6 Tips In Creating Triptych Painting

6 Tips In Creating Triptych Painting

Creating triptych painting has a lot of advantages to every artist as it allows them to make a series of narrative events with the purpose of being together creating a single piece of artwork. There are many reasons why artists used triptych painting and one of them is the benefits that it provides when it comes to painting.

What are the benefits of triptych painting to every artist who used this painting method? What makes triptych painting especial from the rest of the other painting methods known? Do they need to have the same or equal size of painting canvas with triptych method of painting?

The Excellent Tips In Creating Triptych Painting

6 Tips In Creating Triptych Painting
6 Tips In Creating Triptych Painting

If you will check where do you usually find any triptychs or artworks under triptych method of painting, you’ll probably get to see much on altars. The sequence or series of stories that are told with triptych painting has a dramatic and dynamic impact to every viewer and the artist alike.

Triptychs are consist of three series of layers or panels that has a connection to each other. It usually tells the story from the beginning, the conflict or middle and the end or finale. There are different types of methods when it comes to narrative representation based on the number of painting panels that you are going to use.

Though you do not need to make all the panels of equal size like a diptych. They can go from two smaller size panels of both sides and a larger one on the middle. The triptych can be hung together in a wall. Sometimes they can also be displayed standing and even separately if you prefer. They will still be connected to each other by the designs that incorporate them.

6 Tips In Creating Triptych Painting
6 Tips In Creating Triptych Painting

Regardless of how you wanted to display your triptych painting, or how you wanted to create them, is by your style and preference. There are some artists who create a series of events with triptychs. While some use them for landscaping or showcasing a narrative timeline. Either way, it allows the artist to work in a dynamic series of paintings with three layers or panels.

Benefits Of Triptych Painting In Every Artist Painting Journey

There are many benefits an artist can achieve with using triptych painting method. One of these benefits is the convenience of creating art with three panels aside from using one large canvas. That way, it allows an artist to work and make each design connected to each other with comfort. This gives the artist the freedom to work on a certain theme that they like three times and make each connected dramatically.

Triptychs, just like a diptych, makes the artist works more with significance and allows the artist to think beyond just one painting surface or painting panel. This gives the artist new reasons to paint or work in ways that challenge them beautifully and progressively. One of the reasons why artists use triptychs is the allowance with the painting surface that they will use to create their artworks.

Though triptychs are considered as a versatile method or process of painting. Because it allows the artist to work in unison with the three panels together or separately with connections to each painting panel together. The beauty of visualizing the three painting panels together or separately makes the unique style of triptychs an excellent painting choice.

Where Can You Use Triptych Method Aside From Painting?

6 Tips In Creating Triptych Painting
6 Tips In Creating Triptych Painting

There are many ways on how you can use triptychs your paintings and works of art. That totally depends on the style and preferences of the artist when it comes to unified or separate designs. All that matters is the design that you have imagined and visualize the artwork’s finish or final look.

One of the reasons why an artist used triptychs is the challenge of transporting artworks from one place to another. There is some artist who wanted to divide the elements of arts and the subject they are working with three parts or panels. That way, you can also break the idea that you are working with and have three panels to work on.

The beauty of using the elements of arts in three panels is another advantage and using the compositions of art with triptych painting gives you the freedom to do that. Knowing which elements of art through composition will help you create wonderful paintings in no time with triptychs. Triptychs allow the complete series of the story from the beginning, middle to the end or vice versa. You can also use triptychs to demonstrate different painting techniques under one main subject

Best Ideas For Triptych Painting

If you are wondering where can you used triptych, then there are a lot of options to choose from. Since it is first used in paintings and arts for subject image modifications and as an extension to the ideas from a wider perspective. Triptychs are now also used with drawings and photography. The dynamic effects of extended panels and images make triptychs ideal for narrative representations and modifications.

6 Tips In Creating Triptych Painting
6 Tips In Creating Triptych Painting

Nowadays, there are many portraits and landscapes that used different methods of series paintings and photography. No matter now, any series of panels that you will use, remember that you have to make sure that all designs must have a connection to each other and the uniformity and equality is always present. In case you have missed the uniformity and connection of each image or panels, it can lead to confusion to the viewer.

Furthermore, if you will not make marks and unison then you will lose the essence of the series and make the viewers get confused with what you have done and lose one of the concepts and elements of composition in arts.

Tips For An Effective Triptych Painting

There are many effective ways and tips that you can follow for an effective triptych painting. If you can make a list or just remember this will help you achieve a successful painting with triptychs.

Tip #1. Make a unison of the theme always, with the background of some lines that are connected to each other through the three panels.

Tip #2. Check the color harmony and the painting palette colors that you will use to make sure that you will have a unified color on all your panels for triptychs.

Tip #3. Keep the theme or subject that you are using always present on the three panels.

Tip #4. Make sure to use the same materials that you will use with all the painting panels. From the support or borders and the painting surface itself. That way, you are already creating uniformity.

Tip #5. Try storing or displaying the paintings close to each other always.

Tip #6. Always remember that triptychs are traditionally viewed starting from left to right in a vertical manner. Though sometimes there are artists who use two smaller panels both sides and the middle bigger size than the two pieces.

Though there are no rules for the exact height or how you must put paintings, it is best to check different ideas to art exhibits near you as well. Don’t worry if you are still a beginner to this painting process as the more you let yourself be exposed, the more experience you’ll get afterward. If you wanted to make a different number of panels for your series painting, you definitely can! There is no rush to arts as long as you take things and knowledge seriously and slowly until you can get used to it over time.






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