8 Excellent Benefits Of Open Acrylics

8 Excellent Benefits Of Open Acrylics

Open acrylics are every artist wish granted because of their wonderful characteristics that allow artists to work with them for a longer time just like when you are using oil paints but with the beauty and fast-drying composition of traditional acrylic paints. With open acrylics, you can surely enjoy how you can create wonderful artworks without the hassle of working fast but with the right phase that suits your every need.

What are the amazing benefits of open acrylics to an artist? Can you mix open acrylics with other traditional acrylic paints or other painting media? What is the difference of open acrylics with the traditional acrylic paints? How can you distinguish open acrylics from the rest of the acrylic paints?

The Excellent Benefits Of Open Acrylics

8 Excellent Benefits Of Open Acrylics
8 Excellent Benefits Of Open Acrylics

The long wait for the new innovation of slower drying time of acrylics has finally been answered. Surely most acrylic artist who is fond of this painting medium will surely love to try this new type of acrylic paint. They have the same characteristics of the traditional acrylic paints with the modified drying time that you’ve been waiting for. The good thing is, aside from the excellent benefits of traditional acrylic paints, these new innovations is a life-changing and a total lifesaver for every artist.

To help you decide whether you should grab a few tubes of open acrylics or not, we will tell you their great benefits here.

Facts About Open Acrylics That You Need To Know

Acrylics are known for their wonderful and fast-drying composition that most artists are fond of. This characteristic allows the artists to manipulate them easily and finished that painting project in no time. The good news aside from them being a flexible painting medium is they are a wonderful way to start loving arts.

Though this fast-drying characteristics of acrylic paints are one of their advantages, they also sometimes become a setback for artists as well. The fast-drying composition and characteristics of acrylics are best if you need to finish and catch up some deadlines as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you are working between different painting techniques that need the paints to stay wet, sometimes acrylics are not a great option. They dry faster and you need to work even faster than them.

8 Excellent Benefits Of Open Acrylics
8 Excellent Benefits Of Open Acrylics

With open acrylics, surely that dilemma will not be an artists setback in creating artworks regardless of the painting technique that they are using and wanted to perfect. There are a lot of great advantages with this new type of acrylic paints specially made for artists.

Drying Time Is Slower Than Traditional Acrylic Paints

The news about open acrylics and the beauty that they provide most artists are a great advantage for everyone, whether you are a neophyte or the pro-like artist. Surely you would love the slow drying composition of open acrylics more and allows you to work with your paintings easily. Though they still dry faster than traditional oil paints, they surely are slower than the common acrylic paints. Have a go on these amazing acrylics and for sure, you will love their new and modified characteristics.

These new modifications also allow you to work on your paintings without the use of extra painting mediums just to slow down the drying time of your acrylic paints.

A New Mixing Experience

Since open acrylics are slow drying than traditional acrylics, surely the modification of their characteristics allows the artist to mix them properly on the painting palette without the worries of them getting and reaching their drying time there.

Variety Of Colors To Choose From

8 Excellent Benefits Of Open Acrylics
8 Excellent Benefits Of Open Acrylics

The availability of colors is one of the factors when you are working into something new. And with open acrylics, surely you will have a lot of options to choose from and these are very important to an artist to create wonderful artworks as well. Make sure that when you get some of these, pay attention to the labels of every open acrylic to avoid getting mixed up with traditional acrylics paints.

Versatility With Other Acrylic Paints

The good things about this type of new acrylics are they can be mixed with other open acrylics regardless of the brand that you will use. However, just to be on the safe side, it is ideal to work on one or two brands first to see and understand their composition before jumping over to different kinds. That way, you will have enough knowledge to experiment and explore with these wonderful creations that are made simply for you, the artists with a lot of ideas and inspiration to convey them through colors.

Longer Working Time

If you are wondering how long will you be able to manipulate these open acrylics, surely they dry faster than oil paints but are totally slower than traditional acrylic paints. If the paint is sticky or watery, you can still work and manipulate to control them to your desired style and the consistency will surely be a great factor to enjoy working with them.

8 Excellent Benefits Of Open Acrylics
8 Excellent Benefits Of Open Acrylics

This totally depends on the paint applications that you put on the painting surface of your canvas. Regardless of how thick or thin you will apply the paint on your painting canvas, surely this new type of acrylics will give you the best results that you are aiming for.

Aside from all the benefits that you can get with open acrylics, there are some setbacks that you might encounter, so pay attention to the following as well.

Labels And Packaging

One of the most common mistakes that most artists are experiencing, not just with open acrylics, is the confusion of paints by the packaging and labels. This will happen as well with the new type of acrylic paints. The main reason is that they are almost the same labels and packaging with normal acrylic paints. Pay attention to their labels when you might grab a normal acrylics and vice versa.

Thicker Layers Of Paint

If you happen to apply thicker paints than the usual application, then it won’t dry easily like normal acrylic paints drying time. This is because of the modified characteristics and drying time of these new type of acrylic paints. With the new open acrylics, the thicker your application is, the longer you have to wait for them to completely get dried.

Varnishing Or Glazing

If you are the type of artist that apply varnish on the finished artwork or painting, especially with acrylic paints, then you can definitely do the same with this new type of open acrylics. The only thing, just like any painting media that you are working with is that, you have to let the whole artwork to be completely dried before you apply them on the painting surface.

With this new innovation for arts and with the modification of the drying time of acrylic paints, surely there will be a lot of options for you to create those amazing paintings and artwork that you have in mind without any setbacks.

The slower drying time that you have with acrylics, the better you can control and manipulate them. They may not be as slow as oil paints but surely the dynamic effects that they can produce are more than enough for you to start working with them as well.







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