7 Effective Hacks To Fix Watercolor Mistakes

7 Effective Hacks To Fix Watercolor Mistakes

If you are a beginner with watercolors and don’t know how to fix watercolor mistakes yet, worry not. We will help you with these effective hacks to fix watercolor mistakes in no time. However, remember how and where did you commit these mistakes so it will improve your skills too. Once you have gained more knowledge about this medium, then correcting will be easier as well.

How will you fix watercolor mistakes like excess water or paint on the surface? Are there any particular colors to look forward with watercolors? How can I lighten dull watercolors?

What will I do if I find any edges that are hard? Can I rinse the whole painting canvas if I feel like it is not right at all?

Effective Hacks To Fix Watercolor Mistakes

7 Effective Hacks To Fix Watercolor Mistakes
7 Effective Hacks To Fix Watercolor Mistakes

Though watercolor medium can be complicated at the time, there are effective hacks to fix watercolor mistakes if you really need to. For example, though watercolor has been known as an unforgiving medium, you can still fix any mistakes. It all depends on how you wanted to look at each mistake as a stepping stone to more amazing opportunities. There are effective hacks on how to fix watercolor mistakes. All you need to do is know what mistake it is. Save each change and learn with experimenting on them.

Before we start to fix watercolor mistakes, you will need to prepare some materials as well. That way it will be easier and changes on each painting will come handy for you. Materials may differ depending on the mistakes that we will fix. Let’s check out our list first.

  • Soft brush bristles
  • Sponges
  • Cotton swabs
  • Artist Tape/acid-free tape
  • sandpaper
  • scissors
  • paper towel/cloth or soft tissues
  • spray bottle
  • blotting paper
  • magic eraser
  • heavy paper with good quality for painting
  • additional mix media like pastels, pencils, gouache and/or ink


Let’s start to fix watercolor mistakes with all of these materials. Take note that you will not be using them all in one fixing. They all depend on what mistake or changes we will make for every watercolor painting.

7 Effective Hacks To Fix Watercolor Mistakes
7 Effective Hacks To Fix Watercolor Mistakes

Using Spray Bottle To Rinse off Some Paints OR Washing The Painting Surface Completely.

Spray bottles are good to fix watercolor mistakes from a larger area. For example, you can directly spray that area and wipe it with a cloth or paper towel afterward. As you wanted to remove all those paints away from your canvas, you can repeat the process. Continue spraying water on the are until it is fixed. If you wanted to keep some areas untouched or safe from water sprinkles, you can protect them with masking fluid. You can also use artist tape to protect any areas not included when you fix watercolor mistakes.

There may come a time that you cannot fix watercolor mistakes. If you have felt that so, you can still have a remedy to your watercolor paper. Just a reminder, this process is best with a required watercolor weight only (heavy paperweight like 140 lb or more). You can soak the watercolor paper on cold water. Brush off any excess watercolor paint with a clean sponge and lay flat to dry. Other artist use hairdryer to dry the watercolor paper. Though don’t expect that the wash watercolor paper will still have the same white base color after. It is still a good painting surface for watercolor and if you wanted to. T is also good to use with mix media painting.

Using Sandpaper To Fix Watercolor Mistakes

You can fix watercolor mistakes such as small particles of dirt on top of paints. If there are a small blot of paints, you can also remove them. You just have to use fine sandpaper to rub off those unwanted blots. Some artist uses a razor as well when they wanted to remove small blots of dirt or paints. Though you have to be very careful when using blades s it may tear the paper. Sandpaper is not just for removing blots of paints. You can use them if you wanted to smooth surfaces of the already worked out painting surface.

7 Effective Hacks To Fix Watercolor Mistakes
7 Effective Hacks To Fix Watercolor Mistakes

Magic Eraser Instantly Fix Watercolor Mistakes Instantly

There are a variety of magic erasers you can purchase in the store or online. Though there is an artist who uses specific supply for this. Magic erasers are like a white sponge that when added a little water can lift up your unwanted paints. Though you have to pay attention to different types of a magic eraser. Mr clean original is a great choice for the magic eraser. They are safe for your paints and painting surface. Just make sure that you always get the original one. New magic erasers have abrasive chemicals in them that are not safe or watercolor paintings.

You can cut the whole magic eraser in sizes that is convenient for you. To protect the other parts of the painting, apply masking fluids on them.

Cover And Fix Watercolor Mistakes With White Gouache Paints

The results may be visible. Though they can cover up most mistakes as well. Opaque white gouache can be painted on top of watercolors. As a result of how to fix watercolor mistakes with gouache, you can use them as mix media as well. Some artist uses the white gouache for specific parts like the eyes.

Fix Hard Edges And Lift Up Dry Colors

Once your painting is dry, you will notice which color is dried up and need fixing. That way you can fix watercolor mistakes that you wanted to change. If there are areas that colors are dry, you can lift up using soft brushes. You can also use cotton swabs, one tip to lift colors and the other to dry the area. You can also use a sponge or cloth to lift out the pain. Just repeat the procedure ones you are satisfied with the results.

Fixing hard edges is easy with watercolor painting. Soften the hard edge with your soft brush or damp cotton swabs. As long as you are protecting the other areas that don’t need corrections.

7 Effective Hacks To Fix Watercolor Mistakes
7 Effective Hacks To Fix Watercolor Mistakes

If The Color Is Still Wet Or Damp, Lifting It Up is Also Possible

You can lift out still wet or damp colors with the use of soft brush or cloth. You can blot this area until you have fix watercolor mistakes on that certain area. Though what you use to fix the area will be seen with a change in texture.and shape.

Removing Excess Water and Paint On The Surface

The watercolor medium is more of a liquid medium that needs to be careful with. As an artist using the medium, it is best that you keep something absorbent next to you. Having a paper towel, cloth, soft brushes or anything handy to help you with excess water is a must. That way, in case you have added more water on a certain pain application, you can cure it easily.

Though there are proven and effective techniques for watercolor painting that uses excess water. The sponge is a great tool if you wanted to create a unique texture and cloud appearances. The blot of sponge has also been used in many painting experiments and yield wonderful results.

Though there are mistakes that were made for every medium. The results sometimes are happy kind of accidents that results in great ideas.

Take note that to fix watercolor mistakes is not just to correct but to create. Hope you have a wonderful watercolor painting session next time. Let us know which hacks were effective when you fix your watercolor mistakes.







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