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10 Great Benefits Of Pastels

If we will list down the great benefits of pastels on an artist painting journey, then it will be the pastels that who excels the most. With the different types of pastels available in the market right now, there are definitely great benefits of pastels from what you are using right now. They are easy to use and produced rich and vibrant colors that most artists love especially when creating art.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pastel to an artist painting journey? What are the unique and great benefits of pastels and why they are tagged as the easiest painting medium? Do the disadvantages of pastel paint make them less attractive or are there ways on how to correct these disadvantages and transform them into great benefits for pastels to this day?

The Amazing And Great Benefits Of Pastels: Why They Are Love By Beginners With This Painting Medium

10 Great Benefits Of Pastels
10 Great Benefits Of Pastels

One of the great benefits of pastels to an artist life is the rich, luminous, and vibrant colors that they produce on the paintings. Aside from the fact that they are handy and easy to use, pastels require fewer materials than most painting mediums available in the market right now. There is also a wide range and variety of colors to choose from if you are in the pastel paintings. There are different types of pastels that best suits an artist lifestyle and preference for their painting materials.

With these great benefits of pastels, surely these are one of the many reasons why they are loved by artists and wanted to use them for their painting sessions. Another great benefit of pastels on an artist life is how you can easily clean them and store them. With the proper preservation of pastel paintings, you can definitely enjoy this amazing benefits that they offer.

To list down more great benefits of pastels is their ability to be mixed with other painting media. Because pastels are made of pure pigment and a binder, you can easily mix them with watercolors, acrylics, and sometimes you can even mix them with oil paints.

This unique flexibility of this painting medium allows them to work with other painting media which artist sees as a great advantage for their painting journey.

You can store a pastel painting properly then it will last for a long time. As long as you are using the right materials with high quality to achieve its amazing benefits

Well-Known Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pastels

10 Great Benefits Of Pastels
10 Great Benefits Of Pastels

To breakdown the great benefits of pastels on an artist life, we have to tackle also the disadvantages that you might encounter along the way. That way you can prepare yourself and check for possible solutions to this issue. Checking for the best remedy for a certain disadvantage especially for painting will help an artist grow more with the painting medium that they are using.

Let’s start with the advantages and great benefits of pastels for an artist.

  1. Pastels produce rich, vibrant, and luminous colors that every artist wants on their painting materials
  2. There is a variety of options and types of pastel to choose from that best suits an artist preference for painting.
  3. Pastels are handy and you can easily use them with just a few materials and you’re set to paint.
  4. You can mix them with other painting media.
  5. They are less maintenance if you are using pastels.
  6. You can easily blend them using your fingers to achieve your desired colors.
  7. There are some accessories you can use if you want to make the most of your pastels.
  8. The fresh colors that they produce allow an artist to continuously work with them until such time that you wanted your painting to reach its final appearance. The colors that you see on the pastel sticks is exactly the same as if you will apply them on your painting surface
  9. There is a variety of options for the fixative to choose what works best for your pastels.
  10. You can either use glassine paper or framed under glass your finish pastel paintings.
10 Great Benefits Of Pastels
10 Great Benefits Of Pastels

For the disadvantages of pastel paint, we have listed down some few things which you might encounter while you are working with them.

  1. Pastels get smudged easily. That is why most artists who use pastel use fixative when they are done with their painting to protect it from any possible damage. The fix achieves also creates a shield or barrier against dust dirt and UV rays that might affect the overall appearance of your painting.
  2. The pastel dust that they emit makes an issue for artists especially those who are working with hard pastels.
  3. Pastels, once they are applied on a painting surface becomes fragile and is prone to damages, dirt, dust, and a possibility of getting smudged.
  4. The pastel does that comes over to another think or stick will affect and change the color once you apply them. That is why you have to clean your pastel boxes before using them to avoid any unnecessary colors mixing up together.
  5. If you applied pastels on your painting surface, they stay permanent as they are and cannot be fixed.

How Do You Make The Most Of Pastels In Your Painting Journey

With all the advantages and disadvantages of pastel de are still one of the most favorite painting media by an artist of all generation. Surely there is always a remedy to every disadvantage that this painting medium offers.

You can make the most of pastel senior painting journey by exposing yourself through proper experimentation and application of the painting media itself. There are no right or wrong techniques for painting with pastels. Even if you are a beginner with pastels, the possibilities of knowing the qualities of pastels make you love them more and wanted to create more paintings with them.

10 Great Benefits Of Pastels
10 Great Benefits Of Pastels

Since pastels are made of pure pigment, you can mix them with other painting media as well. Other artists, especially with watercolors, use pastel sticks to enhance their colors. If you wanted to protect your pastels from getting a smudge or damaged there is always an option to do so. There are different ways on how you can preserve and restore your pastel paintings on a style that you prefer.

You can use a specific paper for pastels to achieve the best texture for your painting. These pastel papers have a specific tooth to hold the pastels in place when they are applied.

There are tools that are specially made for certain processes to maximize the pascal’s benefits to the artist.

Pastels are safe to use even for kids as they are more toxic free pastels in the market right now.

Can You Mix Pastels With Other Painting Media?

One of the great benefits of pastels is its ability to be mixed with other painting media. You can mix pastels with watercolors, acrylics, oil paints, and almost any painting medium. Since they don’t have a vehicle to hold them, those artists who make them with other painting media usually grind them to get to achieve that pure pigments that they have.

One of the great benefits of pastels is you can just use them directly on your painting surface. They are easy and handy and you can start painting using your fingers without looking for any paintbrush water or any other painting mediums. To know more about the different methods on how you can preserve your pastel paintings you can check out this link.


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