8 Steps To Fauvism Painting Style

8 Steps To Fauvism Painting Style

The fauvism painting style is all about using vibrant colors in creating artwork or painting. The word fauve is a French word which means a wild beast. And this style of painting is literally how the word means as artists create artworks in an uncontrolled manner using bright and vibrant colors.

Who are the famous artists who used the fauvism painting style and where did they get the inspiration from? How do you paint with fauvism painting style even if you are a beginner? Is fauvism painting style still use to this day by artists?

Facts About Fauvism Painting Style You Need To Know

The fauvism painting style has been incorporated with impressionism painting style during the 19th century. This painting style is all about using vibrant and bright colors with an uncontrolled or freestyle manner that’s where the name was derived from. The painting style differs from every artist’s perspective and preferences and how they wanted to incorporate it with the painting surface that they are using.

8 Steps To Fauvism Painting Style
8 Steps To Fauvism Painting Style

The use of bright vibrant and expressive colors allows the artist to use the fauvism painting style in ways that express their main subject or focal point of the artwork to create a unique movement and element of composition to the painting itself

Famous Artists Who Have Used Fauvism Painting Style

One of the most famous artists who have used fauvism in painting style is Vincent Van Gogh. Those artists who have been using this painting style were called fauves, from the painting technique that they have mastered over time. The aggressive application of vibrant colors on the painting surface is what fauvism painting style makes it unique from other painting styles that were used during the 19th century and later on.

There are many French artists who indulge in the beauty that fauvism style has given them. And in the early 20th century they’ve created a group where most of the members are fauvist artist. Paul Gauguin, Paul Cézanne, George Seurat, and Van Gogh are some of the few artists who were inspired by this style of painting.

Tips On How To Paint Fauvism Style Of Painting Like A Pro

8 Steps To Fauvism Painting Style
8 Steps To Fauvism Painting Style

Creating your own artwork or painting using this painting style allows you to feel like you are connected to the old masters when it comes to arts. Of course, you can do that once you’ve practiced this easy tips and hacks on how to paint fauvism style of painting.

Step 1. The first and easiest step on how you can practice and master this painting style is to work on it every day and every night using the same method or practice for you to develop your skills. Find an artist that you wanted to incorporate the skills with and try working by looking at their artworks for inspiration. You will find yourself one day that you are getting better day by day with every styles and stroke of a paintbrush to your painting surface.

Step 2. The key technique of using the fauvism style of painting is to use vibrant or bright colors aggressively on your painting surface without toning them down or thinning them. You can use vibrant or rich colors directly from the paint tube straight to your desired painting surface or canvas. If you will be using oil paints then it is best to use tube once with your painting knife or palette knife and just stroke it all over your canvas.

Step 3. To achieve that emotional feel of using aggressive application from your vibrant or bright and rich colors. It is best not to worry about how you will create the illusion of depth. Remember that it is all about using bright colors that make your painting unique from any other styles of painting. Once you have mastered the fauvism style of painting then you will notice that your subject matter becomes closer to the painting surface then the areas where you think that space will be a challenge.

Step 4. Using the right color is the key factor in achieving a successful fauvism style of painting. Take advantage of the warm and cool colors that you can use on your painting surface as well.  To achieve a three-dimensional painting surface just like in scumbling painting technique then the proper usage of the colors will help you succeed in this area. Remember that you can use the right colors if you wanted to highlight something in the areas of your painting by using warm colors. On the other hand, if you wanted to achieve a shadowy effect on certain areas then you can use cool colors instead. There are different ways on how you can play with warm and cool colors for your background and foreground. To make the most of them you can use for your foreground any warm colors and on the other hand, you can use cool colors for your background. That way you are one step closer to our most successful fauvism style of painting.

8 Steps To Fauvism Painting Style
8 Steps To Fauvism Painting Style

Step 5. Colors play an important role in achieving a successful artwork or painting and if you wanted to create an excellent focus and impact on how your painting will be to the viewers. It is best that you start using complementary colors instead. Proper usage of color harmony to your painting gives this exact impact on the right emotions that you wanted to portray and convey to your viewers for your painting or artworks.

Step 6. Do not try to hide how you have been working with your brush strokes by letting them be seen or visible to the naked eye of the viewers. The energetic and bold style of your brush works and strokes will give a unique texture to the style that you wanted to incorporate on your artwork or painting.

Step 7. Make your painting as simple as possible without into too many details that are not in need for. This means for example if you are painting faces or people on your portrait then you don’t need to worry about the small details of faces on the background and instead focus on your main subject. You can keep the background as simple as possible while you are paying a little bit more on the details on your subject or focal point.

8 Steps To Fauvism Painting Style
8 Steps To Fauvism Painting Style

Step 8. You can use colors like blue or black to highlight or outline any patterns or shapes that are present when your artwork or painting. If you happen to notice that there are some spaces that seem void or empty when you’re painting there’s no need to work on them in full details as you can keep them as they are. Just remember that you have to use aggressive brush strokes on every movement that you try to do on your painting surface.

Fauvism style of painting does not require any specific painting medium to use with as long as you are incorporating every brush strokes or colors in an aggressive application with any right or vibrant colors used on your painting or artworks.

Aside from the fauvism style of painting, there are still a lot of painting styles that you can work on and learn. There are the different western style of painting and also eastern painting styles that you can try one day to enhance your skills with different methods and process. This will help you broaden your artistic side along with the different styles of painting available for every artist.






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