2 Secrets To Grid Method For Photo-realism

2 Secrets To Grid Method For Photo-realism

Photorealistic painting can be done through different methods and grid method is one of the easiest ways to do so. This is basically tracing an equal ratio of boxes from your preferred subject image to the painting surface or canvas that you will use.

Is the grid method for photorealistic painting easy and can be done by beginners? Can you use the grid method with any subject image that needs to be transferred to the larger painting surface? Are there other methods that can be done with image transferring aside from using the grid method? How effective is the grid method when it comes to photorealistic painting?

The Easiest Way Of Transferring Your Subject Image: The Grid Method

2 Secrets To Grid Method For Photo-realism
2 Secrets To Grid Method For Photo-realism

The grid method has a lot of benefits from the artist aside from transferring a certain image subject to a larger painting surface. It allows the full details of the preferred image and the artist drawing skills improved with paying attention to details. Aside from the fact that the grid method is not as costly as using any digital art projectors. Using this method for photorealism is has a great deal of improvement for the artist itself.

Using the grid method can be at some point time consuming, however, the effects are worth that time you have spent with painting and transferring. The main process for grid method is accuracy to precise image copy from the subject all the way to the painting canvas.

With the grid method, the most essential materials and tools that you will use are;

  • Image subject that you will use for transferring
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Painting surface to be transferred with
2 Secrets To Grid Method For Photo-realism
2 Secrets To Grid Method For Photo-realism

Make sure that the grid you will use on your subject photo has the same ratio or equal to the painting surface itself. Lighten the pencil marks that you will use for your painting surface as well. That way when you are done with painting and transferring the whole image to the painting surface, it will be easier for you to cover these marks afterward. Other artists erase this light pencil marks after transferring the whole image to the painting surface.

There are different but effective tips for drawing light grids on your painting surface. Some artist uses mechanical pencils for their photorealistic painting activities. This is a great method if you are using a paper for your painting surface.

If you are using a wood or canvas for the grid method, there are other materials and tools for lining your grids. Charcoals that are sharpened sharply are best for your wood or canvas painting surface. Again, take note of the opacity of your grids. They should be lighter for easy erasure and cover-up.

Remember that the grid method is all about a proper proportion with an equal ratio of boxes. You can start with one box first and then continue with the rest one by one until you are done with the whole painting. When you are done, you can start erasing the rest of the pencil marks with an eraser or if it is as light as unnoticeable, you can cover them with paints. The grid method is just about equality for success.

The Grid Method For Beginners Photorealistic Painting

If you are a beginner with the grid method for photorealistic painting, then worry not as the procedure is easy to follow. You can start off with the subject image that you wish to transfer over to the painting canvas or surface. Mark the whole image with the grid equally proportion to each other using a pencil and a ruler. Next, when the whole grid is done on your image to be copied. Start off with the grid marks on the empty painting surface.

2 Secrets To Grid Method For Photo-realism
2 Secrets To Grid Method For Photo-realism

Once you are done with both grids on your painting surface and on the image subject, then you are doing a great job. You can start transferring the image by starting off with the first box of the grid. Continue the process until you are done with the whole image.

Grid Method For Larger Painting Surface: Tips And Techniques

Creating a grid method with a larger painting surface is not just about marking grids over the image subject and the painting surface. You have to make sure that the equal proportion of each box per grid is the same as the ones in your subject image to be transferred. It is using a basic mathematical equation for the process.

As mentioned above, you can start with your marks from the subject image with your ruler and pencil. Make every box at least one inch square each. Mark the image with your pencil and ruler. Do this process on the other side until the boxes are covering the image subject of your choice. For larger painting surface, just add an inch more on your painting surface. That way, it will still be equally proportioned to the subject image, only that you are creating it on a larger surface.

If you want to make it even larger, then just make sure that the ratio of the grids is as equal and square as possible. Make sure that the grid boxes are a perfect square. Then start transferring your image into the new larger surface. You can mark your boxes base on a number of letters for easy preference.

2 Secrets To Grid Method For Photo-realism
2 Secrets To Grid Method For Photo-realism

To focus properly with this photorealistic painting, start with one block or box at a time. You don’t need to look at the bigger picture all at once and start off little by little. Once you are done with transferring all the image on your grid then you can start painting now.

Other Painting Method For Photorealistic Painting

There are also different methods and procedures for a photorealistic painting activity. Transferring your desired image to your painting surface it’s much easier if you have the right materials to do so. Is grid method is not your typical photo-realistic painting procedure then you have other options to choose from. With technologies innovation and integration transferring an image to a larger painting surface is much easier using projectors and other painting materials.

There are commonly used transfer paper for this process. Transfer paper also known as graphite paper is as similar to a carbon paper that is used for copywriting. It is not recommended to use a carbon paper for art creation purposes. There are great advantages that you can achieve using a graph paper for your photorealistic painting activity. There is a huge benefit for using a graphite paper, especially for arts.

You can choose the color that you preferred for photorealistic painting. They usually come in a variety of colors base on artist preferences. Graphite or transfer paper is a lot easier to clean because of its fewer residues.

Nowadays, with every technology and innovation, painting is becoming easier for an artist to create the desired painting they like. Photorealistic is becoming easier to create and explore. Thanks to all those new materials made easy and available to the market. Whatever you are using for your photorealistic image transferring, you can rest assured that new essential materials are made handy and portable for an artist to enjoy their painting sessions more than ever.

No matter what the size of your painting surface that you wish to transfer with the subject image, always remember to multiple the sizes by 2 so you can create the perfect square. Hope you will have the best photorealistic image and activity real soon and enjoy each painting session.

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