2 Types Of Watercolor Paints

2 Types Of Watercolor Paints

There are different types of watercolor paints available in the market. Have you decided from the types of watercolor paints will you be using for your painting? If not then that’s ok cause we will help you to decide which paint suits you best. Since watercolor is an easy medium for beginners and experienced alike. The endless possibilities of choosing the right color and types of watercolor paints will be a lot easier.

What are the types of watercolor paints to choose from? With these types of watercolor paints, do they consist of artist-grade and student-grade paints? How will you know which of these types of watercolor paints suits your personality? What are the things you should consider before purchasing your first watercolor set or paints?

The Different Types Of Watercolor Paints

There are different types of watercolor paints to choose from. This all depends on the artist preference for their painting session. The commonly used watercolor paint types are the ones in tubes. Artist finds watercolor paints in tube easier and convenient.

2 Types Of Watercolor Paints
2 Types Of Watercolor Paints

The tube type of watercolor paint can be applied directly to the painting surface. You can even dilute tube watercolor paints with water. That way you can achieve your desired saint or shade for your watercolor painting. Tube paints are commonly used for larger painting surface. It is convenient to use tube paint especially if you are working with a large canvas. Because of the number of things that you will be using and the convenience that is produced for you to work properly. Most watercolor artists used to paints for their painting sessions.

Pan paints are one of the two types of watercolor paints you can choose from. You are more aware of pan paints because that’s the most common paint used during your childhood. Pan paint is ideal for small areas of painting services. They are the best option especially if you are traveling or going outdoors

2 Types Of Watercolor Paints
2 Types Of Watercolor Paints

Pan paints are usually paints that are dried which you can wake by spraying or scrubbing water on them. They are handy and sometimes comes with the palette with them. The good thing about them is they can be the perfect fit for small canvases. You can also purchase good quality pan paint that is not as expensive as other artists-grade paints.

Tube paints are the best option especially if you are a beginner with watercolor painting. Aside from the fact that you’re handy and convenient, they’re easy to use especially for beginners.

Nowadays, you can purchase watercolor paints that are pencil-like or brush sets. They are ideal for fine detail paintings.

Two Kinds Of Watercolor Paints To Choose From

Aside from the fact that there are two types of watercolor please, there are also two kinds of paints. You can choose from artist-grade paint or professional paints. And the other one is the student-grade kind of paints. The artist-grade paint and student grade differs with quality and price.

If you are a beginner with watercolor painting then student grade paint is the best option to start with. Though there are limited colors for student grade paints, they will not break the bank for the price. Student grade paint is a good stepping stone for watercolor painting. You can check for a student grade kind of watercolor paints in tubes. That way you can see the difference and understand the watercolor composition and properties.

Once you are more experience with watercolor painting then a level up of paint kind can be an option. Or if you prefer to. There will be a huge difference with artist grade paints transition. Artist grade can produce a much more intense color than student grade paints. The price varies as well with artist or professional grade paint.

At the end of the day, it is not just the kind and type of watercolor paint that matters. It is with experience and exposure to the painting medium that you gathered information. With this, you will learn additional knowledge with painting.

Checklist On How To Choose The Right Watercolor Paints For You

If you were not completely aware of how to choose the right watercolor paints for you, then you can create your own color chart. This way you can remember and predict colors from watercolor once they are dried. You can even start doing a sample of colors mixed together with your personal chart.

2 Types Of Watercolor Paints
2 Types Of Watercolor Paints

With the different types of watercolor paints available for you, definitely remember and sooner than later. To further improve your ability and skills for choosing the right watercolors you can refer to the color theory.

The good thing about color theory is it shows the different types of colors by combining two or more colors together. If you are a beginner with watercolor painting the best thing to do is expose and experiment with blending colors together.

The more you experiment with colors means you can create a basic color chart specially made for you. Watercolor is a very forgiving painting medium for beginners and experienced alike. You can start using basic colors for your color chart. Experiment by mixing the primary colors secondary colors. Remember that adding water lightens the certain color shade or tint.

Choosing the right colors from the right manufacturer. Now that you know all the types of watercolor paints. Getting yourself paints from different paint manufacturers will help you choose which suits you best. You can mix together different colors from different paint manufacturers. However, remember that you cannot get the same color with the same name from a different painting manufacturer.

If you want to know how watercolor reacts when they are dried out, you can even check on the label of your paint tube. Most paint manufacturers include the lightfastness of each color paint on their labels. If you cannot find the light fastness of the colors that you bought you can check on their website as well.

With all the different types of watercolor paint and their kinds, surely you will choose the right one that suit you best.

Remember that watercolors are transparent. The changes of the watercolor once they are dried out can be 50% lighter from the application. That is why it is normal for watercolors to fade when they are completely dried.

2 Types Of Watercolor Paints
2 Types Of Watercolor Paints

You can mix watercolor with other painting media. Pastels and acrylics are a good option for watercolor mix media.

The Essential Tools For Watercolor Painting

If you are a beginner with the watercolor painting you can check these essential tools to start with.

You can start off with a student grade paint first. Get yourself to choose from the two types of watercolor paints. Have a good kind of paintbrush. Natural bristles paintbrush are good for watercolor painting. However, they can be expensive at some point. You can check for a synthetic paint brush then.

If you will be using tube watercolor paints, you will need a good kind of painting palette. Pan paint watercolors usually come with a palette with them. Always remember to get the right watercolor paper. Cold press watercolor paper commonly used by artists with this medium. Remember to always check the weight of the paper that you will use. Heavyweight paper can withstand the water from your paint and avoid the paper from getting buckled.

For a complete list of the resources that you will need for watercolor painting check out this link. This will surely help you to get the right materials for your painting session. Hope you have a fun painting session with watercolors and enjoy creating!







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