3 Best Guide On How To Use Pastels

3 Best Guide On How To Use Pastels

We have the best guide on how to use pastels even if you are a beginner in this painting medium. Pastels are the easiest painting medium that you will ever encounter. They provide that rich, luminous, and vibrant colors every artist wants their paints to have. This characteristics of pastels make them one of the most favorite painting media by the artist.

How do you start painting with pastels even if you are a beginner? Is there a step-by-step guide on how to use pastels and what to remember when you used them? Can you mix pastels with other painting media?

Pastel Tutorial And Best Guide On How To Use Pastels Even If You Are A Beginner

3 Best Guide On How To Use Pastels
3 Best Guide On How To Use Pastels

There is a different guide on how to use pastels even if you are new to this painting medium. The best part of painting with any media is the artist having a great time and enjoying what they are doing. If you cannot perfect the first painting that you will do with pastel is fine. There will be lots of mistakes but they will all be worth it for you to learn.

Now let’s start off with this easy guide on how to use pastels for your art sessions or painting journey. We can use a hard pastel for our first activity. They are the best option especially for beginners since they are easy to use and does not produce lots of pastel dust. When you move forward with pastels you can check other pastel types and kinds aside from hard pastels. Most beginners use hard pastel for their painting sessions.

One more key factor if you want to achieve and get the best guide on how to use pastels is to use the right paper incorporated with them. There are different options of paper to choose for when it comes to pastel painting. You can check for different feedbacks of which pastel paper is best to use that adheres to the pastel composition and it allows you to mix pastel easily on the painting surface.

You can also get yourself a good quality acid-free tape for your pastel paintings. Acid-free tapes and boards are the best options are only for pastel but on almost any kind of painting media. With the quality and acid-free composition they can last longer and will not affect her paintings even if it takes a long time. Most art pieces that are the deteriorate is because of the materials that were used with the painting.

3 Best Guide On How To Use Pastels
3 Best Guide On How To Use Pastels

Since you can blend and mix pastels together on the painting surface using your fingertips it is best if you can get yourself finger cots to keep your fingers clean. There are also some special cleaning wipes to use or brushes if you wanted to clean your pastels and your painting surface. Though these are not essential tools most are accessories for pastel painting.

Start Off Your Pastel Painting With This Easy Steps

Before you start painting with your pastel paint you have to prepare first the necessary materials for your painting session. You can get yourself a good quality paper that you can use for your pastel painting. Before you paint off the whole paper, It is best to leave some margins on your paper. This margins will be a great help especially if you decided to frame your work or to just keep it safe afterward.

If you wanted to create a portrait then you have to find a good kind of a subject image. There are different ways on how you wanted to use your pastel sticks, paints, or any kind of pastels that you preferred.

You can take your painting surface or paper that you will use for your pastel using a pastel acid-free artist tape. This is used to secure the paper from moving while you are working with it. Let’s say that you will be doing a portrait for your very first pastel painting.

You can choose the subject image that you prefer and then you can resize it afterward. Try cropping the image and sketch it on your painting surface or pastel paper with the margins on each corner.

3 Best Guide On How To Use Pastels
3 Best Guide On How To Use Pastels

Tape the pastel paper on an acid-free board to easily work with it. Start off with sketching all the necessary details.

You can start adding colors especially with the main color that you think you will use the most. There is no need to worry if you will not copy the exact details of your subject image. As long as you are learning the nature of pastels. You can start experimenting with how you can blend and mix colors of your pastels with your fingertips. That way you’ll get familiarized with their characteristics most.

You can add all the colors if you wanted to your painting surface and do the mixing later on. Once you have added the most colors for your painting surface then it is time to mix your pastels all together. You can notice that as you blend each pastel, you are mostly smoothing the whole picture as well. Take note that as you blend all the colors together, you must wash your hands afterward before working on the nest colors as there will be residues left on your fingertips. That may come over to the next color that you will use.

You can see the difference between the pastels that are not blended from the colors that you already mixed. And by adding more colors and blending them over will help you know more and predict each color once they are mixed together.

You can add light color pastels to give that glowing look on your painting surface. Adding a darker color can then highlight other parts of the painting or drawing that needs that cloudy or shadowy effects. If you need to work on small parts and areas of your painting then it is okay to break your pastels. That way you can easily reach for these areas easily. All parts of the pastels can be used so you don’t need to worry about even the slightest details and parts of your pastel sticks.

This guide on how to use pastels will teach you not just on how to apply pastels but more of how you can experiment with blending.

3 Best Guide On How To Use Pastels
3 Best Guide On How To Use Pastels

Things To Remember Before Painting With Pastels And The Benefits Of Using Pastel Paints

Pastels are an easy medium to use. You don’t need to prepare a lot of materials and tools to start painting or drawing. You only need a good quality paper and your chosen pastel sticks. That depends on your preference as well. One of the benefits of using pastel and a proper guide on how to use pastels will help you improve your skills with this painting medium.

Start off with hard pastels first. They are lightweight and the color range depends on you. You can purchase a beginner set for the moment and start adding colors little by little. For best color preference, you can start off with just five colors, include on your starter set the primary colors. The mixing of pastels is the fun part as you can produce your preferred color by adding a few colors and mixing them while application.

Since pastels are made up of pure pigments and a binder. They can easily smudge when applied. That is why there are helpful tips and hacks on how you can preserve your paintings properly. Be it by using another painting medium or fixatives or storing them with glassine paper.






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