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100+ Excellent Words To Describe Art Part 2

It is essential to know what are the excellent words to describe art in ways that you are communicating properly with other artists or if you were asked to give feedback and constructive criticism to a certain artwork. There may be new ways on how to approach different aspects, categories and topics but knowing the right and excellent words to describe art is essential not just for the artist but for the viewer’s as well.

What are the excellent words to describe art pertaining to the focal point, perspective, style, size of the art as a whole, painting media that was used and the painting techniques that are used in the artwork? Are there any specific words to describe topics or categories for every painting media?

The 100+ Excellent Words To Describe Art Part Two

100+ Excellent Words To Describe Art Part 2
100+ Excellent Words To Describe Art Part 2

When it comes to arts, we don’t use ordinary words that just came out of our mouths to describe such wonderful creations. Just by merely looking at a painting, you have to know what is the right term for every topic or category that falls the specific image and what have made you feel after looking at it. This way, by learning the right and excellent words to describe art will give you a better idea for such words and artwork.

Don’t worry too much as how you can deliver each word properly, with the right practice and how to describe each category, you’ll soon get the hang of it with a little practice from time to time. That way, you are also learning the different topics and categories that each image you can start working with. This way, you are not just getting knowledge about painting media characteristics and painting techniques, but also you are making a wider world of art with your vocabulary.

100+ Excellent Words To Describe Art Part 2
100+ Excellent Words To Describe Art Part 2

There are some artists who also have different ideas when it comes to those excellent words to describe art that helps them create a better painting or artwork based on the words that they are using to critique artworks and apply those critiques to themselves as well. This way, it is a two-way process of sharing knowledge between the artist and the viewer.

Comprehensive Guide To Describe Arts With The Right Words For Every Topic Or Category

Now let’s talk all about these excellent words to describe art with the category or topic that we wanted to talk about. Let’s start with the perspective in the arts. The different perspective or spot that you wanted to incorporate with your artwork also depends on the right words to say when we are talking about perspective. There are several yet effective words to say when we wanted to describe how art or painting will look like in different shots, spot or perspective. You can say that the artwork has close-up or a rear mirror view, or even a bird’s eye view. The different angles in the painting also matter as you can say that it was a side view or front view, from behind and even from afar. Sideways or upwards, there are different options as to how the artist used perspective and angle. Lying down or sitting, standing or when the perspective is asking for the bending position. You can definitely see that with how the artwork was presented. Regardless of anything, it is the art style that creates the most effective manipulation of spots that produce the best perspective in art. Though not everyone gets that technique easily.

100+ Excellent Words To Describe Art Part 2
100+ Excellent Words To Describe Art Part 2

The focal point is another topic that requires excellent words to describe art in ways on how it captures your attention and gives that certain experience and feeling that creates a movement to the artwork itself. There are a lot of excellent words to describe art with the main subject or focal point in the artwork or painting. You can say that the focal point is mythical or imaginary, fantastic or it was invented or fantasy. There are other words such as urban or rural, city or cityscape, portrait or still life, abstract or geometrical. Figures and interiors are other options and alternatives as well. The words on how you can describe range from what the painting as a whole with the main subject is. Just let it be realistic and say what you saw after examining the whole picture as a whole.

If you happen to look a still life portrait or painting, then there are also some words that you can use to describe such artwork. You can say that the artwork is clean or new, old or dusty, it may also look antique or fancy. Other ways to describe the still life portraits can look damaged and even worn out as well.

100+ Excellent Words To Describe Art Part 2
100+ Excellent Words To Describe Art Part 2

The next category that you will encounter with art will be the artist style with painting. There are a lot of excellent words to describe art with the preference or style of the artist. The style depends on the influences that help mold the artist journey in painting. Like for example, photo-realism and realism style can be one of the options to describe the style of painting. It can also be about cubism, impressionism, and modernism. Expressionism, Japanese style and even Indian style. Chinese style and also if you are always working outdoors with landscapes and nature, we can say that it is Plein air as well. There are still different kinds of painting style and you can even create your own style along the way. What is important is that you let yourself get exposed to different genre and style to cultivate your own unique preference and then, later on, work with the style that you will be more comfortable with.

The size of the painting or artwork also matters you can say that the artwork is mural or can consist of a series of panels including diptych, triptych, polyptych and many more. That totally depends on the size and painting surface that you have worked on.

The last one will be about the painting media or medium that was used. It can be mixed with different painting media or one medium. That includes but not limited to using oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, gouache paint, charcoal, ink, spray paints, canvas or wood panels, paper, glass, and fresco.

There are different words that describe each topic or art category that you must know. Regardless if you are just a neophyte or already an experienced painter or artist. Sometimes the words that you used to describe every painting or artwork that you see also reflect the ideas that you have as an artist. These ideas and words that you use can also be found with the artwork that you are doing as you are already working with them even if you are not fully aware of it yet. They had become part of your standard and style as an artist and sometimes those are what you are looking for on every artwork or painting that you are looking. Sometimes you also do a comparison with each other without knowing that. And gathering information and ideas on how one artist do that with their artwork helps you build up with your next painting.

No matter what painting medium or style of painting are you going to use. What is more important is that you are enjoying what you are doing and you are learning not just with the beautiful mistakes that you created but with the experience that you get with other artworks.


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