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Best Soft Pastel Tips For Beginners

If you are looking for the best soft pastel tips to help you further improve your skills with the painting medium, then you are in the right place. Soft pastels are unique because of the diverse, rich, vibrant and flexible colors that they can produce. We’re giving you the best soft pastel tips so that you can maximize and create this medium. Learn more about their diverse world colors that an artist will surely fall in love with.

What are the things you need to know about soft pastels? What is the best technique for soft pastel painting? What are the materials that you will need for soft pastel painting? it’s soft pastel the right painting medium for you? can you prevent soft pastel from getting smudged?

The Best Soft Pastel Tips You’ll Ever Need Before Rocking The Medium

4 Best Soft Pastel Tips For Beginners
4 Best Soft Pastel Tips For Beginners

We are giving you the best soft pastel tips you ever need before rocking the medium. But before we jump over to this amazing tips, let’s get to know more about soft pastels. Getting to know more about a certain painting medium characteristics is the first thing. An artist must check before indulging themselves on that painting medium they preferred. That way you will learn and know what they can offer you as an artist. There are different painting medium out there with different characters that suit a certain artist preference.

Soft pastel stands out among those painting medium. Soft pastels produce a rich, vibrant and luminous color that most painters want for their paintings. They are best used for still-life and landscaping, portrait and painting. Aside from the fact that they produced wonderful colors. Soft pastels are handy and easy to use. They can even be the best painting medium for outdoor or Plein air painting.

They are the best choice for traveling too. Since they are handy and less hassle to carry along with you. You don’t even need water to start painting with soft pastels. You can directly apply them as they are to your desired painting surface. They can go on your canvas or paper.

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Understanding the nature of soft pastel is one of the most important things that an artist needs to know. The best soft pastel tips that you can ever get is to know more about a certain medium. There are a lot of best soft pastel tips out there. However, the best is always the simplest. Understand the nature of your painting medium.

The Things You Need To Know About Soft Pastels

One of the best soft pastel tips is to know that painting medium’s flexibility. Soft pastels are known for their flexibility and versatility to an artist need. you can use soft pastels in different ways. A single square stick of soft pastel can be maximized from its edge, body and the corner. The possibilities of using soft pastels are endless to an artist imagination.

4 Best Soft Pastel Tips For Beginners
4 Best Soft Pastel Tips For Beginners

Soft pastels can be used it almost any surface. The most commonly used paper for soft pastel is the textured one. There are different artists who use standard paper, canvas, and even sandpaper. Again, it is the artist preferred surface that suits them best.

Soft pastels are made of pure pigment and a wax binder. there are three different kinds of pastels available in the market. They differentiate between soft, medium soft and extra soft. The softer soft pastels become, the more pigments they have in their composition with a lesser binder in it.

Pastels are made with non-drying mineral oil. that is the main reason why soft pastels or pastels get smudge easily. Unless they are fixed with fixative to keep them in their permanent layers. Once you have used fixative for soft pastels they stay in place without any worries of getting smudged. The fixative is not an option yet especially if you are a beginner. It is best to do that once you have been exposed to pastels and learn their composition. That way you can play around and experiment with them at the same.

One of the great and best soft pastel tips is knowing how they react. once you have the knowledge about soft pastels characteristics, then you can easily break the rules. Mixed media is another option with soft pastels.

Best Soft Pastel Tips For Beginners 2 Colour Block Soft Pastel Art

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You can directly mix soft pastels to your painting surface. unlike any other painting medium that was a mix on the painting palette first. Soft pastels are mix and blend together through the application. you can use your fingertips to make soft pastels together. Some artists use a palette knife for mixing them on their canvas. Other artists use a paintbrush for blending colors.

The Most Basic Soft Pastel Technique For Beginners

We have compiled the most basic soft pastel technique for beginners. Maybe you haven’t noticed but you are already doing one of this painting technique.

The first one on the list as feathering. This is an easy method of creating straight lines from your soft pastel sticks. You can do a criss-cross for this one, short or long straight lines. You can just overlap them on top of each other. Feathering technique allows an artist to be more detail with their lines and the choices of colors.

The next basic soft pastel techniques stippling. Stippling technique is about creating shades from small dots pattern. The best way to execute this technique is by adding lots of layers to form wonderful texture.

4 Best Soft Pastel Tips For Beginners
4 Best Soft Pastel Tips For Beginners

One of the best soft pastel tips for soft pastels is when they are mixed together unintentionally. This creates a wonderful mixture of two or more colors together. this technique is also called scumbling. On other painting media, it can be referred to as layering. Scumbling is about adding one more color of soft pastel to another. If colors are getting mixed up you don’t need to worry about that.

The good thing about mistakes with painting is they create a wonderful effect.

Essential Tools And Materials For Your Soft Pastel Painting

Soft pastel is an easy medium to start with especially for beginners. There are only limited materials to choose with soft pastel painting. Unlike any painting medium, soft pastel painting needs limited essential tools. You can start off with your soft pastels and paper. Textured paper is the best option for soft pastels. However, you can even start off with the pastel board or canvas for a change. If you want to go on full details and sketching, then you can get a colored pencil too.

Though fixative is not an option for beginners, hairspray is an alternative for this. However, you can do that once you are experienced or exposed to soft pastels in the long run. Usually, fixatives are used if you want to fix soft pastels from getting smudged.

For proper preservation and protection of your soft pastel painting, we have an article for that. To give you a quick sneak peek of that article, it will teach you the proper way of preserving your pastel painting. There is a compilation of best soft pastel tips preservation as well. To know more about the toxicity level of your soft pastels or pastel paint medium.

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Check If Soft Pastel Is The Right Medium For You

Are you still wondering if soft pastel the right medium for you? then we will give you the right checklist soft pastel is the perfect medium for you. Are you looking for the kind of medium that is easy and handy to carry along? Do you prefer a painting medium that requires less time for preparation? Are you looking for a painting medium that produces rich, luminous and vibrant colors? Do you prefer working outdoors mostly? Are you looking for a less maintenance painting medium?

If your answer to most of this question is yes, then soft pastel is the perfect painting medium for you. I hope you have fun learning and being exposed to soft pastels. Remember to always enjoy every painting session and create wonderful images and portraits. Take it easy and the most important part is you are enjoying what you are doing.

Everything we recommend

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Best Soft Pastel Tips For Beginners 4

Sennelier Soft Pastels

These highly pigmented oil pastels work on a variety of surfaces including canvas, paper, metal, wood, stone, and even glass. Create multi-media effects over oil, acrylic, pastel, or watercolor.



Best Soft Pastel Tips For Beginners 5

Colour Block Soft Pastel Art

This luxury wooden carry case is convenient for you to take your pastels to draw and create with anywhere. In addition to the sturdy and smooth wooden box, the case comes with protective inner foam cushion to protect the soft pastels from breakage. 


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Best Soft Pastel Tips For Beginners 6

PRO ART Square Artist Pastel

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