Abstract Oil Painting Tutorial

Abstract Oil Painting Tutorial

Just like most painting media, abstract oil painting is an amazing painting technique that every artist must try. The complex flexibility and its versatility allow an artist to express beyond lines, patterns, indefinite shapes, color combinations, and depth. The depth of each abstract oil painting depends on the viewers’ instant experience once personal interaction in the painting occurs.

What are the materials used for abstract oil painting? What are the things to consider for an effective abstract oil painting? Is abstract oil painting can be done by beginners? What are the easy tips for an enjoyable abstract oil painting? How can you fasten the drying time of your abstract oil painting?

The Most Effective Abstract Oil Painting Tutorial For Beginners

Abstract Oil Painting Tutorial
Abstract Oil Painting Tutorial

There are no specific rules on what you should and should not include in your abstract painting. The pattern, colors, shapes, and designs that you wanted to incorporate on your abstract oil painting depends entirely on your preference for arts. The style or trademark of an artist depends on how they wanted it to be shown on every painting that they create. Be that on the abstract painting or the other painting techniques that they create.

The most effective abstract oil painting for beginners is not how you put up a perfect painting. There is no exactly perfect painting per viewers point of view and the artist style. Abstract painting is a special kind of painting technique, it is like a maze or a puzzle. Not everyone will start to see what the missing piece is until they look for themselves.

It is best to always check for the highest quality of materials to use if you have plans of keeping your artworks longer. That way you can be assured that each painting that you create will last till you can even pass them for the next generation of artist. Though if you will be on your first abstract painting, learning them and getting the feeling, you can start off with student quality grade materials. Later on when you think that you wanted to level up your paintings, then you can start off with professional or artist quality materials.

The Most Essential Abstract Oil Painting Materials To Use

Just like any other painting media that you use for abstract painting. There are some materials that you needed to prepare for easy flowing of ideas and execution of them on your painting surface. The materials that you will use for your abstract oil painting is almost the same as the materials that you use for your painting sessions.

Abstract Oil Painting Tutorial
Abstract Oil Painting Tutorial

These materials will help you in creating your freestyle abstract painting. However, just like oil paintings main characteristics and composition as a slow drying painting medium. You might want to use some painting medium to help you fasten their drying time.

Here are the essential materials to use for your abstract oil painting;

  • Oil paints. It is best to consider the color harmony of the pigments that you will use for your abstract painting. Though there are no specific rules as to how you wanted to limit the colors on your painting surface. It is best to think beyond the moment that you will create your painting. Maybe in the next couple of years or more. You might be putting the piece for auction or for sale, or you’ll somehow donate it to a school for further reviews. The possibilities are endless and you can anticipate the best for your artworks.
  • Painting Canvas or painting surface. Since you are working with oil paints, it is best to prime or applies gesso on your painting surface before you work on with it. That way it can help the oil paints to adhere to the surface and be absorb.
  • Paintbrush. These depend on the painting canvas that you will use. If you are a beginner with abstract oil painting then you can start working with small canvas first. That way you will be using a small paintbrush for details and pain applications.
  • Retarder or painting medium that will help the oil paints to dry faster.
  • Thinner or mineral spirits. To thin the oil paints if you need to.

Easy Step By Step Tutorial For An Effective Abstract Oil Painting

Creating your very own abstract oil painting is as easy as you may know. On this certain tutorial, we will just be doing a simple yet elegant abstract oil painting. Even beginners can start off easy with this with.

Abstract Oil Painting Tutorial
Abstract Oil Painting Tutorial

Step 1. Prepare your painting surface or canvas. Make sure that it is primed or pre-primed as you wanted. There are some materials and canvases that you can purchase that are ready to use. Pain the painting canvas with any plain color that you like. For this activity, we can try using a blue or light blue color ground or support. The ideal measurement of your painting canvas should be just right as a starting point.

Step 2. Start applying oil paints straight away from your oil paint tubes. It is easier to start doing your abstract painting with just a few colors from your oil paint tubes. You can use one color at a time. Keep them all over the place, once you have done putting different colors and sizes then you can proceed to the next step.

Step 3. You can use your hard paintbrush for this next process as you will even the colors on your painting surface. Make sure to blend them on each other to create a smooth texture. That way the colors that you put can complement with each other.

Step 4. Using the same brush, even the rest of your painting surface with oil paints. Making the whole layer of paints even and thin so that it will dry off easily afterward.

Step 5. Once the whole painting is even properly and the paints have produced a light texture from the bristles of your paintbrush, you can let it get dry overnight for the moment. If your oil paints are thin enough then the drying time will be fastened than thick layers of paints.

Abstract Oil Painting Tutorial
Abstract Oil Painting Tutorial

Abstract oil painting depends also on the layer of paints that you have applied where the whole painting’s drying time depends. If you wanted to apply another layer of oil paints on this certain painting then you definitely can. Remember that there are no rules as to how much paints and layers should be applied and what colors will you use. It can be a simple abstract painting for the moment and once you are more experience and exposure to this painting technique then you can start creating larger sizes of painting canvas.

The good thing is you can freely create the kind of style that you wanted your paintings to look like. You can put on a specific design or marks or pattern that will incorporate most of your abstract painting. That way, you are also building depths and value to each painting that you make.

How To Fasten The Drying Time Of Oil Paints For Abstract Painting

There are many proven materials and painting medium to add with oil paints to fasten their drying time. There are also new innovations of oil paints in the market right now that you can purchase which are drying faster than the traditional oil paints nowadays. With innovation and technology making our lives easier, that also includes the artist life. There are new products that can keep oil paints in tubes, ready to paint with.

There are palettes that keep paints wet ao an artist can manipulate them properly and work on them properly while they don’t compromise the quality of each paint and paintings that they make.








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