7 Facts About Sgraffito Painting Technique

7 Facts About Sgraffito Painting Technique

Sgraffito is an Italian word that means ‘to scratch’ which is the painting technique is all about. There are different ways on how you can maximize the sgraffito painting technique especially if you are using oil paints and acrylic paints. To achieve most of this painting technique, an artist needs to expose themselves to different ways and colors to see the dynamic beauty of the sgraffito painting technique.

How do you properly execute this sgraffito painting technique and what painting medium it is best to incorporate with? What are the other alternatives in scratching the painting surface optimized is sgraffito painting technique? Can you use is sgraffito painting technique on a painting canvas or on paper?

The Amazing Facts About Sgraffito Painting Technique That You Need To Know

7 Facts About Sgraffito Painting Technique
7 Facts About Sgraffito Painting Technique

There are different ways on how you can properly use the sgraffito painting technique which is all beneficial for us if you wanted to try this one day. You can actually use any type of object that can scratch the paint on your painting surface start with. There are a lot of artists who use the other end of their paintbrush to use for their sgraffito painting technique.

Though there are some artists who use the wrong side of their paint brushes for this technique there are also alternative materials to use from such as your fingernails and even the palette knife. You can also use alternative materials such as a credit card or any pointed part of a card your spoon and fork and even a comb. You just have to be careful whenever you try to scratch the painting surface to make sure that you don’t cut it through.

This sgraffito painting technique allows artists to add more colors to underpainting layers once it is completely dried. If you are a beginner with this painting technique then it is best to experiment with different colors and layers to add before you scratch the surface. There are different ways and reasons as to how the artist wants the effect on their paintings. Either you just wanted to write words on top of your painting surface or you wanted to review the underpainting once you have scratched the uppermost part of the paints.

You can constantly add different colors on top of each scratch layer to give a unique effect for your scratch surface. Though it may seem like a challenge, especially if you are working with oil paints as you have to wait longer times for the painting medium to completely dry.

If you are working with acrylic paints then it is best to apply thick layers of different colors on your painting surface and you can use the palette knife to do the painting technique afterward. The sgraffito technique is all about showing off the underpainting with the scratch that you made from any materials that you try to use. One key factor that you need to consider when you are doing this painting technique is to make sure that the underpainting is completely dry before you apply another layer of paints. Make sure that the uppermost part of the painting or paint is thick enough to stay still while you were scratching them otherwise if the painting layer is fluidly then it will just go off on the painting surface or marks that you scratch with and fill them up.

If you are the kind of artist who always wanted to add or include text on their paintings or artworks then it is best that you practice the sgraffito painting technique instead of putting words on your painting surface. If not just only adds texture to your painting surface or artwork but it also gives you a different and unique style of painting.

The Best Painting Surface For Sgraffito Painting Technique

7 Facts About Sgraffito Painting Technique
7 Facts About Sgraffito Painting Technique

The sgraffito technique works differently when you are working with the painting canvas and with the paper. Since painting canvas can hold the paint that you were using more than if you are using a painting surface that is a paper, You can try an experiment with this different painting surface with different painting media to see the effects of the painting technique.

Acrylics and oil paints are the most commonly used painting media for sgraffito painting. The different characteristics allow an artist to apply thick layers of paint to cover the underpainting that the artist wants to show afterward. On the other hand, if you are working with watercolors then you must know that there is a different effect with sgraffito painting technique if you are doing it on a paper. The portions or areas that you scratch on watercolors will fill up and collect the paint rather than revealing the underpainting in it.

You can still create your desired texture for the watercolor paper using sandpaper or a palette knife. However, take note that once you have damaged the painting surface it will be more observant to pain, fluid or the watery effect of watercolors. You can also fix this kind of characteristics of watercolors by adding another painting medium or gum arabic with them. That way you can see the different effects of the painting technique as it will be more defined than just doing it on a traditional style of scratching the painting surface.

There are different styles on how you can effectively use is sgraffito painting with your painting sessions. That also depends on the painting surface that you are using to create a different and unique texture just by using the right material such as the painting night or the most commonly known as a palette knife for scratching the upper surface of your painting canvas. There are also different types of painting canvas to choose from which gives the effect of a dynamic texture like the canvas with wave on them.

7 Facts About Sgraffito Painting Technique
7 Facts About Sgraffito Painting Technique

The canvas with arts allows the artist to apply different paint layers on it and afterward, you can scratch it using a palette knife to reveal the different textures and colors underneath the painting surface. Do this technique inspire requires the artist to be more exposed and experiment on the different types of painting canvases. The results are effective and are worth the try for experimentation.

The sgraffito painting technique is also a great way to use if you wanted to emphasize a painting subject like the hair or the face. It depends on your painting style and preferences how you wanted to create different sizes of scratches to which it emphasizes the focal point or the subject matter of the hair. Stiff or hard paint brushes are commonly used to give a dynamic effect of hair for sgraffito technique. The impasto painting technique is also another way to maximize the use of this painting technique properly.

There are different painting techniques and style that works best for different artists on how they wanted to make it unique and give it a personal touch from the different colors and factors that they use to apply different painting techniques on their artworks. There may be some materials that work best for other artists while on the other one, it doesn’t work fine.

There are also different painting styles and painting techniques that you can try to enhance your skills with art and painting. It is by proper exposure and experimentation that an artist achieve different skills and enhances their capabilities to know the different characteristics of painting media or medium available for them.







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