100+ Words To Describe Art Part 1

100+ Words To Describe Art Part 1

Are you running out of words to describe art and that painting that you have seen? There are different ways on how you can describe such artwork with the right choice of words, especially if you are pertaining to painting and everything in between. We have listed down all the possible options that you can use with your next art session or if someone might have wanted your honest opinion for constructive criticism.

What are the best words to describe art and the things about it? How do you describe arts and its quality? What are the right words to describe art especially if you asked for an honest and constructive criticism?

The Best Words To Describe Art In An Arty Way Like A Pro

100+ Words To Describe Art Part 1
100+ Words To Describe Art Part 1

There are well-known words to describe art and how can you give honest feedback in case you are asked to. These lists will help you give feedback and make each word stylish like the artist that you are. Every category and topic have words to describe art in a way that is pleasing both to the ear and to the eye as you look at each artwork.

You can also add additional words along the way. That will widen your vocabulary when it comes to terms pertaining to art and the categories incorporated with it.

The List Of Words Per Category To Help You Talk About Art Properly

The first in the category or topic that we will add words to describe art is the color. There are many possible words to say when we are talking about the colors used in a certain painting or artwork. From the color theory, the warm and cold colors that are used to create the painting. The words, if carefully chosen will give you limitless options to describe and give honest feedback to whom it is given. Once you look at the artwork, determine the strongest feeling that you felt by looking at the art. This way it can help you find the right words to describe it. Let’s say, are the colors used well to look at. Are the choices of colors pleasing to the eye? Or relaxing perhaps? Try using these words then;

  • Are the colors used have a sense of harmony from each other, is it complementing or contrasting in a way that they are blended well? Are the colors broken or muddier, or are they pure? Cold or warm, cool or hot, light and dark can also be an option when you are describing colors.
  • Are the colors look stronger or weak, alive or dull, pale or lively, muted or mellow, bright or subtle?
  • Fresh, vivid or vibrant, watery wild, warm or earthy, dynamic, brilliant, rich or intense, neon, shiny or gloss-like, matte, deep.
  • Realistic or natural, synthetic or artificial, invigorating, depressing, clear, relaxing, calm, perfect pair or compatible, violent or assuring.
  • The list goes on from negative to positive effects. The thing, the more feeling you felt for every painting or artwork that you see, the more possible words you can use to describe the artwork itself.
100+ Words To Describe Art Part 1
100+ Words To Describe Art Part 1

Another topic or category that you will be using words to describe art is the tonal effect of the painting as a whole. This way, you can say that the painting is monochromatic, plain, uniform and contrasting. You can also say that the painting is flat or broken, light or darker or in between like you can say that the tone is in the middle. Varied is another word to describe the tonal effect. Changing or constant. Whatever word you use, make sure that it is how you the artwork.

The next topic will be the texture of the painting. There are many words to describe art when it comes to the texture of the painting. However, there are some instances that it will also be challenging to describe the texture as it is not always shown unless there will be the glare of lights that will reflect on the surface of the painting or artwork and you will see the texture itself. These words to describe art with texture can be rough or smooth, scratched or hairy. It can also be cut, sticky, soft or hard, silky or satin. Matte or glossy, transparent or opaque.

On the other hand, if you are talking about the elements of art through composition, then these words are going to be perfect. Since your eyes will be roaming around the artwork and the movement will tell you exactly what you need to say. For example, you can say that the painting has horizontal, diagonal, vertical or angled composition. It can be centered or tilted, balance or unbalanced, symmetrical or another way around like asymmetrical. The negative and positive spaces can also be used. Congested, empty, spacious, separate, flowing or free, stagnant, chaotic or overlapping or cluttered. You can also use words to describe art that talks about the arrangement or position of the subject image or focal point. Talk about the structure or layout of the painting. The format that is used on the painting, like if it is landscape, portrait, circular, square and the list goes on.

100+ Words To Describe Art Part 1
100+ Words To Describe Art Part 1

The next category is how the atmosphere or the mood of the painting impacts your feeling or experience. The words to describe art with this category can be peaceful, depressing, calm, content, romantic, sadness, happiness, somber, cheerful, relaxed, joyful, miserable, gloomy, exciting, or aggressive. Strong feelings like angry, violent, frightening, chill, energetic, bored or dull, lifeless and stimulating. There are more feelings than these words. Try looking for more.

Now let’s talk about the shape and form present on the artwork. There are different words to describe art with their form or shape. You can say that the artwork is soft or hard-edge, stylish, abstract, 2D or 3D, natural or realistic, sharp, detailed, distorted, blurred or overlapping, narrow, long or linear, and you can also say that the artwork was somewhat exaggerated.

If we are to talk about the brushstrokes or marks that are present in the painting, sometimes they are also not as visible just like the texture. There is some artist who intentionally erases the marks on their paintings while others make sure that the marks are visible. So you can say that the brush works or marks are patterned, visible, regular, quick, vigorous, sketchy, straight or systematic. There are some paintings that you can describe as precise, flat or layered, straight, edgy, smooth, dry brush, scumbling, splatter, washes, glaze, heavy, bold, thick or thin. Some paintings are light, impasto or blended, timid and refined. The list goes on as well.

100+ Words To Describe Art Part 1
100+ Words To Describe Art Part 1

If you will talk about the lighting of the artwork where the shadows can also be seen you can say that it is natural or artificial, cool or warm, clear, gentle, blue, red, yellow or gray, brilliant, fiery, glowing, or gloomy. You can also say that the painting is sharp, intense, soft, harsh, dim, and even say backlit, front lit or any direction that it can have top-lit or side lit. Either way, whatever words you will try to use, you can always use that as long as it describes the lighting present in the painting.

There are still some topics and categories that you will find in the next article about how you can properly describe art with the right words, Watch out for the next batch of how you can use the right words with art.






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