12 Great Benefits Of Water-Soluble Oil Paints

12 Great Benefits Of Water-Soluble Oil Paints

There are new versions of oil paints in store right now and we will breakdown for you the amazing benefits of water-soluble oil paints and why they are one of the must-haves for your oil painting collections and materials. Water soluble oil paints are ideal especially for beginners with the oil painting medium. They are totally different from water-based paints. The water-soluble oil paints you can add water on them if you wanted to fix their colors and thin them as you desired.

What are the benefits of water-soluble oil paints to an artist and what makes them different from the commonly used oil paints? What distinguish water soluble oil paints from the rest of the oil paints and can they provide the same results with traditional oil paints?

The Great Benefits, Advantages Of Water Soluble Oil Paints

12 Great Benefits Of Water-Soluble Oil Paints
12 Great Benefits Of Water-Soluble Oil Paints

Oil paint has an established characteristic when it comes to painting medium and its unique characteristics make it a sophisticated option for painting. With this new water-miscible or water-soluble oil paints, there are some artists who would still prefer to use the traditional ones. But you can be versatile with changes and try the water-soluble ones and check out their benefits as well.

Advantages Of Water Soluble Oil Paints

Water soluble oil paints are almost the same as the traditional oil paints that you are using. They are just the new innovation of continuous learning and simplified arts for everyone. That way, they completely have the same characteristics as most oil paints but with greater benefits such as those artists who are working indoors. Ideally, water soluble oils are made as well for those artists who had allergies to some chemicals and solvents. It becomes a safer material for the artist as well to use this new innovation. They are easy to clean with water as well, all the painting materials that you had used for our painting sessions can be cleaned properly with water.

Other great advantages of water soluble oils are they are the same as traditional ones. Which gives the same results as the rest of the painting medium that the artist wants to achieve. But if you will breakdown all the benefits of water-soluble oils then we can say that;

12 Great Benefits Of Water-Soluble Oil Paints
12 Great Benefits Of Water-Soluble Oil Paints
  • Water soluble oils are best for artists with allergies to solvents or strong odored paints
  • Ideal for indoor paintings because they have no strong smell
  • Easy to clean and can be washed with water all the remaining paints on your painting materials
  • Water soluble oils can be thinned with water but will still have the same effects and results as traditional oil paints
  • They also last longer and they are easy to use. Convenient for every artist needs.
  • Best for beginners with oil painting mediums
  • They have a faster drying composition than the common oil paints that were used before.
  • They are a toxic-free type of oil paints which is ideal for everyone, including those with allergies to solvents and the likes.
  • The flexibility of work time for an artist
  • Versatility with using other painting media or mixed media and painting materials.
  • Thin with water or another oil medium to produce various effects
  • Compatibility with mixing to acrylic paints
12 Great Benefits Of Water-Soluble Oil Paints
12 Great Benefits Of Water-Soluble Oil Paints

Water soluble oils are just the same as traditional oil paints if you will look and work on them properly. They give you the same effects though with huge benefits and advantages than the commonly used ones. Water soluble oils also have the same smell as traditional ones.

On the other hand, if you are the type of artists who uses solvents and oils for the oil paints to thin them, they are also a great option for water-soluble oil paints. They go with either water or oils. There are some special oils to choose from that adds richness and creates a great deal of depth to the painting that you are working with.

These water-soluble oils are flexible for oils that you can add to them. Like for example, you can purchase formulated safflower oil and linseed to match your water soluble oil paints. If you happen to choose water to thin your water soluble oils, you have to be careful not to add more as it will change the consistency of your oil paints as well.

The great news about these water soluble oils is the drying time that they allow the artist to work on with them. You do not need to wait for too long with these water soluble oils as they tend to dry faster than normal and traditional oil paints but surely not as fast as acrylic paints do.

Water soluble oils are a combination of the characteristics of oil paints and acrylic painting medium. They can be combined and mixed together if you feel like doing a painting that is mixed media. Regardless of how and what you wanted to mix with your oil paints, it is ideal to always check the manufacturing label for the amount of water or if you can even add water to the paint. That way you will know more about the characteristics of paints that you are using.

12 Great Benefits Of Water-Soluble Oil Paints
12 Great Benefits Of Water-Soluble Oil Paints

If you are new to water-soluble oil paints then you will see the difference when it comes to producing new colors if you happen to mix the right consistency that you need. Though there are different colors that vary depending on the way the artist wants for their colors. The thing is you can definitely produce more colors easily with water soluble oils than traditional ones without worrying that you might produce an over mixed pigment that looks muddier than what you are expecting. If you happen to have dried your painting palette with oil paints then you can revive them with any oils or use linseed oil to wake them up and continue working with your paintings.

One of the main reasons why artist and developers wanted to create a new line of oil paints is to treat the common problems that are common to oil painting. The yellowing of oil paints over time is one of the reasons and that is why water soluble oils are becoming popular for the results that they give over time.

However, just like any oil paints or other painting media, to fully achieve the results of your paintings, regardless of any painting media you are using, must be completely dry. You have to allow your artwork to reach their full drying time. If you are the artist that glazed or varnished your oil paints, then you can do so with water-soluble oil paints as well. Provided that you let it be completely dried. Not just a touched dried painting surface but a totally dried painting surface.

Lastly, if you checked as to how the water-soluble oils are doing with preservations, we cannot tell how when we compare them with traditional oils. The thing is you just have to make sure that they reached their drying time and you have totally completed the artwork.

Do not worry as to how you can clean your materials that were used for water soluble oils. You can clean them up with water and soap and if there are some stubborn stains of pain, a gentle rub off the bristles, especially with your paintbrush, will be an easy cleanup and/or add some oil to take away the dirt from the oil paints.







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