7 Best Properties Of Watercolors

7 Best Properties Of Watercolors

To know more about the wonderful and unique properties of watercolors will help you understand better the medium. That way you can enjoy more your painting session with watercolors. The properties of watercolors serve as a guide especially for beginners to know what type or kind of watercolors will they get. It also allows an artist to have full access and control to the watercolor paints. Knowing all of these basics is a great starting point you entering the wonderful world of watercolors.

What are the things you should consider before buying your first watercolor sets or paints? What is the best type of watercolor for beginners? How do you determine which kind of watercolor suits you best? What are the things you should consider before buying your tools and materials for watercolor painting?

The Wonderful Properties Of Watercolors That Every Beginner Must Know

7 Best Properties Of Watercolors
7 Best Properties Of Watercolors

Watercolor painting medium is versatility and a variety of options to choose from the range of different kinds and types. If you are new to watercolor painting then this is the best guide to know all the wonderful properties of watercolors. You will also understand which type of watercolors suits your personality best. That way it will be easier for you to choose the right watercolors for you. From the types of watercolor to different kinds that you must get as a beginner or a starter pack. Getting yourself additional knowledge will help you understand this painting medium. And then jumping around and painting colors will be a lot easier and enjoyable.

Know The Properties Of Watercolor And Be Guided

Watercolors are water-soluble. That means they are toxic free and are good for all ages to use and explore. You can dilute watercolors with water to achieve the right desire of lightness or tint that you wanted. You just have to remember that watercolor change around 50% lighter when they are dried. That means if you apply a certain color, you will be expecting that color to be lighter.

Watercolors are transparent. One of the best properties of watercolors is its ability to be transparent with light. Though there are some colors that depict life into them, for example, the opaque ones. The opaque does not allow light to pass through them, instead of the light just bounce to the painting surface. Watercolor is about transparency.

One of the other properties of watercolors their composition. Watercolors are made up of pure pigments and gum arabic as its binder. The good news about watercolors you can add extra water if you want to delete the colors. Since watercolor is water soluble, cleaning them is never a problem. That is why they are so loved by most artists because of this characteristic. Watercolors are also open to mixed media painting.

7 Best Properties Of Watercolors
7 Best Properties Of Watercolors

One of the great properties of watercolors is the quality of paint you can choose. The quality of paint depends on the artist preference for colors. You can choose between a student grade or an artist great type of paint.

Most beginners start with student grade quality paints as they are cheaper than professional ones. The variety of colors and options to choose with student grade It’s not as much as artist grade paints. Most student grade paints have more binder in them than pigment. Though they can be a great start for beginners. Once you are experienced enough with the painting medium then you can upgrade your paints to professional grade quality paints.

Artist grade paints have more pigments than binder or extenders on them. There is a slight difference with paint translations for artist grade paints. Professional-grade or artist grade paints are expensive than student grade paints. Artist grade paint also lasts longer than student grade paints.

If you are just exploring with the different types and quality of paint it is best to start with the student grade. Once you have gained and understand student grade paints then you can purchase a few artist grades to see the difference.

Other amazing properties of watercolors are the wide range of colors to choose from. Plus the freedom to create your own color palette by experimenting and mixing. You don’t really need to purchase a lot of colors in the first place. The secret in creating your personal color palette is by mixing different colors. Take for example if you have primary colors with you, then you can start mixing them to create secondary and tertiary colors.

Different Types Of Watercolors

There are two different types of watercolors to choose from. You can get yourself the tube type or the pan paints. Tube types of watercolors are usually used for larger painting surface. They are commonly used by a watercolor artist. Tube types are easy because you can directly apply them to your painting surface. You can also dilute them with water if you want to get the lighter shades of color.

7 Best Properties Of Watercolors
7 Best Properties Of Watercolors

On the other hand,  pan paints are usually used with small areas of the painting surface. Pan paints are best if you are traveling or going outdoors as they are handy. You can spray them with water to wake the colors up for your painting session. Though sometimes pan paints can be more expensive than tube paints.

The best thing about these amazing properties of watercolors is it allows the artists to explore and experiment. Watercolor painting medium is such a forgiving medium. Even though you create mistakes, you can always fix them.

The Right Kind Of Watercolor For You

Choosing the right kind of watercolor for you overwhelming sometimes. Knowing all of these amazing properties of watercolors can be a complete guide for you. With all the wide range of options to choose from. So if you want to get the right colors for you can start by getting a starter set. You can also purchase a few colors from different brand manufacturers. That way you can see the light fastness and permanence of each brand per color. Though you can purchase the same name from different manufacturers, they won’t have the same exact color. Choose the best brand of paints that you like. The ones that produce the exact colors that you prefer, plus the quality of their paints.

You can create your own personal color chart. Start off with the primary colors first then follow them up with your secondary colors or your chosen colors. Remember that you are in control of the colors on your palettes. There are no right or wrong colors to be included in your personal chart. As every artist have their own preference of colors.

7 Best Properties Of Watercolors

7 Best Properties Of Watercolors
7 Best Properties Of Watercolors

The Essential Tools For Watercolors: Beginners Checklist

There are different resources depending on the artist preference for watercolor painting. The most commonly used watercolor materials, especially for beginners, are listed below;

  • Watercolors  – That depends on which type of watercolors do you prefer. You can choose between tube types of watercolors or pan paints.
  • Watercolor paper – There is a minimum requirement for watercolor paper. The heavier the watercolor paperweight the better. You can choose between the hot press, cold press or rough watercolor paper. Cold press watercolor paper is the most commonly used materials by artist.
  • Paint brushes  – Natural bristles are the best option for watercolor painting. As they can hold enough paints from their bristles.
  • Easel stand or drawing board  – This helps you to support you’re painting service for easy working paint application.
  • Masking fluid  – This helps you protect your cover spaces that need to stay white or away from paints

If you want to have the complete track list of the most essential watercolor tools and their uses you can check out this link. It will give you free tips and also to further understand the different types and materials for watercolor painting.







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