6 Easy Steps To Acrylic Abstract Painting

6 Easy Steps To Acrylic Abstract Painting

Acrylics are known for their fast drying composition and characteristics. If you will be working on your first acrylic abstract painting. Then you have to consider a few factors with acrylic abstract painting. One of that is the style that you will use for your acrylic abstract painting. You have to always reconsider what the final picture of your painting would look like.

What are the materials that you will use for your acrylic abstract painting? Is acrylic abstract painting for beginners? Do you use other techniques for abstract painting with acrylics? What is the most common painting technique for acrylic abstract painting?

Easy Steps To Acrylic Abstract Painting Even If You Are A Beginner

6 Easy Steps To Acrylic Abstract Painting
6 Easy Steps To Acrylic Abstract Painting

This is an easy step to acrylic abstract painting even for beginners. You will be using the layering technique for this process. You can also choose if you want to put mix colors for this abstract painting. The numbers of colors that you will use depends on your preference. You can also add intricate designs for your acrylics abstract painting. You can use light colors or opaque colors for your borders.

The beauty of abstract painting depends on the spectators’ point of view. Abstract painting breaks the barrier of traditional images from your painting masterpiece. So let’s begin your first ever acrylic abstract painting.

The Basic Materials For Acrylic Abstract Painting

Before you begin with your acrylic abstract painting you will need to prepare some basic materials. The most commonly used materials are the same for your painting session. You can prepare the painting canvas for painting surface that you preferred. Next one is you have to prepare the acrylic paints that you will be using for your abstract painting. And lastly, the paintbrush that you will be using for your acrylic abstract painting.

6 Easy Steps To Acrylic Abstract Painting
6 Easy Steps To Acrylic Abstract Painting

There are also some optional materials for your abstract painting like an easel board for easel stand. Abstract painting does not have any limitations on the materials that you will use. There are no painting rules on what to use and what not. So if you feel like using this kind of materials that you are more comfortable with then feel free to use it. As long as you have the basic materials that you commonly used for your painting session.

A Beginners Guide For Acrylic Abstract Painting

Abstract paintings break the trend of traditional painting. Abstract painting allows an artist to create an intricate design that does not have to be in full details.

Step 1. Prepare the painting surface that you will use for your acrylic abstract painting. You can keep the painting surface simple or you can paint the borders on it. Remember that you are the one who chooses how your acrylic abstract painting will look like. If you feel like fainting your borders with an attack color then feel free to do so. If you want to keep it all why can clean you can do that as well.

Step 2. Paint as you want to. You don’t need to plan everything that you will put on your painting surface. There are some artists who like to create different shapes and sizes on their painting surface. The limitations of designs that you will use for your abstract painting depends on your preference. Remember that you are creating your own design for your abstract painting. You don’t need to wait too long for these designs to dry because acrylics are fast drying paints or medium.

Step 3. Save time painting by colors. The trick for you to save time with abstract acrylic painting is to paint by a batch of colors. For example, If you will be using the color yellow for a certain shape that you like to spread all over the canvas you can. Next is you can choose another color to do the same process. This will allow you time to work on a certain color on different angles of your painting surface. You can manage the shapes and sizes by each color that you liked it on the first layer. You can repeat the process once the whole ground or first layer of the painting surface is entirely covered.

Step 4. Layering technique. Once the first layer of acrylic abstract painting is completely dry, you can start with the layering technique. The layering technique is also another term for adding smaller details on the first layer of paint. Since acrylics are fast drying medium, you don’t need to worry about the first layer getting dried fast. Once the first layer is dried you can add your intricate smaller designs on the shapes or sizes you made.

The possibilities of adding new designs to the first layer depend entirely on the artist preference. With the new designs on top of the first layer, makes your painting unique from the other acrylic abstract painting. Creating different images, shapes, and sizes allow you to enjoy the process of creating as well.

Step 5. Continue adding small details. This means that if you are done with the second layer of paint. You can start adding much smaller details of images. shapes or sizes on the next layer.

Step 6. Don’t overdo. You can feel that you’re painting is completely done once looking it. You can twist your painting service from a different angle to see how it looks like on different perspective. That way you can check all the corners of your painting service from different sides. Once you have felt that the painting is complete then you can stop right there.

6 Easy Steps To Acrylic Abstract Painting
6 Easy Steps To Acrylic Abstract Painting

Abstract painting is all about the feeling of knowing when to stop and the completeness of your masterpiece. Remember that abstract painting has no rules on what designs or images or shapes to use. This is entirely all about the artist preferences for creation and designs.

There are different designs and style on how to create your own acrylic abstract painting. You can start with painting details or smaller details. You don’t need to use or paint your border if you want to. You can create matching designs that make an optical illusion. You can start with just shapes. You can freely design anything with acrylics and abstract painting. Abstract painting is about adding designs from one layer to another. You can focus entirely on one single color or use different colors. It is all about your creative side transforming and putting it on the painting surface that you preferred. Remember that you can paint acrylics on different surfaces.

6 Easy Steps To Acrylic Abstract Painting
6 Easy Steps To Acrylic Abstract Painting

You can try to experiment and create acrylic abstract painting not just on a painting surface. The possibilities of creating with acrylics allow you to experiment and widen your horizon. This idea can go from your t-shirt designs, frames, wood panels, shoes, and bags. The limitations for your acrylic abstract painting depends entirely on you.

Remember the great characteristics of acrylic paints. This will give you a lot of ideas about where to paint your acrylic abstract painting. We have seen ideas go farther from do-it-yourself giveaways, and even coloring books. Remember that once you have that idea on your mind you can start executing it. The main reason for abstract painting is for you to enjoy the process while creating. There may be days that you won’t have ideas then you don’t need to paint. For more inspiration, you can do different activities that you like.






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