7 Famous Painting Styles

7 Famous Painting Styles

If you haven’t tried different painting styles yet, then it is time to change the old habits and learn new painting styles like a total versatile artist that you are. There are different and famous styles in painting that you can choose from and what is more challenging is, you can start learning and applying them one over the other as you advance. With the modern art nowadays, you can choose between cubism, realism or photo-realism, abstract painting, expressionism or impressionism and when you are done with all of these, then you can furthermore to other western painting styles afterward.

What are the most commonly used painting styles by an artist that you can also try doing? How do you create art with these different painting styles and how do you determine which one is which? Are there any traditional styles of painting that you can do even if you are a beginner?

The Famous Painting Styles That You Can Try Working With

7 Famous Painting Styles
7 Famous Painting Styles

There are different painting styles you can choose from and try working your best for it to learn and master along the way. Though with today’s technology and innovation, there are new spring of styles from the traditional ones that were used by the old master for expressing art in its finest. It happened very fast as new materials and painting media is evolving from how you can work on them easily and conveniently. That is why, regardless of how fast we tend to move and improve, the traditional styles of painting is as much as possible preserved by the artist of then and now.

In support of all of the old ways, dropping the inconvenience with art, there are new styles of painting that are coming and most are embraced by the artist and tried creating their own styles as well. With the fast-phased movement of this world, it is best to know the most famous painting styles and try doing them in support of how arts had inspired each artist from the old age up to now.

How To Determine Which Style Of Painting Works Best For You

There are different styles of painting that will help you further understand how rich and dynamic the world of art is. The thing is, you just have to explore them and know them one by one to see and get inspired by their rich characteristics and unique styles with painting.

You may have heard some of these styles of painting and maybe one way or another had done some artworks with them. We have listed them down with the right overview as to how you may want to try them one day and maybe get the hold and will love working with them afterward.


One of the most widely used painting styles that every artist will try throughout their painting journey. It is all about transferring your subject image or the image of your choice and putting it into your painting canvas. There are a lot of painting media options that you can incorporate with the photo-realism style of painting.

There are also different ways or methods on how you can transfer the subject image to your painting canvas or the painting surface of your choice. That is entirely all about the painting medium that you’re about to use with this style. You also have different materials to do the job right. Most photo-realism paintings even look realistic than the original image that it was copied to. The style and enhancement that was made make the image subject appealing to the eye, both to the artist and the viewer. You can use art projectors and even grid method to start with photo-realism style.


7 Famous Painting Styles
7 Famous Painting Styles

The realism is probably the most famous style of painting that dominated the art world all throughout the time art is embraced by the world. Though it is tagged as the kind of realistic art and may seem like a real scene until you see the visible strokes of the paintbrush that is used with an up-close look and keen observation of the painting canvas. Realism has been in history with the different paintings that were introduced and loved by the world. A great example of a realist style of painting will be Mona Lisa. The intriguing style of this portrait that perfectly looks so real makes every artist wanted to create such a masterpiece that will give them a spot to the world of arts.

Abstract Style Of Painting

There are many artists who are loving the idea of the style of painting through abstract designs as it gives freedom to the playful use of colors, shapes, texture and the combination of patterns and ideology. There are many different styles of how you can execute abstract styles and designs. This new style of painting creates a new world of colors for an artist to explore.


It is one of the new styles of painting that has evolved with how materials and tools in the art world had dominated the artists’ works. However convenient it may seem, this painting style is all about how you can show the details from the paintbrush that is used with the painting materials that are present to this day. The painterly effect of certain artist showcase how you paint not by a subject image but by painting with materials and how you think they look like.


Though some artist also associates this painting style with Fauvism as they are almost always correlated to each other with the style and colors that were used to create an artwork with them. These style of painting is all about using a bold and unrealistic choice of colors that symbolize the daily life in a darker way or sometimes without the realistic details but will surely make you feel what they wanted you to experience. Though expressionism and fauvism have a different attack on the colors and nature of the image that they use.


7 Famous Painting Styles
7 Famous Painting Styles

There are many critics who have to doubt the beauty that this painting style has to offer both to the artist and the viewers. And as the new world and the world embrace this style, no doubt it becomes one of the most successful and most loved painting styles all throughout every generation. The illusion that it depicts as you look intently on the subject and how the style has transformed every artwork tells how successful this style is. The realistic feel of the subject image and the fresh look creates an illusion of vibrant colors with the use of lighting is how this style was known to this day.


7 Famous Painting Styles
7 Famous Painting Styles

Interpretation of a certain subject without fully copying its original form while retaining its characteristics is what this style of painting is all about. It is based on how the artist will look and paint the subject rather than making it totally look realistic to the eye. There are many ways on how you can determine this certain style of painting. Though they do not look as much real as the subject, surely the artist will never miss details as to how you can recognize such figure or subject by looking at it.

The Other Types And Style Of Painting From The Other Side Of The World

There are also different styles that emerge and made their names and spots to the world of art as different style created their identity. Some Eastern Painting Styles that also became dominant and more artists are embracing them. Some of these styles of painting include Japanese, Chinese and Indian styles of painting.






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