Essential Accessories For Pastel Painting

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The most essential accessories for pastel painting does not mean that you cannot paint with pastels without them. Pastels are the easiest painting medium you can use. If you have a pastel and a painting surface then you can start off using even your fingers to create arts. You don’t need to worry about the toxicity level of pastel as with technology innovation there are a lot of toxic free pastels you can purchase in the market right now.

What are the most essential accessories for pastel painting? What are the benefits of all these accessories for pastel painting on your painting session? Which essential accessories for pastel painting will enhance your painting skills and ability? Is fixative one of the most essential accessories for pastel painting?

The Most Essential Accessories For Pastel Painting

6 Essential Accessories For Pastel Painting
6 Essential Accessories For Pastel Painting

Pastel painting is the easiest medium of all the other painting media available. You can create the best pastel painting with just using your fingers pastel sticks and your preferred painting surface. Pastels are known for the pastel dust that they emit during your painting session. One of the disadvantages or downside of pastel is how they get smudge easily.

The pastel artists usually want their pastels to stay in a place where they painted them on. One of the essential accessories for pastel painting is fixative. The fixative is made to correct or fix pastel dust and pastel paint in place. Most artists use fixative to make sure that they protect their pastel paintings from getting smudge or damage especially if they are moving their piece from one place to another.

There are two kinds of fixatives you can use for your pastel painting. You can choose between a workable fixative and the final fixatives. There are some downsides about using fixatives with your pastel painting. Some fixatives are known to affect the vibrant colors of pastels once they are applied.

If you are not into using fixative for your pastel painting then there are other alternative options to choose from. Some art exhibitors especially those who need to transport the paintings use bubble wrap together with glassine paper. Glassine paper is specially designed to protect the painting surface from getting smudge, dirt, dust, or any possible damage while keeping the vibrant colors in the painting surface.

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The good thing about workable fixative if you can continue to add a layer over layer to your pastel painting until you are done with it. A workable fixative is also good if you need to take a break from your painting session. Though it is not considered as an essential accessory for pastel painting, a workable fixative can be good protection for your pastel painting as well.

When you are done with your pastel painting then the final fixative is the best option for you. Final fixatives are applied to the finished paint to protect it from any possible damage, dirt, dust, and harmful UV rays. There are different types of fixatives you can choose in the market. You have to make sure that you get the right fixative for the right job. There are different products and fixative used for different painting media and paint types.

6 Essential Accessories For Pastel Painting
6 Essential Accessories For Pastel Painting

Pastels are known to mix them directly to your painting surface. You can use your fingertips to make faster colors together. Though there are some artists who use blenders for mixing of colors for their pastel paints instead of using their hands. A blender can be essential accessories for pastel painting depending on the artist’s preference. There are different types of lenders to choose from for pastel painting. There are paintbrushes that are designed especially for blending pastels. Stumps are commonly used blenders for pastel painting. Some pastel artists use a sponge if they wanted to blend their pastels. This sponge is specially designed for pastel mixing only. However, if you do not prefer to use any of these blenders and you wish to use your fingers instead. You can still purchase something that is called finger cots to keep your fingers clean while you are painting with pastels.

Erasers are other essential accessories for pastel painting. There are different types of erasers to choose from. From latex erasers to kneaded erasers which are the most commonly used one. However, there are always some accessories that work for some and not for others. This still depends on the artist’s preference and style for painting.

Other essential accessories for pastel paintings are sharpeners. The traditional sharpener for pastels is a piece of wood that is covered with sandpaper in it. If you are using a pastel pencil then you can just use an ordinary pencil sharpener to get that pointy edge you desire. While some artist sharpens their pastels with a knife or even sandpaper. That all falls on your personal preference and which is easy for you.

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Another essential accessory for pastel painting is a box for your pastels. This will help you store your pastels properly and protect them from any possible damage there are getting mixed up with other colors. There are different types of pastel boxes to choose from ranging from wood, metal, or paper boxes inclined with slots to put your pastel sticks nicely and security.

If you are using those artist-grade pastels and he wanted to maximize every bit and particles of that you can use a pastel holder to have good control and grip to a small piece of a pastel stick.

Other Accessories For Pastel Painting

Proper handling and precaution are always needed whenever you are working with any painting medium. Nowadays there are many toxic-free pastels you can purchase in a store. Those needs about hostel do being harmful to your health were once history because of innovation and technology.

6 Essential Accessories For Pastel Painting
6 Essential Accessories For Pastel Painting

If you are not totally convinced of how safe your pastels are, you can wear a face mask to prevent you from inhaling the dust particles of your pastels while you are working with them. Though it may seem a bit uncomfortable for you to wear the face mask while you are painting there is also another option to choose from. A respirator is another option if you don’t want to wear a face mask to prevent you from inhaling any possible particles from your pastels. There are some artists who use air purifier while working with pastel paints. To prevent and avoid all of this inconvenience you can try working with your pastels outdoor. You can even set up your own studio wherein it is well ventilated instead of you getting an air purifier or wearing a face mask.

The dust particles that are present on your pastels depend on the pastel type that you are using for your painting session. If you are into oil pastels then there is less possibility of dust particles on this type of pastel. However, if you are using stick pastels or soft pastels which you don’t normally see the dust particles that they emit, it is best to take extra precaution while you’re working with them.

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No matter what type of painting media you are using for your painting session it is always required to have a well-ventilated studio or workplace. It gives you a feeling of freedom, security, and the air flowing freely around you while you are working on your painting surface.

To know more about the proper preservation of your painting with pastel you can check out this link.

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