials that we will be using to improve our painting sessions. They are the basic yet essential materials for your excellent oil pastel painting techniques tutorials.

  1. Oil pastels. You can grab beginners or starters set of your chosen oil pastel brands. They usually come in different colors and the amount is really worth it. Especially if you will get some sets that have more pastels in them. However, in this activity, you will just need a few colors. A light color, a darker color, and a medium color pastel. Together with some black, white and gray colors on the side.
  2. Paper. There are papers that are specially designed for pastels. However, if you are a beginner and just wanted to see each of these excellent oil pastel painting techniques personally done, then you can use an ordinary sketch paper for the moment. The idea is to learn and know first the painting techniques that you will use along the way.
  3. Pen or Pencil. You will just use this to mark and make shapes for your painting tutorial.
  4. Ruler. This an optional painting accessories, if you can draw straight lines properly. Like rectangles and squares. Then you don’t really need this one.
  5. Paper towels or tissue. To clean your oil pastel sticks later on or during the painting session to remove any paint residue from other oil pastel colors.
  6. Palette Knife. This is a great tool for your painting journey. Not just with oil pastels but with almost any painting media that you will wish to try with later on. Also. there are great painting techniques you can use with the palette knife.

10 Excellent Oil Pastel Painting Techniques
10 Excellent Oil Pastel Painting Techniques

The materials that you will really use for oil pastels are just limited. The most artist only adds extra accessories for their painting journey along the way. You can just grab a starter set of oil pastels, sketch pad or paper and you can start painting with your fingers. Easy as that!

Excellent Oil Pastel Painting Techniques With Easy Step By Step Painting Tutorials

Now that you have prepared all the necessary painting materials for this beginner’s excellent oil pastel painting techniques know-about and tutorials, let’s begin!

We have break-down these excellent oil pastel painting techniques in ten to start with. They are easy and you will learn different methods through mixing and blending them personally.

The first one is the oil pastel painting technique that requires you to add pressure to the painting surface as you apply your oil pastels. Be careful not to press the pastels too much to the paper as they will break easily. Oil pastels may look hard but they are still considered soft pastels with fewer no visible pastel dust all over while working.

10 Excellent Oil Pastel Painting Techniques
10 Excellent Oil Pastel Painting Techniques

On your clean sketch pad, you can draw different shapes, however, it is best to draw ten different kinds, four rectangles, and six squares for a start. The first square will be filled with this pressured technique. You will use three colors of oil pastels. One light, medium, and a dark-colored pastel. Use pressure for oil pastel applications. Once you have filled the first square with three colors on top of each, then get a paper towel or tissue paper and gently mixed the colors by blending them all together. You will notice the amazing results and color combinations of pastels. The trick with pastels is that you can achieve and blend their colors once you applied them on your painting canvas or paper.

The next of the ten excellent oil pastel painting techniques is the stippling technique. For this painting technique, you will just need to fill the next square with dots of colors from your oil pastels choice of colors. That totally depends on you as how much dots will you put. But the more dots, the better.

10 Excellent Oil Pastel Painting Techniques
10 Excellent Oil Pastel Painting Techniques

The next painting technique is sgraffito. This is basically applying layers of oil pastels on your painting surface and then you will be scrubbing the desired design afterward using your palette knife or any pointy objects that do not rip or tear the painting surface. This is an easy painting technique that you can use with almost any painting media. The designs with sgraffito depend on an artist preference and style that they wanted to create.

The next painting technique that you will use on another square is the scumbling technique. It is an easy painting technique which you can incorporate as just scumbling or just doing a doodle on the paper. You can scribble any designs however you wanted using your oil pastels to your painting surface.

The next painting technique that you will use is the blending of oil pastels in a heavy pressure way. Which you can do in the next square. Just apply your oil pastels with enough pressures. Use three different colors to do so.

The next technique is totally opposite of the later one. You just need to apply using light pressure with your oil pastels. You will mix the three colors of your choice in a light manner of application.

The last four techniques will just be done on the four rectangles that you draw. Two colors will be used to blend on these techniques. You can start mixing your desired color with the white color first. This is by doing it left to right, Start off with your left side from the rectangle, use pressure for application on the corner going to the middle, once in the middle, stop with your color choice and get the white oil pastel and start on the opposite side repeating the process until the color meet in the middle. That is a color technique using white oil pastels.

The next is to use a grey color. The same process, just that instead of white, you will use the grey color. That is grey plus color technique.

The next one is using black oil pastel. Same process with your oil pastels as well. Black plus color preference is the name of this oil pastel painting technique.

And the last one is using a black and white color with the same process.

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