10 Easy Steps for Acrylic Abstract Flower

10 Easy Steps for Acrylic Abstract Flower

Creating your very own acrylic abstract flower painting has never been this easy. Just like any rules with abstract art, it is as freeway as possible, plus the combination of colors and acrylic paints can offer is a great combination. If this is your first time to make your very own acrylic abstract flower art, then you are on the right page as we will teach you a step by step guide on how you can do that in an easy and enjoyable way.

What are the materials that you will use for your acrylic abstract flower art tutorial? Can you create acrylic abstract flower art with just a few colors from your acrylic paints? Do you need to prime your painting surface first before creating your acrylic abstract flower art painting?

Creating That Beautiful Acrylic Abstract Flower Art Painting With Easy Steps To Follow

10 Easy Steps for Acrylic Abstract Flower
10 Easy Steps for Acrylic Abstract Flower

Abstract painting has been one of the artists most favorite paintings to create. As it allows an artist to create beautiful images without taking too much effort with fine details and intricate similarities. It is all about creating shapes and sizes how you want it in a freeway version. Acrylic abstract flower arts are one of the best ways to enhance your abstract ability.  With acrylic abstract flower art or painting, definitely, you will enjoy a variety of designs that creates and build your unique style.

Materials That You Will Need For The Acrylic Abstract Flower Tutorial

Before we begin with the step by step tutorial for your acrylic abstract flower art. You need to prepare some of these materials first as they are necessary for these painting sessions. Since acrylics main characteristics are their fast drying composition, you’ll really love this tutorial and can create your first ever acrylic abstract flower art in no time. Maybe you will soon jump over to your next painting afterward.

Here is the list of essential materials to use with this abstract painting tutorial;

  • Acrylic paints that you have or prepared. The colors depend entirely on your style and preference. If you wanted to, you can try colorful ones for your abstract painting.
  • Painting surface or canvas that you preferred. Some artist used those ready-made canvas boards so that afterward you can hang your painting if you wanted to. Again, this depends on your style and preference for painting. Acrylics can be painted on almost any kind of painting surface. Even on woods and textiles, papers or canvas. So choose which one you’ll comfortable to work on with.
  • Paintbrushes are also an essential tool for painting with acrylic abstract flower art. You can prepare the same paintbrush that you use for your acrylic painting session.
  • Pencil and ruler will be a necessary tool for this abstract painting as you will be creating a grid design of flower art from acrylics. The ruler will also be used to mark and measure each grid box to achieve that equality. The pencil will be used to mark and make small details of different flowers and for marking your painting surface with light marks for your grids.
  • Primer or gesso. You will need to prime your painting surface to make sure that the absorbency level will be enough and will hold your acrylic paints properly. However, if you purchased a pre-primed canvas and you wish not to prime it anymore then that is okay. However, it is better to apply a couple of thin layers of primer for your painting surface.
10 Easy Steps for Acrylic Abstract Flower
10 Easy Steps for Acrylic Abstract Flower

Preparation For Your Acrylic Abstract Flower Tutorial

Before you start your paint application for acrylic abstract flower art, it is best to prepare your painting surface first. This is by applying a couple of thin layers of primer or gesso to the chosen painting surface or painting canvas. Make sure that the first layer of the primer or gesso is completely dried before applying another layer of primer or acrylic gesso.

If the primed painting surface is completely dried up, then you can start tracing your grid to the painting canvas using your ruler and pencil. Some artist uses a mechanical pencil for creating grids with their painting surface as the pencil leaves a light mark to your canvas. Make sure that the grids are equally proportional to each other.

When you are done doing the grid for your painting surface then you are set to paint the surface with the colors that you like. For best color combination, choose any strong colors or those that are solid when you painted them on. That still depends on your color preference too. You can start covering each box on the grid with the colors that you can choose, one by one. You can start with the upper box or the lower box. You can start with the middle box if you prefer that. As long as you will cover the whole boxes of a grid with different colors.

In case there are some excess paints going over to the other boxes then that is completely fine. As acrylics are very forgiving. You can just wait for the pain to get dry, they get dry easily so you do not need to worry about waiting for a longer time. Acrylics are known for their fast drying composition. Once they are dried, you can correct any mistakes or overflowed paints on other grid boxes. Just paint it over with the color or paint that you preferred.

10 Easy Steps for Acrylic Abstract Flower
10 Easy Steps for Acrylic Abstract Flower

Try looking at the background colors of your boxes. If you like them as they are then continuing with what you are doing. If not, just paint it over with the color that you preferred. This part does not need to be perfect as the grid boxes will serve as your background and more details will be painted over them.

Once your painting surface or painting canvas is completely covered with the colors that you preferred then you can jump in over to the next step. Adding another layer of paints on your background. This time, we will be adding new colors by means of creating beautiful borders that should be inside the grid boxes. Your ability to choose the colors that complements your background is a great test for your color skills. You can try reconsidering the borders colors to your background and the grid boxes that are next to them.

Make sure that before you add new colors to your painting canvas, the layer should be completely dried. That way there will be no possible mixing of colors, well unless you like that to happen later on. Once you are done with the background and borders, it is time to create patterns for your acrylic abstract flower art designs. That will be easy, as you can start painting off new colors that serve as the flowers base design. Round paints on the middle of each grid boxes can be done. This round colors can be done on different sizes if you wanted to or make the same sizes as well. Again, that depends on your style preference. You can play with the sizes of your paints in this step.

10 Easy Steps for Acrylic Abstract Flower
10 Easy Steps for Acrylic Abstract Flower

Now you can create petals for your flowers. To maximize the colors that you will use, it is best to use one color at a time with the petals that you create. You can make different sizes and shapes and combine with different colors on each grid. The main goal is to create fun and play with colors.

Continue this process of adding different colors until you can see the completion of all the flowers per grid box. Make different styles of petals and designs as you wanted to. Once you are done decorating all the boxes and making different styles of flowers, then you can say that you are finished with your painting. However, the trick with painting is you’ll never know when to really stop adding colors and details. If you are torn between continuing and stopping the let your painting canvas sit in the corner when it is dried.

If you are done with the surface of your painting canvas, you’ll need to add paints and details on the side of your canvas as well. There are different options on how will you design the sides of your canvas. Either you do the designs on the surface or just paint it over some base color. Whatever that is, as long as you like it, then do it.

Thank you for reading and we do hope you’ll learn something with this tutorial for acrylic abstract flower art painting.







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