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The gouache paint is a combination of the characteristics of acrylic paint that dries faster, with water-soluble like watercolors and there are things to expect with gouache paint to work with them properly. They are definitely one of the painting media you must try working with, especially if you are into acrylic paints or watercolors.

What are the things to expect with gouache paint when you work with them? Can the unique characteristics of this painting medium affect the results to what you expect with gouache paint? What are the techniques that work best with great results to expect with gouache paint when applied?

The Things To Expect With Gouache Paint

6 Things To Expect With Gouache Paint
Gouache painting – 6 Things To Expect With Gouache Paint

There are things to expect with gouache paint when you decide to work with this painting medium with a combination of the best characteristics of watercolors and acrylic paints. The thing with getting a fast-drying medium which is totally water-soluble is the convenience to rework any areas you think is not complete yet.
Though there will be a lot of setbacks if you have this kind of paint characteristics as well. One of the things to expect with gouache paint as they are water-soluble is they tend to be reactivated when water touches them. A great advantage and setback at the same time. That is why knowing their full characteristics will help you along with your painting sessions.
One of the things to expect with gouache paint is not like acrylics which tends to darken their colors, the gouache paint is more like watercolors when it comes to the paint characteristics. They have a great effect of light becoming darker or the dark colors become light when they are totally dried up.
So for beginners with this painting medium, it is best to know what are the things to expect with gouache paint.

Expected Results Of Your Artwork With Gouache Paints

6 Things To Expect With Gouache Paint
Gouache paints – 6 Things To Expect With Gouache Paint

There are several things to expect with gouache paint when working with them. Once you get familiar with their composition and characteristics, then surely it will be beneficial both for you and your artwork. You can also modify this to best suit your style for painting.

1. They Are Water-Soluble

That means they can always reactivate whenever water touched their surface. This is one of the things to expect with gouache paint when working or re-working with them. If you wanted to keep the layers, especially your based or ground layers of gouache paint, I suggest you use those acrylic-based type of gouache paint. They will surely stay permanent when you apply them on your painting surface. They are best if you are working with the opaque of your artwork. However, if you wanted to work on them for a later period, there is no need to use aby water-resistant ground or base for your painting surface. That totally depends on the style of your painting.
You can also let the first layer or previous layer of gouache paint to be completely dried before applying another layer of paint to it.

2. Change In Color When Dried

Just like watercolors that become lighter or transparent when totally dried up, gouache paint is almost the same with these characteristics. Though one of the things to expect with gouache paint is the change with their shades or tones. If you have recently work with lighter colors, they may seem darker once they reached their drying time. While on the other hand, the darker colors of gouache paint tend to lighten when reaching their drying time.
So best to take note of these changes when working with them as well. Or best to experience them on hand to personally learn and know how to predict each paint characteristics, colors, and tones or shades.

3. Gouache Paint Reach Their Drying Time Faster When Its Hotter

6 Things To Expect With Gouache Paint
Gouache painting – 6 Things To Expect With Gouache Paint

So if you will be working with this painting medium on a hot summer day or season, remember that they dry faster than usual. Just like acrylics, so the best way is to modify the surroundings or the painting palette you are working with. a bottle of spray can be a great help for you to finish what you are doing without worrying about your gouache paint getting hard and dry.
If you will be working outdoor, best to stay on a shade or better yet, use an umbrella to cover up and protect your painting palette or painting surface from direct heat. There is also a painting palette that is used with acrylic paints that keeps the paint from getting dry easily. You can also try working with that, or better yet, add some painting medium that modifies the gouache paint drying time.

4. Work With Transparency First

If you are working with opaque color with your painting surface, then expect them to cover the other layers or your underpaintings. That is why it is best to work with transparency first for your artwork, then follow them up with more pure, opaque colors.

6 Things To Expect With Gouache Paint
Acrylic gouache – 6 Things To Expect With Gouache Paint

5. A Variety Of Colors To Choose From

Believe it or not, one of the things to expect with gouache paint is the availability of colors to choose from. There surely will be a variety of options for gouache painting once you enter the art shop. The fact that they are vibrant will make you want to work with your painting sooner than later.
For you to have options for the best colors that will work for you, have a few colors ranging from the cool colors to the warm ones. That way you can also practice your mixing skills with your gouache paints.

6. A Fragile Surface For Gouache Paint

Since gouache paints are water-soluble, remember that their painting surface, even though they are fast-drying can be ruined with simple water splashes. The best way to protect your artworks, just like watercolors, is to use the right materials on top of the painting surface to protect them. Those hardbound types of sketchbook for watercolors are great options to start with. Otherwise, you can frame your paintings or artwork under glass for superior protection.

The Best Painting Technique Or Style To Work With Gouache Paint

Ever wonder what is the best painting technique or style to work with your gouache paints? The truth is, they are almost like watercolors, the painting techniques that you used with watercolors are also best for gouache paints.
With the diverse characteristics of this painting medium, surely you will come up with the best painting technique that will suit your style and preference.
Start off with the basic painting technique like the wet-on-wet technique, though you have to work faster with gouache paint as they dry quickly, have a transparent result like watercolors as well.
The layering technique is also a great way to start your gouache painting. You can build your transparent colors first and move to a purer opaque color later on.
The next painting technique would be the dry brush painting technique. To best achieve the right texture for your painting surface, canvas, and even watercolor paper.

With all the things to expect with gouache paint, their diverse and dynamic characteristics stand-alone why most artists are into trying this painting medium. A great combination of amazing paint characteristics is one of the best choices for every painting medium. Do you have any painting techniques that best applied with gouache paints? Share them with us too!

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