15 Abstract Painting Ideas

15 Abstract Painting Ideas

Having a concrete abstract painting idea in mind allows an artist to work faster when it comes to creating art rather than just guessing what they wanted to paint on a blank painting canvas in front of them. The abstract painting ideas help you with regards to artworks that are helpful and convenient at the same time. There are different options and ideas to choose from and one of them is nature and its dynamic beauty.

What are the different abstract painting ideas that you can try working with? What are the factors to consider for an efficient abstract painting idea that works best for the painting media that you are working with? Is abstract painting a great starting point for beginners?

The Wonderful Abstract Painting Ideas That You Can Try With

15 Abstract Painting Ideas
15 Abstract Painting Ideas

There are different abstract painting ideas that you can choose from that are best to start with and create wonderful outcome afterward. These abstract ideas are commonly found nearby and in nature and are best for references of a unique abstract painting. Aside from nature’s beauty and unique designs for abstract painting ideas, the designs are equally amazing and produce wonderful effects long time. Check out these abstract painting ideas and maybe you’ll try one of them real soon.

  1. Take a walk in the park or a garden next to you and be amazed by these different abstract painting ideas. The intricate designs of flowers and their petals are good abstract painting ideas that you can try working with. The best way to create an abstract painting with different nature or flower ideas is not the whole image but as you can check the patterns and shapes is a great option for your abstract ideas.
  2. Aside from the flower details that are in front of you, the leaves are also great and have a unique pattern to check with. They have more details of lines and shapes in one subject.
  3. Though you can’t go wrong with nature and its beauty, the unique composition, and details that you can get from different things also matter for unique abstract painting ideas like smoke. This subject has also been a great abstract painting idea especially if you are working with white colors and texture. You can create different abstract smoke paintings that differ in colors as well.
  4. When it comes to nature, there are a lot of lines and color harmony that you can get ideas with. For example, if you are working with any strong colors and lines, take the idea with the hibiscus or even the intricate lines of cactus and their unique details and shapes.
  5. Different designs of glass can be another option for unique abstract painting ideas to start with. There are different design when it comes to a glass-like, for example, a spiral one.
15 Abstract Painting Ideas
15 Abstract Painting Ideas
  1. Ever wonder how pretty lily pads can be? They are also great for providing new ideas when it comes to abstract painting ideas. The lily pads are ideas abstract painting ideas if you are working with a colored ground rather than the white canvas. This way, you do not need to go back with the background over again and just work with dots of paint all over the canvas itself. Lily Pads are ideal especially if you are into watercolor painting as the soft and light colors are best to create the designs.
  2. Shadows are another abstract painting ideas to start with, the colors that you will use may depend on how you wanted your style for abstract painting works. You can even interchange the colors from the ideal black one to another color that suits your preferences and style.
  3. If you wanted to create texture with your paintings and artworks, it is best to add elements to give unique details. Salt and sand are a great option to create texture for your artwork.
  4. Abstract painting is all about playful kaleidoscopic colors and patterns and in between them are intricate yet unique patterns. If you are working with your abstract painting and wanted to create something really unique in style but with shapes and patterns, then you can try working and looking for ideas through old building structures and floor designs. There are different shapes and designs regarding floors and labyrinth is one of them. You take this idea and interchange the colors instead of the dull or monochromatic ones. Later on, you can manipulate how you wanted to play with colors and hues with one single subject image. That way, you can have different hues used and even play with designs like mirroring them to have even a more stylish abstract design.
  5. Abstract paintings are not just complementing each other but they can also be contradicting at some point. It does not need to be always color harmony. Rather, you can emphasize the negative and positive spaces, the elements and principles of art and in between.
15 Abstract Painting Ideas
15 Abstract Painting Ideas
  1. The waves and the texture that the sea creates is another option for a better abstract painting idea. And since you are already in the sea, you can have a walk on the shore to check the designs that you can get with the sands and its pebbles. Remember that it is sometimes the contradicting images and colors that make it work uniquely.
  2. Bodies of water are a great inspiration switcher when it comes to abstract painting. From its unique waves to how the waterfalls and moves make it extremely and dynamically wonderful. It is all about how you will include the smooth and the part where you have to create the textured part of the painting. Another thing to try with abstract painting is how you can make realistic effects with water like the waves, bubbles and the drops of water that produce excellent colors with clarity and transparency. The ideas also incorporate with the right painting technique which you will then learn with continuous practice and exposure to the different effects.
  3. There are different options when it comes to how you wanted to create your abstract painting and the ideas that you can get along the way, from water bubbles to dips and drops and ripples of water, waves and its unique texture along the surface.
  4. Lines, shapes, and patterns are some of the ideas that you can incorporate with your paintings and they are almost everywhere.
  5. Flowers are great options as well for unique abstract painting ideas. There are a lot and it is all about how comfortable will you be working with the subject that makes a successful abstract painting.

Factors To Consider For An Excellent Abstract Painting

15 Abstract Painting Ideas
15 Abstract Painting Ideas

There are different factors when you are creating your abstract painting. The colors that you will use, the painting medium and its characteristics will as well affect your painting. The painting canvas is another option from its size and the materials that you will be using with your painting session. The painting technique is also another factor that will help you to succeed when it comes to painting.

Abstract Painting Tutorials For Beginners

There are different abstract painting tutorials that you can check on how to create that ideal abstract painting that you wanted. Click the link for more abstract painting tutorials available especially for beginners like you.






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