5 Unique Difference Of Normal And Open Acrylics

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With the new innovation and modification of acrylics drying time, surely their unique differences between normal and open acrylics are some of the factors that an artist is trying to see to help them decide with one will they use for the next project in mind. The best thing about normal and open acrylics is that they allow the artist to work into something for a time but with normal acrylics, you have to work faster than ever as they will really get dried on your palettes really quick.

What is the difference between normal and open acrylics that you need to know? What are the similarities between normal and open acrylics? Can you mix the traditional or normal acrylics from the new open acrylics?

Understanding The Differences Between Normal And Open Acrylics

5 Unique Difference Of Normal And Open Acrylics
5 Unique Difference Of Normal And Open Acrylics

Since one of the setbacks of most acrylic paints is about their drying time, there has been a solution to this issue about their fast-drying composition. If you have heard about open acrylics, then they are typically different from normal acrylic paint. Since most standard or normal acrylic paints dry faster once they are open. One of the key differences between normal and open acrylics is the ability to stand and stay wet for longer than the usual drying time of normal acrylic paints.

Most acrylic painting medium artist has this issue about the fast dry composition of acrylics that allows them to work faster especially if they need to catch up on some deadlines for their paintings or if they wanted to exhibit them as soon as possible. The good thing about open acrylics is that it stays with even for a longer period of time which is beneficial for the artists to manipulate them on how they want them to look like on the painting canvas.

Differences And Similarities Of Normal And Open Acrylics

If you will break down the differences and similarities of normal and open acrylics, then surely you will find out that there are almost the same when it comes to the result of painting application through painting canvas. The common differences between normal and open acrylics are the drying time that they produce and reach for a certain stage and time.

5 Unique Difference Of Normal And Open Acrylics
5 Unique Difference Of Normal And Open Acrylics

If you are working with normal or traditional acrylics then you will find out that they really dry faster that is why you need to work on them faster as well. They are usually best straight from the tube to the painting surface and work with them with a palette knife or painting knife. They are ideal if you wanted to apply them in thick layers rather than thin layers which dry faster than you could ever possibly think of. Sometimes they even dry off while you are mixing or blending them on your painting palette.

The good thing about open actually is they last longer and their drying time is 10 times slower than traditional acrylic paints. That is really ideal especially for an artist who wants to manipulate their acrylics on their painting canvas to reach the style that they wanted for their artwork.

Variety Of Colors

One of the differences between normal and open acrylics is the availability of colors that you can choose from. On a standard basis, there are more different colors to choose from with traditional acrylic paints especially with different brand manufacturers and paint manufacturers to offer artists. While on the other hand, there are a limited number of open acrylic colors that you can choose for the moment.

5 Unique Difference Of Normal And Open Acrylics
5 Unique Difference Of Normal And Open Acrylics

There’s still an advantage even if there are a limited number of colors for open acrylics to choose from for artist. You can be creative on how you might want to mix two or three different colors together to create a new color from the range of colors that you own or have.

Paint Consistency

If we will be looking at the same consistency between normal and open acrylics, then surely there is a slight difference. If you are used to the thickness of normal or traditional acrylics than open acrylics may be slightly softer than what you usually have. The most artists who usually use traditional or normal acrylics, You have to modify first the consistency of the acrylics straight from the tube by adding some water to achieve your desired softness to manipulate them straight to your painting canvas using a palette knife or your desired paintbrush for acrylics.

On the other hand, if you are working with open acrylics then you will notice the softness that it provides which is an ideal choice to where you can apply them straight away to your painting surface and work with them. If you are the type of artist who usually used Impasto painting technique for their artwork then you will notice the differences between normal and open acrylics consistency.

5 Unique Difference Of Normal And Open Acrylics
5 Unique Difference Of Normal And Open Acrylics

There are some paint manufacturers who recommend artist how thick or thin they should apply open acrylics to achieve not just the drying time but the style that they want. Since open acrylics drying time is being modified, you will be assured that they don’t really dry quickly or faster than traditional acrylics and it takes time for them to reach their curing time.

There surely is an advantage for the slow drying composition of open acrylics but when it comes to traditional acrylics, there are still some advantages and most artists still want to stay on what they’ve previously been using. However, it is also ideal for you to try different types of paint to see which one works best for you especially for the style and painting technique that you want to achieve.

Color And Coverage

Regardless of what you are using, standard or normal acrylics and open acrylics, remember that their most common characteristics when it comes to color shifting are they usually tend to be darker once they reach their drying time. Both traditional or normal acrylics and open acrylics have these characteristics.

If you will check how good open acrylics coverage is from normal acrylics, then it is best said that normal acrylics will give you the best coverage and will also allow you to fix your mistakes properly and forgivingly.

Mixing Open Acrylics To Normal Acrylic Paints

When it comes to mixing open acrylics and normal acrylics together then surely you can do that with no restrictions but with the proper amount of paint for each other. Since they both have the same characteristics with different drying time, you can definitely manipulate one color over the other by mixing together these two unique compositions. The good thing about mixing them together is they are compatible with each other so the best thing for you to see how good open acrylics are when mixed to normal acrylics is by proper experimentation of the amount of paint you blend together

Cleaning Process

One of the advantages of open acrylics from normal acrylic paint is the convenience of how you can clean them up after every painting session. They really don’t dry easily as you can keep them in the open air for some time without worrying about your paintbrush getting hardened by the paint.

It is ideal that you experience for yourself how good they are when it comes to slow drying and the coverage that they can make on your painting surface with the style that you wanted. The thing about art materials for you to understand them is to get to know them personally. That means working with them with the style that you wanted to see if they are the right materials for you to use. Or just stay and modify the same materials that you get used to with painting.

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