15 Properties Of Gouache Paint

15 Properties Of Gouache Paint

There are many benefits when it comes to knowing the properties of gouache paint and the advantages it gives to an artist. The gouache paint is also just like watercolor paints, the difference is just that watercolors are transparent and gouache is more of an opaque color when dried. The gouache paint also has a fast-drying composition and characteristics that give its versatility and flexibility from other painting media.

What are the unique characteristics and properties of gouache paint and what makes it stand out with other painting media? Is gouache considered as a watercolor paint? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the unique properties of gouache paint?

The Best Known Facts and Advantages That Comes With The Properties Of Gouache Paint

15 Properties Of Gouache Paint
15 Properties Of Gouache Paint

The gouache paint is opposite when it comes to transparency with watercolors. Though it is not considered as a watercolor and a different kind of painting medium. When it comes to composition and characteristics of gouache paint is almost the same as watercolors. The pigment is dry and its binder is the gum arabic with just the difference is the number of pigments used are more that creates that opaque colors.

The disadvantages with the properties of gouache paint are not good for creating a painting technique that is wash as the heavy and thick composition of gouache creates that opacity than transparency. The good thing about these properties of gouache paint is they are just like watercolors, they are water soluble and can be fix or correct and work on them anytime even if you think that they are already dried. You just have to add water on them and work on them any time. The pigments used on gouache paints are not as finely ground as the texture of watercolors that are so thinned.

Some manufacturers add glycerin to tubes type gouache to keep their tube lifespan for a longer time and to prevent them from drying out. The glycerin agent keeps away any bacteria that may be present through the manufacturing and packaging process. On the other hand, there are some manufacturers who add oxgall for easy paint application, this is some sort of a wetting substance for the gouache paints.

Artist grade gouache paints usually give you a smooth surface with that matte, opaque colors when dried flat. However, there are different effects for each brand and manufacture of gouache paints.

Unique Characteristics Of Gouache Paints

There are best-known facts and characteristics that make the properties of gouache paint really amazing. So the next time that you wanted to use gouache paint for your painting session, you just have to remember some of the most unique properties of gouache paint that we have compiled specially for beginners with the painting medium.

    1. The gouache paints when you apply it to your painting surface may look really opaque but it becomes lighter when the paint dries
    2. If you are using thin support or ground for your painting surface and applied thick layers of gouache paint, the tendency will make the gouache paint crack or feeling may be visible when the paint dries.
      15 Properties Of Gouache Paint
      15 Properties Of Gouache Paint
    3. There are a variety of options you can choose from for your painting surface to use with your gouache paints. This is one of the amazing properties of gouache paint because of their flexibility with the painting surface that you applied to. There is an artist who uses different types of painting surface as long as it is not glossy or oily just like acrylic paints. Gouache paint can be painted on wood, cardboard, watercolor paper, illustration board, or any surface as long as you check the paper texture which is almost the same as watercolors.
    4. You can purchase gouache in a different form that best suits your painting style and preference. Wherein you can choose from a jar, pan’s or tubes and if stored properly will last for up to more or less than 5 years with a sealed cover.
    5. Just like watercolors, gouache paint is an easy medium where you can easily clean any paint residue using water and soap. This is because of their pain composition.
    6. They have the same fast-drying composition as acrylics. However, since they are water-soluble you can still be working your paintings as long as you add water in them. This is completely different from acrylics when they are dried as they become water-resistant or permanent o the ground or painting surface you applied with.
    7. Gouache paints are best if you are taking photos with them since they have that matte-look finish you can rest assured that there are no camera or light glares on them.
    8. The big difference between gouache and watercolor paints is the opacity and the transparency that this paint produced on the painting surface once you applied them.
    9. There are different options on how you wanted to apply your gouache paint based on your painting preference and style. You can choose between applying them like watercolors that are as light.  You can also directly apply them like acrylics on your painting surface as thick and just use the painting technique that you wanted with them.
    10. Gouache paint can be used to prime or apply on the ground of your painting surface and cover the whole support with less amount of paint.
    11. One of the best properties of gouache paint is you can mix them with other painting media and the compatibility that comes with their characteristics.
    12. One of the best properties of gouache paint is that is opaque when applied to a painting surface. Therefore you just have to apply them ask darker to light layer. You can also add without any colors to add theme or shades on them.
    13. Gouache paint is paintbrush friendly that way you can use any types and kinds of paintbrush for application and texture you wanted to achieve
    14. You can use different painting media for gouache paint applications. If you are into the layering technique then you can add acrylic painting mediums to create a thick layer that you don’t need to worry if the paint will lift off or peel when it gets dry
    15. The big difference between watercolors and gouache paint is the adherence to the painting surface. As the watercolors hold on the painting surface and get absorbs the watercolors.  Gouache paint is different, as you can easily remove them on your painting surface if they are not yet dried.

The Gouache Paint And The Similarities With Other Painting Media

View a quick overview of the gouache paints and the similarities that they have with other painting media. They have the same fast drying composition as acrylics which allows an artist to work with them. Creating different texture on their preference while giving the artist control to the drying time. They are like watercolors which is water soluble and can be work on even if the painting surface is dry. They can be painted on an almost any painting surface just like acrylics as long as it is not greasy or oily. You can use them thickly or thinly on your painting surface.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gouache Paint

There are many great advantages that you can achieve when using gouache paints. One of them is you can take advantage of their fast-drying composition just like acrylics and have the same level of consistency just like watercolors. Their opaque texture allows artists to work on the painting surface properly without giving too much attention to how even the painting surface will look afterward.

You can also mix them with other painting media. They don’t damage paintbrushes just like acrylics if you accidentally left the paint to dry on your paint brush. You just have to wash them with water and the paint will be removed easily.







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