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6 Well-known Artworks Using Paper For Oil Paints

It is now a new innovation to use paper for your oil paintings and there are many well-known artworks using paper for oil paints that are getting attention to most artists in the art world. With all of these well-known artworks using paper for oil paints, definitely, more artists are embracing these changes and getting the feel of a different painting surface from the traditional canvas or wood. The convenience that it gives the artist is one of the great benefits when it comes to painting with oil paints.

What are the well-known artworks using paper for oil paints today and who is the artist who created them? Will this well-known artworks using paper for oil paints change the game of traditional oil painting? How do you prepare a paper for oil painting?

Well-Known Artworks Using Paper For Oil Paints That Every Beginners And Experience Artist Must See

6 Well-known Artworks Using Paper For Oil Paints
6 Well-known Artworks Using Paper For Oil Paints

If you are asking if there are any well-known artworks using paper for oil paints then you are on the right page as we have compiled some of the artworks that you need to see for yourself.

But before we take you to this well-known artwork using paper for oil paints, let me just give you an overview of the different type of paper you can use for your oil painting. Today, there are new integration and innovation for every painting materials that every artist use. They are all designed to make your oil painting sessions easier. You can choose to start working with a watercolor paper with different types that depends on your style and preferences. There is also an arches oil paper that is specially designed to do the job right without any preparations needed with your painting surface. With watercolor paper, you have to prime the painting surface to achieve the best results.

John Constable is one of the most famous artists with well-known artworks using paper for oil paints. And how he uses paper to express art is beyond amazing as well. There are a few of those well-known artworks using paper for oil paints that you should see. He takes chances of painting a beautiful landscape portrait with oil paints on paper that sometimes he cut into smaller pieces to create different sizes for his artworks. His sketch for some particular schemes in Brighton Beach with paper using different ground or support was visible and created that perfect scene for both sunny and darker seasons. Dedham Lock And Mill is another oil painting in the paper that Constable created as well. While when he created Study Of Poppies was then created on a smaller paper but with great effects of oil paints.

6 Well-known Artworks Using Paper For Oil Paints
6 Well-known Artworks Using Paper For Oil Paints

Richard Gallego is another artist with a collection of well-known artworks using paper for oil paints. Though he first considered the encounter as an accidental one, the results of that mistaken identity had paved way for new discoveries for his creations and artworks. The watercolor paper then leads to new surface and texture when he added shellac to the already primed watercolor paper. ‘When The Leaves Tell Autumn’ is one of the well-known artworks using paper for oil paints that Gallego painted. He began painting on prepared paper and had created a great outcome afterward. High Desert Moonrise is another oil painting in a prepared paper is one of Gallego’s artworks as well. Land Of Granite And Gold is another one of the many lists of Gallego’s artworks that every oil painters, beginners or experience must check to have more confidence with the painting material.

There are many more well-known artworks using paper for oil paints that are waiting to be discovered and be shown to the world.

Benefits Of Using Paper For Oil Paints

One of the many reasons why most artist use paper for their oil paints is because of the convenience that it produces and sometimes the comfort for working on a new painting technique. Other artist use paper for oil paints to personally see the difference that it can give the painting medium itself. With the flexibility that gives artist with and the portability with how they can work on its surface especially if it is prepared properly.

Paper is also good if you are creating small sizes of painting canvas or series and sets of paintings called triptychs. The other benefits are you are using paper for oil paints is it is not as costly as using a painting canvas as well. You can practice and make samples of oil paintings with paper and see the results with smaller sizes and if you like the effects and results, you can convert them to a larger size painting surface.

How To Prepare Your Paper For Oil Paints

6 Well-known Artworks Using Paper For Oil Paints
6 Well-known Artworks Using Paper For Oil Paints

If you happen to purchase a pre-primed paper or watercolor paper, there is a comprehensive method on how you can prepare your paper to achieve the best results afterward for oil painting application. Here you can follow these easy steps.

Step 1. Always get yourself high-quality painting materials for painting. Acid-free materials are the best as they last longer than you can imagine and does not deteriorate the paintings even if they take years. There are a few options of good paper to choose from ranging from watercolor paper, arches oil paper and even printmaking paper. Which is if you use arches oil paper, you don’t need to prepare them as they are ready to be painted on with oil paints. These paper are commonly used by oil artist for creating glamorous and dynamic paintings, portraits, or landscapes.

Step 2. You have to know the characteristics of the painting surface and the painting mediums that you are using. That includes the things you need to consider in choosing the right surface for your oil paints to adhere to and the paints to be absorbed by your ground or support.

Step 3. Secure the painting surface that you are working with a staple or pin to apply acrylic gesso. This way you can apply the primer without any movement and work on it properly. Mixed the primer with the consistency that you wanted to achieve for your priming application.

Step 4. Once you have applied the primer of gesso, you can keep the surface flat to get dried. You can add another layer of primer or acrylic gesso once the first layer is completely dried. Make sure that the first layer is totally dry before the next layer of primer is applied. That is very important. The second layer of your primer must be opposite the direction of the first layer of gesso. If you wanted to apply a third layer then you can. The third one will have the same direction as the second application.

6 Well-known Artworks Using Paper For Oil Paints
6 Well-known Artworks Using Paper For Oil Paints

Step 5. Some artist adds different elements to the primed surface for additional texture to the surface of the paper. They commonly used fin dust for extraordinary textural effects as long as the painting surface can adhere to these new elements added.

Step 6. When you are done adding elements that you preferred or just finish preparing your painting surface then you can remove it to the board as long as it is completely dried. That way you can start working with your oil paints and/or you can keep it on the board and start working with oil paints.

To give you a great benefit for preparing your painting surface or paper, you can make a larger size of paper in one preparation and just cut it in small pieces afterward. That way, you just did not save time and effort but you also make a great deal with the preparation and more time with creating paintings with paper for your oil paints.


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