5 Best Acrylic Painting Mediums

5 Best Acrylic Painting Mediums

There are different types of acrylic painting mediums that you can add on to create the texture, consistency, opacity, transparency or composition that you wanted to achieve for your acrylic paintings. All of these acrylic painting mediums can be added to the acrylic paints without affecting how the paint will react. Plus the characteristics won’t change since most of the acrylic painting mediums are also made up of the same composition as acrylic paints.

What are the different types of acrylic painting mediums that you can add to the paint to enhance its composition the way that you wanted it to be? Are these acrylic painting mediums can be used with other painting media? What is the best acrylic painting medium to work on if you wanted to create a more textured surface? Which acrylic painting medium is best to slow down the fast drying characteristics of acrylics?

The Best Acrylic Painting Mediums That You Should Try Working With

5 Best Acrylic Painting Mediums
5 Best Acrylic Painting Mediums

There are different painting mediums that you can try working with that totally depends on the style you want to create for your painting. For example, if you wanted to fix or slow down the fast drying characteristics of acrylics, you can add a retarder to do that. The retarder will help you manipulate the fast-drying composition of acrylics and work on them further with your canvas or any painting surface that you are working with. There are also some painting mediums which you can add to acrylics to add volume or to thicken the paint especially if you are working on a certain painting technique that requires it. The use of certain painting mediums depends entirely on the artist’s preference for the type or kind of paint that they wanted with the consistency or texture for their paintings.

Different Types Of Acrylic Painting Medium

There are different types of acrylic painting medium that totally depends on your preference for texture, consistency, and transparency. Some painting medium affects the thinning agent and sometimes create a protective shield or barrier like acrylic glazing liquid. To further understand which painting medium should you try for your acrylics, we have compiled most of this painting medium that artists use to manipulate their acrylics.

For texture painting medium

5 Best Acrylic Painting Mediums
5 Best Acrylic Painting Mediums

Aside from the other natural elements or other painting mediums that are added on acrylics to create different tonal and texture on the painting surface like salt, sawdust, and sand to name a few. There are some manufacturers who also caters to the needs of an artist to create a textural element on the paintings of an artist style. This also comes in the form of gels as they are called texture gels by most artists. This painting medium imitates the natural elements that you can use or add on your acrylics as well.

For molding or also known as modeling paste

Since acrylic is a very versatile painting medium, there are a lot of ways on how you can work on with acrylics and one of them is through molding. Sculpture, carved and sometimes you can work on acrylics even if they are already dry. The modeling paste is commonly used by artists who usually work on sculptures using a putty knife or palette knife or any other art materials they wanted to create their masterpiece with. Molding paste commonly comes in white color but you can alter this color by adding your preferred paint color in them. Molding paste is also made up of acrylic polymer emulsion.

For textured painting surface

The most commonly used acrylic painting medium is the one that gives you tonal and textured surface. Acrylic gel mediums are one of the most used painting mediums to fix or manipulate your paints with. The acrylic gel mediums are best to use if you are into adding additional thickness to the volume of your paints. The effects of the acrylic gel mediums come in a variety of ways as to how the artist wants them. Ranging from a glossy and matte finish. All of these painting mediums comes handy for the artist and the results vary as to how you use them to your paintings and the technique that you will use as well. Commonly becomes transparent when the acrylic gel medium dries. Though if you add more layers, you will notice them as well.

To slow down the fast drying composition

5 Best Acrylic Painting Mediums
5 Best Acrylic Painting Mediums

The retarder is commonly used for acrylics to slow down its fast drying composition. It is used in different ways possible with the technique that the artist used. There are different brands of retarder you can choose from every paint manufacturer. However, the result is to help an artist manipulate the fast drying characteristics of acrylics especially if you are working on them outdoors or working on a larger size canvas or painting surface.


To thin the acrylics is another thing as you can add water to acrylics if you wanted to work or fix their consistency. However, there are also painting medium that you can add to thin acrylics without any setbacks of the amount of water that you might add and affect the adhesive factor of acrylics to the painting surface. If you happen to add more water than needed, the acrylics might peel off or crack when they dry afterward.

Painting Medium With Other Painting Media

There are many painting mediums available to help you fix your paints, regardless of the media that you are working with. This painting medium varies on the results and effects that they can cause the paint on the surface itself. From the consistency to the texture. The opacity or transparency, you can definitely get one that will work best for you.

It is all about allowing yourself to try working and experimenting to get exposed to all the possible painting medium that will help you with your art journey. Most painting media are created to help an artist and not damage the paintings that they make. If you happen to hear one story or two, maybe there was a mistake with the proper method or handling of that certain painting medium.

How To Slow Down The Fast Drying Characteristics Of Acrylics

5 Best Acrylic Painting Mediums
5 Best Acrylic Painting Mediums

There are known painting mediums that can slow down the fast drying compositions of acrylic paints. If you are working on them and wanted to keep them wet at least for longer, you can add a retarder to manipulate its drying time.

There are also new types of acrylic paints that last longer and does not dry faster than traditionally used acrylic paints. These are called open acrylics and most paint manufacturers are producing this type of paints for acrylic artists. They are more convenient to use especially if you wanted your acrylic paints to stay dry while working mostly on a larger painting surface or Plein air painting. However, they just give artist enough time to finish their artworks and they still dry faster, though not as fast as the traditional ones.

There are some acrylic painting mediums that are also used with other painting media. Or some acrylic medium that works well with others, these mixed media have been one of the practices that artists are trying to experiment with. There are some setbacks but there are also some worth the chance they had. Regardless of what painting medium you use, it is by what you learn on each process that matters the most and how you enjoyed your artworks.







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