5 Excellent Types Of Painting Medium

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Ever wonder what are the different excellent types of painting medium that you can use in your art session? For every painting medium or media, there is a specific type of medium that you can use or add to modify the characteristics of that certain painting media. For example, if you are working with acrylics, you can modify the drying time by adding a retarder.

What are the different types of painting medium that you can add to every type of paint that you will be working on? Can this painting medium modify the characteristics or composition of each painting by an artist’s demand or preference? Which is the best painting medium to add for acrylics, oil paints, watercolors, and pastels?

Excellent Types Of Painting Medium

Acrylic Painting - 5 Excellent Types Of Painting Medium
Acrylic painting – 5 Excellent Types Of Painting Medium

There are different types of painting medium that you can use for every painting media available. Everyone has different characteristics based on the artist’s preference for what they wanted to modify or add on the painting medium that they are using. For example, if you are working with acrylics and you are having setbacks with their drying time. You can easily modify that area to work on the style or preference that you wanted for your paints.

Slowing down their fast-drying composition can be made available by adding retarder to the paints. On the other hand, if you wanted to work with their consistency and fluidity, You can either add water or special medium to enhance the texture and fluid effects on the painting surface. While most artists use a different medium to modify each characteristic you can also check for different types of paint that will match what you need for your style of painting.

We’ve compiled the most useful painting medium for each painting that every artist used to modify the characteristics of the medium that they are using.

Types Of Painting Medium For Every Media

Painting technique - 5 Excellent Types Of Painting Medium
Painting technique – 5 Excellent Types Of Painting Medium

Once you’ve got to gain more experience and exposure to every painting material that you will be using, then you will come up to the material which is best to use for every style, technique, and texture.

If we will break down the different types of painting media then we will come up to five types which are commonly used by artists. We can start off with oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, and gouache paint. Though the latter sometimes distinguishes between watercolors and actually as a combination of the characteristics. With these five types of medium, there are also different types of other painting media that modify their characteristics based on every artist’s use.

Oil Paints

One of the most widely used painting media of all time is the old paints. They are well known and one of the most favorite materials used for creating artworks because of their versatility and flexibility. It allows the artist to work with the desired style without worrying about them getting dried on their painting palette or not being workable on the painting surface. The fresh, rich, and vibrant colors that they produce even when they reach their drying time is one of the reasons why artists venture with this type of paints.

Oil Painting - 5 Excellent Types Of Painting Medium
Oil painting – 5 Excellent Types Of Painting Medium

If drying time seems to be one of the setbacks with oil paints then surely there are solutions to that. Alkyds are one of the options that you can choose if you wanted to work with oil paints characteristics. Though they may be quite expensive than traditional oil paint or artist grade paints. This is because they dry faster than common oil paints.

There are also different types of oils to choose from that will modify your oil paints characteristics. Every oil that is used to make a coil may have different effects on the drying time. This also depends on how the oil will react over time or will affect the painting surface’s quality.

Make sure that you prepare the painting surface that you will use for your oil painting. That way you can prevent the paint from getting absorbed by the canvas that leads to deterioration or yellowing.

Watercolor And Gouache Paints

Watercolors are known for their transparency and lightfastness. With their portability and workability. You can work on with your watercolor paper and add some water on your palette to start working with them.  One of the many reasons why most artists use watercolor is their flexibility to be mixed up with other painting media.

You can modify their transparency and opacity by adding your painting medium like gouache paint to them.

Gouache painting - 5 Excellent Types Of Painting Medium
Gouache painting – 5 Excellent Types Of Painting Medium

Gouache paint, on the other hand, is a combination between the fast-drying acrylics and the transparent watercolors. There are different ways on how you can work with this type of paint base on how you want your painting surface to be. The good thing about working with gouache paint is you can always reactivate them anytime that you wanted to continue working on your artwork.


They may be tagged as a beginner’s painting medium because of their diverse composition. Their fast-drying composition allows the artist to work with any projects or artwork in less time than oil things. There are also different types of acrylics to choose from which depends on the artist’s preference and style for the painting or artwork that they are doing.

Their drying time may be a setback or issue for most artists who work with them but definitely, there is always a solution that. There is available painting medium you can add with acrylics to modified their drying time and their texture and consistency.

From the retarder that used to slow down their drying time, to texture medium that will enhance the surface needed for each painting technique. Instead of adding other media to modify the consistency and thin your acrylics, you can also work on with fluid acrylics.

Your acrylic painting might have a shift in color and tends to be darker but you can always fix that. Applying glaze or varnish to have that glossy or shiny surface is another option. This will also enhance and tone down shades that became darker when your paint reached their drying time.


Considered the easiest painting medium to start with. The rich and vibrant pigments and colors that you can work on with makes them one of the favorite painting media by most artists. There is a wide range of colors to choose from different tones and shades based on your needs.

The good thing about working with pastels is their portability. Working with them even if you only have your paper and your pastels as you can use your hands to blend the colors. You can also mix them with other painting media because of their rich pigments on their composition.

Pastels are known to get smudge easily, but applying fixatives can be a great option to try with. Or you can frame your artwork under glass, use glassine paper to protect the surface.

With all these different types of painting media to choose from surely, there is one that will work with your desired style and preference. The more you work on with each painting medium and gather experience and exposure, then the more you will know the characteristics of each.

Take each painting session a step by step process of learning their composition of each painting material.


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