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6 Super Simple Tips To Rock Watercolor Painting

Watercolor is a challenging yet a breath-taking form of art, this requires extent perseverance, produce unique blends and an endless variety of option as for how to apply your colors to create perfections. And the good news is, there are 6 super simple tips to rock watercolor painting even if you are just beginning with this medium. The results will create professional results and you will definitely love this medium after reading all of our tips for you!

There are many stereotypical guides to creating a magnificent art from watercolor and we have tips for beginners to this medium, so read along while we give you must-have and must-know techniques to becoming that professional painter in no time.

6 Super Simple Tips To Rock Watercolor Painting

Invest With Your Creation

Pan, Palettes or Liquid Tubes

Like many beginners, these 6 super simple tips to rock watercolor painting will add knowledge on how to buy your very first set of palettes, tubes or any materials to use. We suggest you invest for a quality set, be it your brush, your paper and of course, the colors that you’ll be using. Why? Creating art with quality products is creating a beautifully crafted art that is at high quality all at the same time. Saving you from any frustrations if you can’t seem to figure out how to achieve that certain color that you really like, high-quality paints are really of great investments.

6 Super Simple Tips To Rock Watercolor Painting
Watercolor palettes – 6 Super Simple Tips To Rock Watercolor Painting

Though cheaper tubes or palettes allows you to paint almost the same as the more expensive ones, the big difference is the quality you make plus there will be chances that as you used cheaper colors, not getting the color you desire is quite stressful and frustrating at times. You don’t want to feel that in creating artworks made of love right?

As a beginner, start with basic palettes with all the colors or get tube sets of primary colors adding additional darker shades like black, these colors will give you more of what you get. So while you have these colors, experiment with blending them from time to time to produce the colors you want. You can even create your mixture set of colors as you push through. The possibilities are endless so as your ability to create amazing colors all at the same time.

Watercolor Paper

One of the 6 super simple tips to rock watercolor painting is purchasing the right materials, especially your drawing or painting surface. Keep in mind that as you buy your chosen colors, get the watercolor paper that is quite heavier than the usual ones, heavy paper means better quality absorption of water from the watercolors as you apply them in your medium. The watercolor paper has sizing ingredients on them than normal paper which helps in the absorption of moisture. The heavier it weighs, the better it is,  plus you’ll avoid your watercolor paper from getting buckled too.

6 Super Simple Tips To Rock Watercolor Painting
Glaze watercolor painting – 6 Super Simple Tips To Rock Watercolor Painting

Paint Brush

Get the right brush for your painting needs, it is essential and one of the 6 super simple tips to rock watercolor painting, you’ll know why as soon as you start painting. Round ones are best for watercolors, you will need to grab few sizes as small, medium and larger ones, those softer wide bristles will do the trick in many ways as you brush them to your paper. Natural brushes are great for watercolor paintings for they absorb more paint than synthetic brushes, though synthetic last longer than natural hair brushes does.

Another thing is the blending of colors, before pouring more mixture in your board, try mixing few ones and take a look at the effect in a scrap of paper to see the result and if the right color is made, start making a little bit more of that. Tricks about watercolor are the pigment varies in the mixing process, though it may be of horror to almost finish a great flower and you run out of mixture on the last petal, we don’t want that right?

6 Super Simple Tips To Rock Watercolor Painting
Watercolor painting brushes – 6 Super Simple Tips To Rock Watercolor Painting

Clean Water

Bring more clean water, two or three big containers will do, why? The larger the basins or container, it will be likely to less get dirty and muddier quickly. When painting with watercolor, separating the containers of clean water is best so as to easily shake off unwanted colors from your brushes, remember that clean water will save your painting session a lot of time, that simple supply is also part of our 6 super simple tips to rock watercolor painting, do you agree with that? You can just get water directly in the sink! Super simple.

Paper Towel

This next one on the list of 6 super simple tips to rock watercolor painting is something you can find inside the kitchen, the next material for watercolor painting. You must have something handy to dry your brushes after each color strokes that you apply to your paper, plus this will save you from accidental mixture and blending of unwanted colors to your workpiece. This depends on which you prefer, either paper towels or cloth that easily absorbs and dries paint. Old clothes or rags are of good choice aside from recycling them, you can even wash them after and ready for another painting sessions.

A sketch is another technique in making watercolor painting easy and enjoyable. Plan and execute the idea, look further beyond the canvas, imagine it finished even if you are just starting and sketching a few lines for a guide is the best thing to start with.

Masking Fluid / Masking Tape

Protect the blank space with masking fluid, this fluid helps you get things done without messing around on the white spaces you wanted to keep clean, the good thing is, this fluid is easy to remove. While other artists protect the blank space with masking tapes, the choices depend on which is convenient for you. Thus this masking fluid or masking tape protect each color from bleeding to one another, other painters let the first color dry first before going to the next one.

Masking tape or tapes for painting is another thing to use if you like to achieve a clean border for each painting, just make sure that the tapes are sealed properly so to avoid any leakage of paint messing around your neat borders,

Watercolor painting is a unique medium and with these 6 super simple tips to rock watercolor painting, surely you will achieve transparency and light as a major factor in achieving the colors perfectly created with watercolor paints. You have to keep in mind the light to the dark method, this means keeping all the lighter shades first and darker shades along for adding new layers to the area.

Watercolor painting requires an artist to explore the medium and reservations of the picturesque scenery as if seen the work even if you just starting on it, no rushing and enjoying every application on the ground.

Water Blending

Watercolor paintings require an artist like you to play with colors and adding water in balance, blending the right amount with what you want to achieve. The rule about saturation and texture to the paper is if you need to have a lighter shade is additional water, however, you have to be careful not to bleed the other colors and make your piece muddier.

Whilst if you desire for darker shades, a little less water to achieve a stronger color, however, paying attention not to make the blending of mixture thicker as it may show on the paper some traces of brush strokes when dried.

6 Super Simple Tips To Rock Watercolor Painting
Sponge Technique Watercolor painting – 6 Super Simple Tips To Rock Watercolor Painting

To avoid mistakes and achieve the right color as per space on the ground, keep an extra paper for you to check its saturation first before applying to your creation.

Watercolor painting is a versatile medium, allowing the artist to experiment with ideas and techniques that suit you best, from laying down colors to the paper to mixing colors all at the same time, there are techniques that are best for one and others to suit you better. Wet to dry paint allows you to paint in details while wet to wet paint in the paper gives you unpredictable result to the combination and saturation of each hue.

Drying Time

Drying time varies on how the painter wants the masterpiece to be. If you want to add more details to your piece, then drying need to be done properly as to not let the bottom layer bleed from the fresh paint you’ll gonna apply. Watercolor paintings need extra time and patience but the effect is worth it.

The watercolor application is a magical way of expressing your ideas and emotions all in one, it is like understanding and listening all at the same time, it requires a love for what you do and doing what you love.


A clean and organized workplace is also another key to creating wonderful paintings, make sure that you’ll have enough access to everything and should all your tools be convenient and easy for you to work better and continuously without getting delay for not reaching something on hand or accidentally pouring something anywhere.

Hope you had a great time and have learned new things with our 6 super simple tips to rock watercolor painting especially for beginners to this medium. Share with us your new creations! We’d really love to see them here 🙂


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