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6 Life-Changing Watercolor Painting Materials

Watercolor painting has been one of the artistic media that is a must try for professionals and beginners alike. Those who have expertise on this kind of medium still push through the boundaries to explore the benefits and compositions of watercolor paints. Thus we give you the 6 life-changing watercolor painting materials you can add on your supplies, some of them can be found in your household materials already available.

Materials for watercolor painting add on as you venture to a different type of techniques that you will be using and how will you apply your watercolor palettes or paints. There are a lot of products to add on your list of accessories for a better watercolor experiment and experience.

Modern Watercolor Painting

With all the new evolution and innovation of colors for this medium, watercolor painting has been the talk of the town on how to improve and discover new techniques with the help of some products that are not part of the basic materials and supplies to get as a beginner in this field and we have some of additional 6 life-changing watercolor painting materials to help you with your exploration and experiment with the medium.

6 Life-Changing Watercolor Painting Materials
Watercolor supplies – 6 Life-Changing Watercolor Painting Materials

As you explore more knowledge when it comes to handling watercolor paints and to further improve your style, there is a list of must add to your watercolor painting sessions to try on.

6 Life-Changing Watercolor Painting Materials

Sponge For Watercolor Painting

The first of the 6 life-changing watercolor painting materials on the list is usually just around the corner of your house, preferably the kitchen. The multipurpose tool you can add to your watercolor painting sessions as this product gives you a wide range of options to choose from. If you want to prepare your canvas and like to put extra moisture in it, tapping with a pre-soaked sponge is a great option as you can control the water absorption in your painting surface.

6 Life-Changing Watercolor Painting Materials
Watercolor painting using a sponge technique – 6 Life-Changing Watercolor Painting Materials

On the other hand, if there seems to be more water than what you need on your canvas, a sponge can lift up and absorb that unwanted wetness on your painting surface too. A sponge comes in a variety of options depending which one you want to use, though the natural kind of sponge may be pricey than the synthetic one, guaranteed for longer use and how you will use them will vary their lifespan and performance as well.

The sponge can be a great tool if you want to achieve a uniquely beautiful extra texture effect on your canvas, aside from giving you that desired texture, lifting out some unwanted paint or cleaning streaks on sides of your masterpiece, the sponge can do great works on that.

For best results and to check sponge to your watercolor, try using the old sponge household you might find in the kitchen and with your scratch or sample paper, check out how sponge will react and make those never before seen effects on paper.

Watercolor Palette

Having bought watercolor paint that comes in tubes will result in needing an adds on to your materials for you need a place to mix and match pigments all together. Though if you got yourself a watercolor set in a palette, you have all the space needed for mixing then. Palette is one of the 6 life-changing watercolor painting materials that every artist with this medium must have, it is a basic necessity indeed.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to a watercolor palette and mixing them on a certain surface, thus watercolor palette is necessary for your painting sessions. You can start doing your own version of a watercolor palette by checking some available materials in the house. Porcelain palette is of a good choice for they are convenient to clean, though they may weigh you down if you will be working outdoors, they are good for paints because they don’t absorb all the pigments in the long run.

6 Life-Changing Watercolor Painting Materials
Watercolor palettes – 6 Life-Changing Watercolor Painting Materials

Plastic palettes are a good choice as well, however as you use them more often, they get few stains over the more they are exposed to watercolor paints. Lightweight and handy, plastic are a good option if you will be working mostly outdoor or you prefer to keep your palette paints next to you when you work.

Palettes have a variety of options to choose from ranging on the needs of a painter and the amount of paint to be used per painting sessions. Try doing a personalized palette for your choice from your old stuff in the kitchen or even a few ideas like seashells that you have collected on a beach trip.


Though not all watercolor painters agree with the process of polishing an artwork especially if it is watercolor paints or medium, there are several options to choose from if you will be trying this method. The best way is to do it in a sample sketch to see the effects of glaze or varnish into the painting surface. There are good quality varnish or polishing tools that goes well with watercolor paints and does not affect the texture and colors of watercolor.

Others prefer to frame watercolor paintings under glasses for superior quality and preservation of its texture and luminosity. The only thing you have to remember if you will be polishing your artworks is that once you have applied glaze or varnish over the painting, that will stay there for the longest time and can’t be undone.

Sizing Liquid

Additional on the list of 6 life-changing watercolor painting materials is the sizing liquid. This product can be used when you have more knowledge of watercolor paper and their absorbent level to paint and moisture. Typically used to sized or give good support to the painting surfaces so it won’t be that water absorbent. This additional product is best used for wet washes kind of techniques to control the water from watercolors.

Scraping And Color Lifting Tools

Once you have gained more knowledge and experience with watercolor paints, the next on the list of 6 life-changing watercolor painting materials is your scraping and lifting tools. This product is basically used if you wanted to remove those unwanted dry washes on the painting surface or just to wet it again. Lifting preparation is necessary to achieve this method as it works as a primer to your painting surfaces, in addition, corrections to your mistakes will be a lot easier if the application of this product has done. It adds a variety of unique texture from lifting or scraping already dried pigments to the surface.

Frisket Fluid

Last on the list of the 6 life-changing watercolor painting materials is the frisket or masking fluid. This fluid acts like a protective barrier to areas you wanted to keep off the paint from invading in the canvas, Popularly known as masking fluid, with its water-resistant ability to keep all watercolor paints off the area that you have applied for. If you are wondering on how to remove them from your canvas, gently peeling it off or by the use of a rubber eraser will help you on the process.

Additional Materials To Watercolor Painting


6 Life-Changing Watercolor Painting Materials
Glaze watercolor painting technique – 6 Life-Changing Watercolor Painting Materials

Since watercolor is such a versatile and unique medium, different types of media can be paired and their compatibility is beyond more than we can expect. There are few lists to consider once you have gained more experience to watercolor painting and experimentation is always the key to knowing more.


  • You can add watercolors to chalk and pencil pastels, colored pencils and even acrylic paints too.
  • The possibilities are endless as for how you want to, it is just a matter of practice and experimentation of the medium.

To Try With Watercolor Painting

Water Spray – If you are using watercolor palettes, the best way to wake up your colors if by spraying them with water.

Palette Knife – can be used for achieving a unique texture to the watercolor painting

Maintenance Of Watercolor Paints

  • If you are using watercolor tubes for painting, the best way to keep them from drying out is properly closing their leads or caps.
  • Cake watercolors are easier to clean with just a clean cloth with water, though evidence of cracks may be seen along the run, keep them on an airtight container will prolong their life as well.


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