5 Facts You Need To Know About Acrylic Paints

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Everything you need to know about acrylic paints is written in this article. There are different types of acrylic paints you can purchase on an art store. They all depend on what type of acrylic paints you need for your painting session. Everything you need to know about acrylic paints, what medium to mix with them, painting surface and more.

Are you still wondering what type of acrylic paint should you buy that suits you? Where is this type of acrylic paints used for? And what you need to learn about them? Can you slow down acrylic paint drying time?

Everything You Need To Know About Acrylic Paints

What are the things you need to know about acrylic paints and paint types? Acrylic paint has different varieties depending on where you will use them. You can get on easy squeeze tubes. Sometimes they go on containers. Others on easy pour bottles. They can go from fluids and all sizes.

Types of acrylic paints


5 Facts You Need To Know About Acrylic Paints
5 Facts You Need To Know About Acrylic Paints

There are three types of acrylic paints to choose from. All of these different types vary on what paints and where you will use them. Acrylic paints can be painted on almost any surface, you can experiment as you want. The more you get exposed with acrylic paint the more techniques you will learn. The things you need to know about acrylic paints matter on your painting journey. That way, you will learn how to manipulate and control them without you being controlled.


If you are a beginner to acrylic painting, and you have not decided yet as what type of acrylic paints will you be choosing. Here are some brief descriptions of each acrylic paint types.

The fluid acrylics can be used in thin applications just like oil or watercolors. The rich colors that fluid acrylics produce make them special. They are thinner than ordinary paints you buy. There are known techniques on how to use a fluid acrylics. One of them is pouring the fluid acrylics straight to your painting canvas in a flat position. You can make a lot of colors using acrylic fluids with this painting technique. The results are amazing. The combination of colors to use are endless. The more colors you use, the better the final result is.


5 Facts You Need To Know About Acrylic Paints
5 Facts You Need To Know About Acrylic Paints

The second type of acrylic paints is heavy body acrylics. This type of acrylics is best if you are using a palette knife. The visible brush strokes make the texture of your painting admirable. Everybody actually space can be stained using water or a certain medium. A retarder is usually used to dilute acrylic paints like this. If you are not aware yet on how to properly dilute your acrylic paints, it is better to use fluid acrylics. However, knowing the different characteristics paint of each acrylic paints will help you in the long run.


The last type of acrylic paints is the slow drying one. With this type of acrylic paints, you can mix them with your painting palette. You don’t need to worry about them getting dried up easily. Allowing an artist to work on them more and manipulate their texture and color mixing.

Acrylic Paints Dry Faster Than Any Other Painting Media

The only medium that allows an artist to work faster with their paints is acrylic. That is why most painters use acrylics more than once in their painting journey. The first thing you need to know about acrylic paints is how fast they really dry. Some acrylic paints dry minutes after being applied to the surface of a painting. Though you can use a retarder to slow down acrylic paints drying time. You can also dilute acrylics with water.

Acrylic Paints Can Go On Almost Any Painting Surface

One of the amazing facts you need to know about acrylic paints is you can paint them on any surface. You can use traditional painting canvas, watercolor paper, wood panel, cloth and everything you can think about. Though you have to be careful about painting them with a glossy or oily surface. if you will be painting with this surface you have to prime your painting surface first. That way, the paint composition will be absorbed by the prime surface.


5 Facts You Need To Know About Acrylic Paints
5 Facts You Need To Know About Acrylic Paints

When you have gained enough experience with acrylic paint you can prime your own painting surface with gesso. There are also other painting mediums that require a primed painting canvas, like oil paints.


Mixing acrylic paints with other painting media

One of the best facts you need to know about acrylic paints is their ability to mix with other painting media. You can mix acrylic paints with oil paints and even watercolor paints. The key factor for this one is having yourself be exposed more about the painting medium. That way you can play with mixing and blending them with other compositions. Though there are rules and limitation on mixing other media with acrylics.

One of those is applying acrylics with oil paints. This rule you need to know about acrylic paints mix media. You can apply oil paint on top of dried acrylic paint, however, you cannot do that the other way around. This is because, once acrylic paints are dried, they are water resistant and stay permanent on the surface you have painted them.

On the other hand, since oil paints are slow drying medium. It takes a lot of patience and effort for the oil paint to completely dry and you cannot apply acrylic paint on top of them. You will learn more about oil paints special characteristics and composition with our other articles about oil paints.

Facts you need to know about acrylic paints, technique and color mixing.

Once you have prepared all your materials for acrylic painting you will be exposed to a magical world of colors. There are different acrylic painting techniques you can start off even if you are a beginner.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Acrylic Paints
5 Facts You Need To Know About Acrylic Paints

These are the basic acrylic painting techniques you will enjoy doing.

If you will be applying acrylic paint directly from your paint tube, that technique is called a dry brush technique. This technique allows manipulating the colors straight from the paint tube with a dry brush. It’s as easy as that, you already know one of the other acrylic painting techniques!

The next technique that you will learn is the wash technique. This is a very simple acrylic painting technique. You just have a little bit of water on your paint and start stroking with your paintbrush on the canvas. However, you have to be careful about the amount of water that you will add. Because if you add too much water in the pain, it will lose its adhesive factor. You can try experimenting with this technique with the dry brush technique. A combination of two techniques will allow you to see the difference and play with the paint texture.

One of the amazing facts you need to know about acrylic paints is their flexibility. Materials to use for acrylic application does not end with paint brushes. If you have a sponge next to you, you can paint straight from your painting surface using the sponge. Just dab all over or make a unique pattern of plants or trees with your sponge. This painting technique is called dabbing.

You can also use a palette knife painting acrylic paints. most teachers of acrylics allow their student to work with a palette knife before using a paintbrush.

There are a lot of acrylic painting techniques you will learn along the way. For now, we just have to experiment with your paint and gain more knowledge about them by experimenting and practice. Remember that patience is a virtue and practice is a teacher.

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