3 Best Pastel Painting Hacks

3 Best Pastel Painting Hacks

There are different pastel painting hacks that you must learn especially if pastels are your favorite medium. From how will you keep your pastels clean to how will you keep them safe from getting smudged. Pastel paints are known for their uniquely luminous rich colors. And don’t forget that they are easy to use and you just need limited materials to start with.

What are the pastel painting hacks that you can apply for your finished pastel paintings? How can you easily preserved and clean your pastel chalks and sticks without worrying about their dust? What are the necessary tools for pastel painting?

The Best Pastel Painting Hacks That Will Save Your Day And Your Artworks

We will give you the best pastel painting hacks that will save your day and your artworks. If you are wondering how you can keep or preserve your pastel paint from getting smudged. Worry no more for we have the best pastel painting hacks for you. These pastel painting hacks will teach you how to be creative without breaking the bank. Plus, there is also additional knowledge on how you can clean your pastel chalks, sticks or those in your board without taking too much time. These hacks are easy and the materials that you will need are all handy. so let’s begin.

Pastel Painting Hacks That You Can Apply For Your Finished Pastel Paintings

3 Best Pastel Painting Hacks
3 Best Pastel Painting Hacks

We have listed a few pastel painting hacks that you will greatly benefit from. If you are worried about any problems regarding pastel paints, chances are, someone had experienced that before. The good thing about that is, there is a solution for every pastel painting problems out there. Are you worried about how you will transport your pastel paintings without damaging them? Then we have the best hacks for you. Worried about how you will clean your pastel paints or chalk without any harmful dust all over. We also have special tips on what are the essential tools for pastel painting.

Read the long so you will learn more about pastel painting hacks and have more ideas on how to deal with them in an enjoyable way. Pastel paints are known for being an easy medium. You don’t need a lot of tools to start pastel painting. There are different pastel painting hacks that will simplify your painting sessions. Since pastel pain chalks, pans and sticks produce rich luminous and fresh colors altogether.

That is why pastel paint or pastel painting has been one of the best and easy medium love by most artists around the world. The good thing about pastel paint sticks, pans or chalks is you can carry them around wherever you will go. Pastel paints can also be mixed with other painting mediums. The possibilities with pastel paints are endless. It just depends on how you will experiment and know more about the painting medium

3 Best Pastel Painting Hacks
3 Best Pastel Painting Hacks

Tips To Preserved Your Pastel Paintings

One of the most common issue with pastel painting is how to preserve them. Since they get smudge easily, transporting pastel painting has always been an issue. However, if you use the right materials to transport your pastel paints they will be perfectly safe. With the right materials used for pastel painting, you can avoid this certain misfortune.

There are different pastel painting hacks on how you will preserve your pastel painting easily. One of them is to frame your pastel painting the right way. To preserve your pastel painting one must know what are the materials and process to use like framing. Other artists use glassine paper to cover the front layer of their pastel painting. Especially if you need to transport them from one place to another. Glassine is known to protect your pastel paints or any other painting medium that are prone to smudge.

Most artist collector or exhibitors use glassine for transporting paintings from one place to another. Others use bubble wrap incorporated with glassine.

But there are a certain pastel painting hacks that work best for unframed pastel paintings. Because pastel painting frames can be costly or expensive sometimes. There is an alternative on how to preserve your pastel painting without framing them. These pastel painting hacks is also good if you are traveling from one place to another with your pastel paintings. There are only a few things that you will need with this pastel painting hacks.

The disadvantage of using glassine to your pastel paintings is they will easily be rub if not taken proper care with handling. With this pastel painting hacks, you will just need a hard board to secure your pastel paintings. Masonite is a good option together with some duct tape or artist tape. You will need two cardboards to the sandwich your pastel painting in-between. Make sure that your hardboard is larger than your pastel painting.

You can tape your pastel painting on the board and leave some spaces. Surround your painting with mount spacers that are used in framing. This way the painting will not move or touch the board as you transport it.

How To Clean Your Pastel Paints, Sticks or Chalks

3 Best Pastel Painting Hacks
3 Best Pastel Painting Hacks

Our next pastel painting hacks will be about how to clean them easily without consuming a lot of time. You will just need a feather duster to clean all your pastel chalks and sticks that are on a box. Make sure that you do this outside or outdoors. Using your feather duster you can just dust off any unwanted dust from your box of pastels. Check the wind direction for dusting off your pastels.

Make sure that you always keep painting materials need and clean so they stay longer. The pastel dust has been also an issue with the artist using the medium. Nowadays, there are many pastel paints that are totally toxic free. Makes them easier to use and safe especially for kids. Knowing that you are using a safe and toxic-free material for painting is ease.

Essential Pastel Painting Tools And Materials

If you are a beginner with pastel painting you don’t really need a lot of materials to start with. With pastel painting, you will just need your pastel paints, chalks or sticks. Have yourself a good sanded paper for pastel painting. Some artists use a sketch pad first for practice. If you wanted to get yourself an easel stand, it’s ok. Having a pair of disposable gloves is another option. Because you might hear that pastel dust is harmful to an artist. However, those are myths from the past. Today, there have been a lot of pastel paints that are totally safe and toxic free. You can get yourself a good pastel pencil sets as well for a start. The pastel pencils can be used to sketch the image that you wanted to paint. So there you go, you have the most basic pastel painting materials that you will need.

3 Best Pastel Painting Hacks
3 Best Pastel Painting Hacks

If you are experienced enough with the medium then you can try other materials used for pastels. We do not recommend to use fixative especially if you are a beginner. Though there are some artists that use fixative for their pastel paintings. Fixatives are good to preserve your pastel paintings from getting damaged or smudge

An apron is another option for your pastel painting session. the apron will protect your clothes from any unwanted dust or dirt due to painting. If you want to avoid all of this, you can just wear any comfortable clothes when you are painting.

There you go, those are the pastel painting hacks that we can recommend for you that will surely help you. We do hope that all of this pastel painting hacks. Especially the one that you need to transport your paintings will help you one way or another.

Have fun with all the pastel paints and remember that exposure and experiment will teach you a lot. Do you have any pastel painting hacks that you can recommend or share with us?







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