5 Tips And Hacks For Paint Tube Problems

5 Tips And Hacks For Paint Tube Problems

If you are wondering how to deal with different paint tube problems then you are in the right place as we will teach you different hacks on how to deal with all those unwanted paint tube problems that you will encounter on all your painting sessions. From a stuck lead or paint tube cap to getting all those paints off your tube, surely you will love these hacks and tricks.

How can you easily deal with all the paint tube problems you have easily? Are there any tips and hacks to squeeze all those paints inside your paint tube easily? How about if your tube cap gets stuck, can you still fix it?

Amazing And Helpful Tips And Hacks For Paint Tube Problems

5 Tips And Hacks For Paint Tube Problems
5 Tips And Hacks For Paint Tube Problems

Ever wonder how you can still use those paint tubes that are halfway (artist-grade paint) empty? Surely you would deal with this kind of paint tube problems along the way and you would want to get the most of those costly paints properly and used them in your painting canvas until the last drop of that pigment. Or, that new paint you’ve got suddenly gets a stuck cap and you can’t seem to open it anymore. Then, I welcome you to the world of arts where every drop of colors counts and every paint tube problems has incredibly amazing solutions.

If you stumble and find yourself in one of these paint tube problems, then you don’t need to worry because we have the solution for everyone of this.

Easy Tips To Loosen Up Stuck Painted Caps

Using the right materials to all your paint tube problems will help you get the most of all your pigments together. That way, you won’t have to worry about the remaining paints inside for you can totally use them up. Here are some proven tricks and tips to every stuck paint cap.

5 Tips And Hacks For Paint Tube Problems
5 Tips And Hacks For Paint Tube Problems
  • Fliers – One of the reasons why most artists have pliers on their toolbox is because this will usually help them to loosen up any stuck paint tube cap for their painting session.
  • Fabrics or clothespin
  • Crab leg cracker
  • Nut
  • Rags

On the other hand, if you are using pliers or any of these materials for your stuck paint tube cap, then you have to pay attention also on how you will hold the paint tube without splitting the tube in half and just turning the rest of the paint in waste. There are also other great things to try to make sure you won’t do that or won’t happen to you.  Make sure that the hand was you are holding the grip for the body of your paint tube is secured properly. You can roll the edge of your paint tube up to gather the rest of the paints upward.

Once you have done this, you can start twisting your paint tube cap. Or you can add some water or any painting materials or spirits/solvents on your paint tube to awaken the paint on your tube. One of the best ways to solve your paint tube problems.

If you are not into using pliers as it may damage the paint tube cap, then you can also try to loosen up stuck paint tube by hot water. Hot water or boiling water can do the trick and it can loosen up any dried paint. This is ideal to use especially if you are always having paint tube problems with the same pigments over time. You can repeat the process of putting your paint tube on the hot or boiling water until you can easily turn or twist the cap.

5 Tips And Hacks For Paint Tube Problems
5 Tips And Hacks For Paint Tube Problems

On the other hand, if you are trying to reopen a paint tube that was stock for a couple of months or even years, then you might need a different solution aside from hot water and any materials like pliers or nuts. There are some artists who use solvent or any other painting materials to reopen their paint tube that is long been kept. You can submerge you are paint tube on your solvent for a couple of days to even a week to awaken the dried paint so you can easily open it afterward.

Is everything sales and you still cannot open that paint tube, then it’s about time to think of cutting it in half instead of you losing that paint. This may be risky at times, especially if you will need to store the paints again for another use. If this happens then you have to cut the other edge of the paint should first before twisting or getting your paint. Make sure that you have a good clip if you will need to restore the paint should again. Most artists who do this type of solution also have another solution for the possible problems that they will encounter a long way. Have yourself on the side some bulldog clips as well just in case you will need tools that will close your tubes properly.

On the other hand, if you really wanted to prevent this kind of problem with paint jobs then there is another way to do so. One of the key secrets of most artists who had this problem before and wanted to prevent this is by using petroleum jelly or any oil like olive oil or cooking oil in a very small amount. Make sure that you have to clean the lead cap and there is no excess paint on your tube paint cap that might dry over time.

The glycerin had been used by most artists with the same problem over time and discovered this other technique for their paint tube problems. If you don’t like using petroleum jelly or applying petroleum jelly on the cap of your paint tubes then you can also use these other materials such as olive oil or any cooking materials but in a really small amount just to cover and protect the cap and paint from hardening. While other artists also apply glycerin if you don’t have any other materials.

5 Tips And Hacks For Paint Tube Problems
5 Tips And Hacks For Paint Tube Problems

Regardless of what type of paint you are using, either it is student grade or artist grade in tubes you just have to make sure that you clean them properly. Most dried paint on pain tube cap is from excess paints that you use from the previous painting session that you had. That is why it is also important for artists to clean up any excess paint whether it is on your paint brushes or paint tubes to prevent any possible damages that it can cause you and your painting materials.

This tips and hacks for certain painting materials are also used by most artists who had experienced the same problems with theirs. It is a great gesture of kindness to share these tips and hacks for other artists especially for beginners to learn and know what they need to do with certain problems and just enjoy every painting session they had while creating arts.

Aside from knowing the different solutions to every problem it is also ideal to know the different elements and type of arts that generally improve your skills with painting and helps you feel with the style that you really wanted to build over time.

So the next time that you have any stock paint tube cup then you don’t need to worry and because there are always solutions to every problem when it comes to paintings and almost anything. Have fun creating art and learn from every painting session that you have.






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