13 Excellent Gift Ideas For The Artist

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If you are looking for those excellent gift ideas for artist that is close to your heart or a friend that you wanted to surprise, then this gift ideas for artist will help you decide in no time what is the best option for a unique yet memorable gift that you can get for the next big artist of the world.

What are the best gift ideas for the artist that you can select for or options to choose from? What gift ideas for the artist should you get take in consideration and the must-haves? Should you get artist-grade materials for a neophyte artist yet?

The Excellent Gift Ideas For Artist You Should Get Soon

There are different gift ideas for the artist that you can get if you planned to give a unique yet practical gift for your loved ones. There are no right or wrong if you can give an artist. However, if you know which painting medium they are using and what type of materials they need, then the gift that you’re about to give them will not just be practical but will save them a lot of time and effort in creating their artworks.

There are a lot of options to choose from if you wanted to give gifts to an artist that you know or a loved one and even a friend. Or if you want to impress someone whom you think they have a heart for arts then these practical gift ideas for artists will help you decide what will you get for them.

A travel kit

13 Excellent Gift Ideas For the Artist
13 Excellent Gift Ideas For the Artist

Nothing beats a gift that you can take anywhere you go and has all the things that you need if you wanted to create some art on the way or if inspiration strikes you outside. Getting a portable travel kit for your friend, loved one or the artist in your life is one of the best gift ideas for the artist that you can count on


A set of a paint brush

One of the most excellent gift ideas for the artist is a paintbrush. You can choose to get any type of paintbrush. However, if you know what painting medium they are using then it is best to get them the right paintbrush for the right job. If you think that they used both acrylic and oil paints then you can try to find a paintbrush that works both in this painting medium.

A book about arts and painting

Nothing beats a book that gives additional knowledge to an artist with the type of painting medium they are using or the exact style that they needed to execute a dynamic artwork afterward. Or any book that gives them the inspiration to continue what they’re doing when it comes to painting or artworks.

A set of a unique palette knife or painting knife

13 Excellent Gift Ideas For the Artist
13 Excellent Gift Ideas For the Artist

There are different types of a palette knife or painting knife you can choose from which gives different effects on the painting medium that the artist is using right now. One of the excellent gift ideas for the artist who uses acrylics or oil paints as their painting medium. You can also get the traditional style of a palette knife or a different yet unique style of palette or painting knives. Learning how to use palette knife instead of the ordinary paint brush with your acrylics or oil paints will give you a different style for your paintings and artworks

Slow drying acrylics

There’s nothing more special than giving slow drying acrylics to the artist of your life who uses traditional acrylic paints for their painting artworks. The slow drying actually allows the artist to work and manipulated them with longer time before they get dry. They will definitely love this kind of gift as it gives them a new perspective on how they can control acrylics on their painting services or painting canvas like how they wanted it to be.

Fluid acrylics

The fluidity characteristics of fluid acrylics allow artists to work with them in ways that they don’t need to thin them with water. The fluid acrylics allows the artist to work with them on different painting techniques which gives them easy access on how to spread the paint properly with the right colors. There are also a wide variety of colors to choose from including those that are fluorescent kind of pigments.

An organizer box for the paints

13 Excellent Gift Ideas For the Artist
13 Excellent Gift Ideas For the Artist

A multi-layer organizer box for paints is the best gift you can give your friend or loved one, especially if they’re working with a different tube of paints around.¬† There are different styles when it comes to an organizer box for the paint to choose from. You can try getting an organizer box that can be foldable with lots of containers inside for different types or colors to put in.

A set of a paintbrush for traveling or outdoor painting

A practical gift idea especially if your friend or loved one is always on the go or always on workshops. Sets of a paintbrush for traveling usually comes with leads or tips that protect the paint brush just like pens. They are portable handy that you can even put them on your pocket without worrying that the bristles might be ruined or damaged during travel period.

A travel size sketchbook

Getting your friend or the artist of your life a travel size sketchbook allows them to create different ideas and inspiration and log them over to this sketchbook for a later workshop. There are different sizes of sketchbooks and brands that work best for an artist to choose from. This allows an artist to create different ideas and inspiration from their sketchbook and later one all the way to their painting canvas or painting surface

A carry-on paint storage box

Is it different from an organizer box as the carry-on storage box allows artists to put all the materials that they need for their paintings session sessions?

High-Quality pastel paper

Is the artist of your life works with pastels most of the time then it is ideal to give them a gift that allows them to work with their pastels on a high-quality surface? There is an artist-grade type of pastel paper that every pastel artist who wants to experience working with them and this is a great chance for you to make that artist happy.

Watercolor medium

13 Excellent Gift Ideas For the Artist
13 Excellent Gift Ideas For the Artist

There are different watercolor mediums to choose from but one that stands out the most is the one that can manipulate the texture of your watercolors especially if you add them to your painting service that gives them the additional texture.

A painting glove or a painting coat

It is ideal for artists to keep themselves clean even if they’re working with different painting mediums that sometimes go on their clothes or hands. Getting your friend or loved one painting code or making love to protect them from any possible spills use them the idea of you trying to always protect them from anything. You can either choose between a disposable glove or a painting coat that becomes lovely over time as there are more paints coming through it.

There are a lot of excellent gift ideas for artists that you can try getting or organizing for them. You can even get a piece of art that they really wanted to get if the bank won’t break. You can also try to check the nearest art exhibition and take them there for relaxation and more ideas come in their mind.

Knowing which painting medium they are using is another factor that you can use for you to decide which painting materials should you get as a gift as well.

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