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15 Tips on How To Paint Flowers

Anyone can paint flowers given the right tips and tutorials. Good thing that there are so many tips online nowadays that teaches us how to paint flowers or any subject. We can paint roses, daisies, swirly modern flowers, fun and funky florals, plus lots of other lovely, flowery ideas. Read more on the tips below to get new ideas!

15 Tips on How To Paint Flowers

15 Tips on How To Paint Flowers
beautiful flower painting

Try to decorate your crafts and artwork that makes an awesome DIY gift for friends or family members. Create to your heart’s content after you master these super-simple techniques. Learn how to paint flowers like these today!

Whether you want to make something for yourself or you need a DIY gift idea, you can learn flower painting while making something cool. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, either.

#1 Pick the right Subject
Picking subjects in season will add a real impact to your botanical art.  For example, if you choose summer flowers, you can pick sunflowers as your subject and so on.

15 Tips on How To Paint Flowers

#2 Color Tones
In order to express a subject’s three-dimensional form on paper, use at least three tones: dark, medium and light. Good lighting is essential. The middle tone area between the two is where you will see the true color of a subject. Always aim for smooth graduation of tone from light to dark.

#3 Subject must be Fresh

Having fresh flowers in front of you as a painter is easy, but you need to make sure that you are giving the flowers the sustenance that they need in order to remain fresh while you use them as the basis of your painting.

#4 Establish a focus
Decide which part is the focal point for your painting and keep it white. This means you can return to it at the end and add the detail to it in the context of the rest of the work. Don’t be afraid to crop in on the flower heads.

#5 Select your brush properly
When painting flowers you need a good brush. When you are picking up the paint with the brush, twist the brush between your thumb and forefinger to obtain a beautiful point. Always pull the brush towards you so that the hairs are not broken. A good brush is worth the investment and you should take good care of it by keeping it in a brush-roll when traveling.

#6 Challenge yourself
First of all, you need to understand how to mix a neutral black from primary colors. You will need cool and warm versions of yellow, red, and blue. By adding extra colors you can then make a variety of blacks. Allow the paint to dry before applying new layers, blending with a damp brush. At mid-tone, you need to switch from layering the washes to using small, stippled strokes, thus avoiding the risk of disturbing the previous layers.

#7 Adding Texture
Flower leaves are intricate and often include highly complex patterns, and the treatment of them in a botanical painting can make or break. In order to capture the high shine found on some leaves, you should not rely on using white gouache at the end. To achieve the best glossy sheen, the area should be left completely white. To add texture, for a hairy or bumpy leafy, use dry brush strokes around the raised areas.

#8 Always look for subjects
Do not just focus on a single subject, as an artistic painter, you should always be looking for a great subject yo paint. Do this either as a hobby or as a profession since many people sell their artworks at reasonable prices.

15 Tips on How To Paint Flowers
beautiful flower painting

#9 Use Masking Fluid
When painting the stamen of delicate flowers such as the lily or the hellebore, keep the area white with masking fluid as you paint the petals. Wet the petal areas and paint around the stamen in the petal color. The liquid will pull the paint into it and away from the stamen. Brush away the masking fluid and work in gouache with a small brush to add detail to the stamen.

#10 Splash out
This technique is being used in scattered flowers of those flowers in the garden or fields with wide array of colors, texture, designs. Splattering your brush with colors in order to assemble flower-like images.

#11 Add Greens
Mix Raw Umber with blues, for example, to make beautiful, muted greens, useful for the undersides of leaves. Another good mix is Alizarin Crimson added to Hooker’s Green, resulting in a subtle purplish-green, perfect for buds.

#12 Punch up your highlights
If you want a striking finish, concentrate on keeping your highlights punchy. You can pull out softer highlights by blotting wet watercolor with a tissue or a clean, wet brush. A brilliant white paper can ensure bright highlights but adding a touch of white gouache at the end is equally effective.

#13 Do not make hard edges
If you don’t want the shape to end on a hard edge, wet the paper or tissue then brush around it. This way the pigment won’t pool around the edges, leaving you with a much softer finish.

#14 Get outdoors
Painting outside in a clean and green environment can help ease up your mood in a painting. The calming effect of nature will always give you the silence and concentration that you need in order to finish your work of art.

#15 Underpaint for depth
A strong tonal underpainting is key to everything else. A decent underpainting not only establishes the tonal range of the image, from the very darkest areas through to the brightest highlights but in doing so, it creates depth and perspective.

15 Tips on How To Paint Flowers
closeup flower painting

Painting like a PRO always starts from constant practice and determination to be able to create a masterpiece. Start painting your ideas and have fun! We hope that we are able to help you with these tips in painting. For more information and blog about painting, visit our website!


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