Abstract Painting Using A Palette Knife

Abstract Painting Using A Palette Knife
Abstract Painting Using A Palette Knife

This abstract painting using a palette knife can be good practice for beginners to get a hold on how abstract painting really is. The texture that you can create with oil paints for your abstract painting using a palette knife is one of the best parts with this tutorial. Since abstract painting is all about freestyle painting that lets an artist to play with colors, patterns, shapes, sizes, and designs.

What are the other essential materials for an abstract painting using a palette knife? Will you be using just palette knife for this tutorial? Can you use a paintbrush for abstract oil painting? Are there any other painting media that you can use with abstract oil painting?

Abstract Painting Using A Palette Knife: Easy Tutorial For Beginners With Oil Paints

Abstract Painting Using A Palette Knife
Abstract Painting Using A Palette Knife

Abstract painting has been one of the painting techniques that an artist will be using for their painting journey. Though there are no certain rules as to how will you create the ideal abstract painting for you, there surely will be one of the great reasons why an artist like creating their masterpiece with abstract designs.

Oil paints are such a flexible painting medium. They allow an artist to create their painting by giving the artist enough time to work on a certain piece when needed. Most artists uses oil paints because of their slow drying characteristics. This slow drying composition enables the artist to continually fix or correct their paintings for as long as they want until the oil paints reach their drying time.

Palette knife is the best to use with oil paints. There is some artist who uses their palette knives more than they use their paintbrush. Especially with oil painting. This tutorial about abstract painting using a palette knife will allow you to create your abstract painting and control your oil paints with just a palette knife. The beauty of controlling your paints with the material is beyond amazing. And once you get a great experience with oil paints and palette knives, then you will look at this tool in a special way and will use it more often, especially with oil paints.

Before you begin this painting activity, it is best to prepare first the essential materials for an abstract painting using a palette knife.

Essential Materials For Abstract Oil Painting

You will only need a few materials and tools for this abstract painting using a palette knife. Since oil paints are slow drying painting medium, then you will need a thinner on this easy tutorial.

Abstract Painting Using A Palette Knife
Abstract Painting Using A Palette Knife

Check out and prepare the materials so we can move along with this painting session.

  • Oil paints. You can check for oil paints brand that you prefer with the colors that you wanted to use. However, for this activity, we can try creating an abstract painting with just a few colors that incorporate with the scenery of the beach or seashore. You can prepare a few colors of blue, white, beige or brown and some darker shades of blue
  • Palette knife. On this activity of abstract painting using a palette knife, then we will not use any paintbrush. Just the palette knife to help you get comfortable with this essential tool for oil painting.
  • Canvas or painting surface. If you are a beginner with any painting media or into a new experience with any painting technique, then it is best to use a smaller size of the canvas first. Once you are more confident and comfortable with the painting medium that you have chosen, then you can start painting into a larger painting surface.
  • Thinner. In case you will need to thin some paints along with the painting session.

Palette Knife Is The Best Painting Material For Oil Painting

Once you are done with preparing your essential materials and tools for abstract painting, then it is time to create that amazing abstract painting using a palette knife. This is the fun part as you will just be having a great time and learning all at the same time.

Abstract Painting Using A Palette Knife
Abstract Painting Using A Palette Knife

If it is your first time to use a palette knife, imagine it as just applying icing on a cake. The feeling and texture that you create is almost the same. The way that oil paints are mix and applied to the painting surface is almost the same. That way your mixing skills will also be developed along with this activity.

There are a lot of oil painters or artist who loves using their palette knives instead of a paintbrush for oil painting. There are also some mentors on this painting media that allow their students to use palette knives first for oil paints instead of paintbrushes.

Let’s create that easy abstract painting using a palette knife now, are you ready?

Step 1. Prepare your painting canvas first. You can purchase a pre-primed painting canvas for your oil painting. Once you are experiencing with oil paints and the right texture you wanted your canvas, then you can start doing and preparing your own canvas afterward.

Step 2. Choose the oil paint colors that you will use. For this painting activity, we will be creating a beach scenery using oil paints. So most of the colors that you will use will be shades of blue. Some white colors will help you add tint on the remaining colors on the painting surface later on.

Abstract Painting Using A Palette Knife
Abstract Painting Using A Palette Knife

Step 3. Squeeze small amounts of paints on your painting canvas. Start off with some blue paints first and spread the oil paints with your palette knife. Continue doing this process until you can create the beach scenery. You can add white colors of oil paints to achieve lighter shades of blue. Spread the whole pain on your painting canvas.

Step 4. You can use thinner or turpentine to thin your oil paints when needed, make sure to spread the oil paints evenly and not too thick as it will not dry easily. Try applying thin layers of pain for the moment. Create the texture of your painting using your palette knife. You can control how your painting surface will look like. This is a great activity to enhance your painting skills and mixing colors.

Step 5. Once you have seen the whole picture come together then you can stop right there. Work on some lines if you wanted to. Check how palette knife can do the magic and add the unique texture on your painting. That way you will see the great effect of palette knife between paintbrush.

Step 6. Keep your painting canvas in a safe place while waiting for it to reach its drying time. That way, you can start doing your next painting if you feel like and creating a different style.

Other Useful Materials For Abstract Oil Painting

Though abstract painting is a unique painting style which allows an artist to freely do or create any pattern that they wish to put on their painting surface. It is best to create an abstract painting using oil paint as the artist can manipulate and work with a long time because of oil paints slow drying composition and characteristics.

You can also use other painting media if you are creating your unique abstract oil painting. You can add a retarder which fastens the drying time of your oil paints if you wish to work on them faster and to let them dry easily. On the contrary,  you can also add a painting medium that even slows down the already slow drying composition of oil paints.

That totally depends entirely on the artist preference and style in creating their own abstract painting using a palette knife or any other painting materials


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