12 Outdoor Watercolor Painting Materials

12 Outdoor Watercolor Painting Materials

Watercolor painting outdoor is a different kind of experience, especially for beginners. A must try even for experienced with the watercolor medium. En Plein air is also known as outdoor watercolor painting or anything that you do outdoors with your paints. Knowing what are the best outdoor watercolor painting materials will save you time and freedom to create at the same time. We will help you list down only the most important outdoor watercolor painting materials that you’ll ever need. Don’t bring too much stuff as you will not be needing most of those. Check out our list and packed them up then.

What are the best and most needed outdoor watercolor painting materials to bring? Do you need to bring all your paints with you? Can you get other stuff aside from paintings that will help you as well? What’re the best tools for watercolor painting outdoor? Do you need an easel stand with en plein air watercolor painting?

What You Need To Bring With Outdoor Watercolor Painting Materials And Tools To Help Along

What are the best outdoor watercolor painting materials and tools that will help you paint properly? If you are a beginner to watercolor painting and plan to take it outdoor, that is okay. If you are already an experienced artist with watercolor painting and plans of doing so outside is also perfect. However, the dilemma of carrying all your stuff outside seems really a big move for you. Worry not for we will help you survive that dilemma in no time and have a hassle free painting session outdoor.

12 Outdoor Watercolor Painting Materials
12 Outdoor Watercolor Painting Materials

You may be thinking about what are the things that you must bring outside. You have been painting inside your studio and you wanted to get that sunlight and natural air. How good that would be if you will be working next to mother nature. You will feel the cold fresh air seeping down your skin kissing your painting surface. Your paints and everything. You wanted to get that perfect view of the clear sky. Or capture those wonderful clouds passing by.

You wanted to have a new idea of how that natural scenery would look like if you are standing outside there. You wanted to see the beautiful colors of autumn leaves and paint them afterward. You wanted to capture different colors and keep them on your mind for inspiration. And wondering what are the best outdoor watercolor painting materials that will help you get along.

Or you just wanted to get inspired by nature with simply standing next to it. The ideas afterward will just fall perfectly into your painting canvas. The trees, the leaves, the flowing water in the river. Or the sight of animals around. The birds singing giving way for more peace and wonderful ideas that you really looking for.

The trick is, just carry along some bare necessities and you will be alright afterward. Don’t worry too much and just enjoy the outdoor feeling of freedom and creation.

Materials That You Must Ready For Outdoor Watercolor Painting Session

One of the needed outdoor watercolor painting materials that you will be needing is your paints. Stop over there if you think that you will need to carry along all those paints with you. The trick is, outdoor watercolor painting materials should not be too much. Little is enough for you, especially if you are just starting off.

12 Outdoor Watercolor Painting Materials
12 Outdoor Watercolor Painting Materials

You don’t need to carry all the paints and palettes all outside. If you can get yourself one good set of the watercolor palette is already a good start. If you can find a portable or travel pack set is really convenient to start along. If you do not have that, then worry not. You will survive and enjoy en plein air watercolor session.

One good deal for outdoor watercolor painting materials is having to carry all your paints on one go. That also include a few sets of paintbrush along. Try to pack your paints and brushes in one place. That way, you will be avoiding carrying too many things with you. Think of everything must be handy or portable.

For the paints that you will be taking with you, here’s a quick trick. If you can take with you colors from the primary colors will be great. With additional earth colors on your list will be perfect too. That way, blending with all the colors to create what you wanted will be easy without carrying everything. Outdoor watercolor painting materials must not be too much. Outdoor watercolor painting session does not need to be perfect. Painting does not need to be perfect but enjoyable. The artist must learn how to express and not just to impress anyone.

Next on the list of your outdoor watercolor painting materials needed is paper. The best outdoor watercolor painting materials for paper are the small blocks. They are handy and you don’t need to worry about bringing alongside with you any boards. They can be purchased and start painting with them on the spot. No more worrying about your paper moving every now and then, They are already secured on every corner.

12 Outdoor Watercolor Painting Materials
12 Outdoor Watercolor Painting Materials

In case you always use sheets of paper, then bring along with you your drawing board and metal clips or tapes. They will secure your paper sheets in place for an outdoor watercolor painting session. However, a quick tick is, if you will do painting outdoor, small materials are better. The trick is, pick those portable, handy or lightweight.

As for paintbrush, choose those that you always use. The best outdoor watercolor painting materials are those you are comfortable using with. To secure the tips of your paintbrush from getting damage, tape them on your palette. Or any hard paper along to support them and just tape them to protect their tips. You can put them afterward on a zip lock plastic together with the other painting materials.

Painting easel is considered helpful outdoor watercolor painting materials to have. Though you can start with not bringing one and use your lap. However, if you are more comfortable using a painting easel, then bring one with you. You can research which easel is the best suits you. There are easy to set up easels that are good for outdoor painting. Though you might want to take extra precautions for some will give you a headache setting up. If you will be taking with you your easel stand, check the weather outside as well. Wind can be challenging if you are using an easel stand.

Hacks And Tricks For An Easy Outdoor Painting Experience

12 Outdoor Watercolor Painting Materials
12 Outdoor Watercolor Painting Materials

There are other outdoor watercolor painting materials that will help you along as well. Bringing with you the right materials helps a lot for a creative watercolor painting session outdoor. You can bring these things as well with you;

  • Jar of clean water. You will be needing clean water for your en plein air watercolor painting. Try putting your water on small plastic jars that are sealed properly.
  • Portable chair. Though you might think that you don’t need one, you actually do need that. Get yourself a portable one. Keep it in your car’s trunk, that way it will be there when you need it. Make sure that your chair can support your body weight and sturdier too.
  • Umbrella. The one that can be tied up next to your portable chair. This will protect both you and your painting materials and painting surface from the sun.
  • Mattress or tarpaulin to sit if you don’t have a chair.
  • Hat for you. This will protect your eyes from any distractions and focus entirely on the painting surface.
  • Portable table or tray to hold your outdoor watercolor painting materials in place.
  • Sunscreen and snacks and you are good to go and enjoy your painting session.







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