5 Hacks to Plein Air Watercolor Painting Mistakes

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Watercolor painting is such a unique and lovely painting medium. There are some Plein Air watercolor painting mistakes that you might encounter along the way. Worry not for we have all the answers and solutions to those dilemmas. We make sure that those Plein air watercolor painting mistakes won’t happen again. We also have some tips for you to stay away from those things that might cause them.

What are the common Plein air watercolor painting mistakes that you will encounter? How will you avoid all those Plein air watercolor painting mistakes? Do you have any tips on how to avoid Plein air watercolor painting mistakes? Is Plein air watercolor painting for experience only? What are the basic materials used for Plein air watercolor painting?

How To Avoid Plein Air Watercolor Painting Mistakes

Outdoor or Plein Air watercolor painting is a must try both for experienced and beginners alike. The thought of just being outside close to nature is already calming and attracts inspiration. The changes in the natural light caused by the weather allows an artist to experiment and create more. Though there are some Plein air watercolor painting mistakes that some artist encounter. You can always avoid those once you get to have more experience of the method. You will learn a lot of helpful tips and tricks along the way as well.

5 Hack to Plein Air Watercolor Painting Mistakes
5 Hack to Plein Air Watercolor Painting Mistakes

Plein air watercolor painting should be tried by an artist at least once in their life. The practice will further help improve artist skills. It also allows the artist to create not just a plain landscape painting but a level up one. You can see the difference once you have tried doing so.

Most mentors allow their student to try Plein air watercolor painting to get the real feel of it. However, there are a lot of mistakes incorporated with the practice that you can avoid.

The Common Plein Air Watercolor Painting Mistakes You Will Encounter Along The Way

The common Plein air watercolor paintings mistakes that most beginners encounter are listed below. With extra precautions, you don’t need to walk on that same road ever again. There are things that you can avoid for you to enjoy the beauty of working outside. Grab your checklist and plan your first or next outdoor painting session now!

Over Packing Materials That Are Not Necessary

The most common Plein air watercolor painting mistakes that most beginners practice. This is also known not just in painting but whenever we go outdoors, out of town and more. Overpacking stuff that you thought you need makes your Plein air session really not so enjoyable. It is better to pack off on something easy and lightweight. You don’t want to carry the whole studio with you right?

5 Hack to Plein Air Watercolor Painting Mistakes
5 Hack to Plein Air Watercolor Painting Mistakes

Find and take with you materials that are handy. Carry lightweight materials for a fun excursion. That way you will not just enjoy it but will do Plein air often. There are available travel set painting materials. However, you can make your own with minimal effort yet maximum creativity. Plein air watercolor painting should ignite more inspiration for you, not burden with over packing. Simplify the materials that you will use for outdoor sessions. Remember that the lesser materials you have, the more creative you can be!

Unchecked Weather Before Planning

Remember that you wanted to paint outdoors and not just to catch the sun. The next most common Plein air watercolor painting mistakes is the weather condition. Outdoor painting or Plein air watercolor painting also depends on the weather outside. You cannot really paint if it is raining.

The watercolor paints will just be wash and so your paper. Everything will get wet and there is no chance you can create an image or painting. Instead of you being inspired, you will end up frustrated.

You cannot paint during the winter season as the paint and the water will be frozen. It will be harder for your paints to get dried because of the humidity. During cold or winter season, it is best to just paint indoor or in your studio. It will be safer for you and your painting materials as well.

5 Hack to Plein Air Watercolor Painting Mistakes
5 Hack to Plein Air Watercolor Painting Mistakes

During summer time, it is best to always bring an umbrella with you or any covering. That way you can avoid the paint from getting dried easily. The sun and the wind affect the drying time of paints. Outdoor painting or Plein air watercolor painting mistakes usually happen if you did not check the weather outside the property. So before you plan on doing any outdoor activities the best thing you have to do is always check the weather condition.

Planning any outdoor activities without checking whether will lead to a disaster. So the next time that you plan any outdoor activities regarding the painting, you will learn that weather plays an important role in this method.

Larger Painting Surface

The size of your canvas or painting surface that you will use also matters. If you are a beginner to Plein air watercolor painting, it is best to start with a small block. Blocks are frame painting surface that you can use on your lap or be carried around. They are lightweight and you don’t need a drawing board for them. They are good for outdoor painting sessions. You can start painting directly with blocks. They are portable and handy for artist outdoor activities.

Painting with smaller surface allows a painter to finish it quickly and on time with the right details. Using a small painting surface allows the artist to carry it anywhere around. You can even flip it when needed. You have to consider the painting surface that you will use outdoor. The size of your painting surface matters if you are working outdoors.

Choosing the right painting surface is one of the most common Plein air watercolor painting mistakes that beginners take for granted.

Perfect Picturesque Scene

5 Hack to Plein Air Watercolor Painting Mistakes
5 Hack to Plein Air Watercolor Painting Mistakes

If you are new to Plein air watercolor painting then don’t expect to have the picture perfectly done the first time. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Being able to Plein air watercolor painting technique takes a lot of time. Practice and exposure to nature help you learn day by day. Every step and every color change in nature allows an artist to appreciate every color. You will not get the perfect painting just yet. So the best thing that you can do enjoy every painting session outside.

Tips For A Successful Outdoor/Plein Air Watercolor Painting Session

There are proven tips for a successful outdoor or Plein air watercolor painting session. If you can plan ahead of schedule for your painting session would be nice. check weather condition outside. It is best to paint outside during summer days.

  • Always check the weather condition first.
  • Do not bring too many materials, make it minimal and simple.
  • Plan and enjoy the outdoor experience.

The Materials You Will Be Needing For Plein Air Watercolor Painting Session

For Plein air watercolor painting, it is best to cut all materials to minimal. You don’t need to bring your studio with you. You will only need a few materials

  • paints  – if you can get a travel set will be good. If not, you can get yourself some few colors from the primary colors and some earth colors.
  • Palette – grab something that is easy. The travel set includes paints with palettes.
  • Paintbrush –  a great tip is to keep your paint brushes with your palettes. You can tape them at the cover of your palette to secure the brush tips.
  • Paper – blocks are good options for outdoor painting
  • Easel – this is optional if you wanted to bring one, find something that is portable.
  • Chair – always go for something that can support your body weight and sturdier.
  • Umbrella – to protect both you and your materials. Tarpaulin will be great if you will work under the tree, you can sit without a chair or umbrella
  • Table – portable is good, to hold your materials in one place
  • Water – can be put in a small container or jars
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen
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