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20+ Different Types Of Painting

There are different types of painting that might not know yet but actually existed from a long time ago. Some of these unique and different types of painting actually existed when modern technology existed together with the introduction of new and handy materials used by artists in creating artworks.

What are the different types of painting aside from the traditional types of paints that are used even from the old age? How familiar are you with the other types of painting aside from acrylics, oil paints, watercolors, pastels, and gouache paints? Have you tried using different types of painting from the traditional ones?

The Different Types Of Painting That You Must Try And Use During Your Painting Journey

20+ Different Types Of Painting
20+ Different Types Of Painting

With all these different types of painting and the styles of painting that incorporate them, you’ll surely have a wide range of options to choose which style and type of painting will be the best suit your style. Aside from the traditional five types of painting, there are still a lot of new types of painting and styles that you can try based on today’s modern technology and innovation. You can never go wrong when it comes to arts and the vast world that it occupies.

Painting is such a versatile medium that you can apply colors from almost any surface and the painting medium that you are using depends entirely on your own perspective and style. Nowadays, there are not just five types of painting style and technique you can try on. With different styles of painting that you can work on with, definitely, you will find one that suits you best and the style that you wanted to create.

The Different Types Of Painting Aside From The Traditional Ones

With all the different types of painting that is available right now aside from the traditional ones that were introduced during the old times until now. There will definitely be a type of painting that you can try that best suits you which can ignite the creativity in you in different ways. If you already tried different styles of painting with different painting media available or tried mixed media painting then this guide on how you will learn the different types of painting will add to the skills that you already have as an artist.

We will first discuss the five traditional types of painting that is commonly used by most artists from before until the modern age.

Oil Painting

20+ Different Types Of Painting
20+ Different Types Of Painting

Oil painting tops the list of the most commonly used type of paints even from the old age until now. This versatile type of painting allows an artist to manipulate the paint as they wanted to achieve the right style or texture for their painting surface or painting canvas. With its slow drying composition that is so beneficial for an artist, especially for beginners, is one of the reasons that oil paint has been a wide and most favorite painting media of all time.

Acrylic Painting

There are different types of painting techniques and styles that you can use with acrylics which is ideal not just for beginners but most especially with the experience alike. With acrylics, fast-drying composition allows an artist who works on their desired painting style easily and see the result as soon as possible. It is tagged as one of the easiest painting media especially for beginners to start with. There are also different types and kinds of acrylic that you can choose from which suits your preference and style for the right job done. With today’s innovation and technology, there are new acrylics that are called open acrylics which dry slower than the traditional acrylic paint. The good thing about acrylic is you can mix them with other painting media to achieve dynamic results once you are more exposed with them

Watercolor Painting

Probably one of the easiest and lightest painting types which you’ve got to introduce even at an early age because of its portability. Watercolors come in different kinds and types of well that best suits an artist preference and style especially if they wanted to create light and easy yet wonderful paintings. With the unique characteristics of watercolors, they are also one of the most widely used painting media nowadays.

Pastel Painting

One of the reasons artists like pastel painting is because of its vibrant and fresh colors that it produces that you can incorporate with oil paints as well. There are different styles kinds and types of pastels that you can choose from. Pastels are also one of the easiest and handy painting media that you can choose especially if you wanted or your style is all about outdoor painting. You can carry pastels anywhere and you just needed the paper to start painting with. You can also mix pastel with other painting media as long as you check which characteristics of painting media best suits pastel unique characteristics and composition.

Gouache Painting

20+ Different Types Of Painting
20+ Different Types Of Painting

It is usually incorporated with watercolors but gouache painting is different from a watercolor painting. To further give you an overview, gouache painting has the characteristics of watercolors and dries like acrylics faster. Though you can always work with gouache painting like watercolors, you just have to add water on them to wake them up.

Getting To Know The Different Types Of Painting

Now that you have learned the traditional and different types of painting that are commonly used by artists from before until now let us go and tackle the new and modern styles and types of painting that you can choose from.

Digital Painting

With today’s innovation digital painting has been one of the most widely embrace and use the type of painting nowadays. There are advantages and disadvantages that you can get with digital painting. One of the advantages of digital painting is the convenience that it provides the artist when it comes to creating arts. The disadvantages, however, you cannot create and achieve the texture that most personal or manually painted arts. From the brush strokes to the texture to the composition and the different elements and principles of art are bypass with digital painting.

Sand Painting

If you have seen anyone on your TV screen using sand art, or if you’re ready to watch one doing so then you can describe the sand painting as a temporary art. It takes patience and a lot of time to create one with the different colors of sand that you can choose from under a painting surface with a light underneath it to give the effects of what the artist did.

Spray Painting

20+ Different Types Of Painting
20+ Different Types Of Painting

A traditional style and type of painting that you can see especially on walls and street arts. There are different ways on how you can use spray paint with different painting surface that the artist will be working on. Nowadays, spray paint gives comfort and convenience to every artist who wants to work with the larger canvas easily.

Graffiti Painting Art

There are different ways on how you can create graffiti art especially on public places and walls where there may be permitted or not for the artists to do so. It is a freestyle of writing, painting or drawing on walls to catch attention to the viewers whether it has perspective, main subject or not.

Matte Painting

Matte painting if you are aware of is one of the most embrace types of painting especially for movie makers and producers as they save time and money building the location of what they wanted and just add them on the scenes afterward with some digital edits.

Aside from the new and modern types and styles of the painting you can choose from. You can try different types of painting like the drip painting, tempera, wall painting or fresco painting, ink painting, hot wax painting, enamel painting, underpainting, leaf painting, velvet painting, panel painting and miniature painting among the lists to try.


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