4 Great Facts About Impasto Painting Technique

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The impasto painting technique requires an artist to apply the paint thickly enough to create a unique texture which is preferable with a painting knife. The impasto is an Italian word that means paste, which is why this painting technique is all about thick applications of paints, like oil paints and acrylics. More often, the technique can be done directly into the painting surface rather than using a paint palette for mixing or blending colors up.

What are the benefits and advantages of impasto painting technique to an artist? What’s the best painting medium for a successful impasto painting technique? How do you use impasto painting technique properly?

The Great Benefits Of Impasto Painting Technique To An Artist

4 Great Facts About Impasto Painting Technique
4 Great Facts About Impasto Painting Technique

The impasto painting technique is all about thick applications of paint into the painting surface that allows an artist to create emotional feelings with the textured surface that was created with the impasto painting technique. There are a lot of benefits that you can get once you have mastered this painting technique especially if you are into oil paints more often. The oil paints are a great painting medium for a successful impasto painting because of their slow drying characteristics and compositions and how the artist can manipulate them until they reach their drying time.

If you are into impasto technique then you are more open to different benefits that this unique painting technique can offer an artist. These advantages are essential in creating wonderful and unique paintings and artwork that will set your mark and identity to the world.

The first of the many benefits that you can get with impasto painting technique is all about the textured surface that you can create with your chosen painting medium. This creates a unique yet dynamic artwork with the use of the elements of art using the right principles of it.

4 Great Facts About Impasto Painting Technique
4 Great Facts About Impasto Painting Technique

The second benefit is how the impasto technique gives emphasis to the feelings that the artist wants to convey to its viewers with the right element of composition through the thick texture of the painting.

The third one is all about the unique yet well detailed three-dimensional painting surface texture that showcases the beauty of what the artist wants to convey through folds and lines created. Impressionist artist has taken advantage of the many benefits that this painting technique can offer.

And lastly, the impasto technique is all about the thick surface which depicts the beauty of how your painting medium can create an elevated surface where you can use the light and reflections into it and make it look realistic in ways that the artist emphasizes the bouncing of light to the painting.

The Impasto Painting Technique With The Right Painting Medium To Use With

If you were to ask artists what is the best painting medium for impasto painting technique, then most probably, they will say that oil paints top notch for this wonderful painting technique from all time. Though acrylics are another option for this one and even gouache paint. The characteristics and composition of paints matter when it comes to the impasto technique.

When it comes to this painting technique, you must remember that the characteristics of the painting medium that you are using must be the same as oil paint thickness. The best way to execute the impasto painting technique is to use a painting knife or a palette knife instead of the paintbrush. You can just manipulate the paints into your painting surface with deliberation to achieve the unique texture that is meant to be for an impasto.

4 Great Facts About Impasto Painting Technique
4 Great Facts About Impasto Painting Technique

Traditionally if you wanted to check the results of the texture made from an impact to technique you have to view the artwork from the side to see the three-dimensional composition of the painting. However, if you wanted to look at an impostor painting from its surface then you will just notice the highlights and the shadows created from this textured surface as it bounced off the light from its thick textured paints.

There are many artists who’ve enjoyed and taken advantage of this unique painting technique to create such emotions for their artworks and paintings. With this unique approach to how you can manipulate the thickness of the oil paint or acrylic had given identity two different artists on how they express their styles and preference to painting. Later on, they have been well known for such unique and sophisticated painting technique.

There are many oil paintings that are widely known and famous because of the impasto painting technique that was used when they were created.

Regardless of the painting medium that you are using when comes to impasto technique, Is by the proper way of execution of paint to the painting surface that makes it a successful artwork over time.

Nowadays there are different painting mediums that you can use to create the texture that is meant to be for an impasto technique. With the use of oil paints, acrylics, and gouache paint, there are more options for the best artwork that can be produced.

The Proper Way Of Using Impasto Painting Technique

There are different methods on how you can work with an impasto technique which depends on the style and preference of an artist. However, regardless of what style and preference it is there will always be some rules applied that is as common and traditional as the rest.

4 Great Facts About Impasto Painting Technique
4 Great Facts About Impasto Painting Technique

One of the basic methods for an impasto technique is to make sure that you are using thick paint that is applied directly from the tube or mixed on your painting palette to your painting surface. There are some artists who dilute or thin their paints while making sure that it is still thick enough for the desired texture.

To avoid any possible wrinkling or paint cracks on the surface an artist must use a painting medium that is specially designed for the impasto technique. There are some artists who use or squeeze first their painting medium like oil paints on a piece of paper to remove any excess oil that may cause this wrinkling or cracks when it’s dried.

The painting knife or palette knife is one of the best materials to use for an impasto technique. Though there is still some artist who uses paint brushes for their impasto technique, like the flat brush or any artificial brush bristles available. This type of paintbrush allows the artist to accumulate paint on their bristles for the impasto technique.

There are some artists who add texture elements on their painting surface to give a unique and highly textured surface like sand or dust particles while others use salt as well. You can also use the sgraffito painting technique with your impastoed painting surface to create a unique depth on the painting surface. There is also a fix if you happen to use more paint than needed for your impastoed surface. This method can be done using any absorbent surface like cloth or paper towel and smooth it on the area that you wanted to fix. Once the paper had absorbed all the excess paint on the painting surface then you can just simply lift it off and the excess paint will then go with the paper that you have applied.

An artist gets to have additional knowledge through every painting technique by continuously working on them and doing it every time. That way, you get familiarize with the effects and know where you can improve your skills over time.

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