How To Paint Acrylic Flowers Using The Layering Technique In 6 Easy Steps!

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There are known tricks on how to paint acrylic flowers using the layering technique. The results are somewhat stunning and the images are really pleasing to both eyes and the process. Take advantage of this unique characteristic of acrylics and have fun in this tutorial.

How to paint acrylic flowers using the layering technique for beginners to try? What are the factors and materials you will need for this painting design? Are there any other painting techniques or style you can use for this type of artwork?

How To Paint Acrylic Flowers Using The Layering Technique

One of the best characteristics of acrylic paints and what most artists love about this painting medium is their fast-drying composition. Which is great benefit especially if you will be working with a painting technique such as the layering technique.

For acrylic flowers using the layering technique, you can have the freedom to do this process. Though it can be daunting at the time, especially if you are a beginner. The best part is the more you try with the different painting technique, the more you can enhance your skills.

This can also be a great way to understand how your painting medium work. That way, you can easily predict the colors and the drying time. You can even create different designs from different types of acrylic paints. There are just a few factors that affect the result of your acrylic flowers using the layering technique.

How To Paint Acrylic Flowers Using The Layering Technique
Ideas for acrylic painting using the layering technique – How To Paint Acrylic Flowers Using The Layering Technique In 6 Easy Steps!

If you have prepared all the essential materials for your acrylic painting, then it is about time we work on those flowers design! Check out the different factors that might affect your artwork as well. This way, you can have a better understanding of your painting medium.

Aside from acrylic flowers using the layering technique, there are other painting technique and style that you can work on. This will not just help your mixing and painting skills. It will also allow you to try different ways with your acrylic paints. Remember that acrylic paints are water-soluble when wet and become permanent when they are dry.

Factors To Consider For Your Acrylic Flowers Using The Layering Technique

What are the factors that affect your acrylic flowers using the layering technique? Probably the painting surface, or the humidity present on your studio or workstation? Or the types of paints that you will use? This can also be affected by your paint consistency? There surely will be a lot of factors to consider with acrylic paint.

Whatever painting medium you are using, the right materials also gives the best result for your artwork. Though you are still working your way with acrylics, it is best to check out different types of paints for you to explore with their characteristics and find which one will suit you best.

You can start with student-grade paints. On the other hand, you also need to see how artist-grade paints react to your painting surface. You can work on both types of paints and see which one will you keep and which one will you try to work on with other brands.

How To Paint Acrylic Flowers Using The Layering Technique
Acrylic flower painting – How To Paint Acrylic Flowers Using The Layering Technique In 6 Easy Steps!

As for painting surface, acrylics can go on almost anything. The only setbacks are the oil surface which you need to apply gesso. or you can purchase a pre-primed painting canvas on an art store near you. You can work on doing your own painting surface later on. This gives you a new understanding of how and when to apply your gesso too.

For paintbrushes, the coverage depends on the size of your painting surface. For example, if you will be working with a large size painting canvas, best to use big brushes. That way, you will not have to work double-time as acrylics tend to dry faster when they are exposed to air.

You can try working with mix media when you have gained enough knowledge of the painting medium. This will allow you to conquer new boundaries with your acrylic paints.

Essential Materials That You Will Need For This Painting

Ever wonder what are the materials that you will need on how to paint acrylic flowers using the layering technique? Here’s the shortest list that you can possibly prepare first.

Acrylic paint type of your choice. It can be a heavy body acrylics or the traditional acrylics. If you like a runny consistency, you can work with fluid acrylics.
Painting canvas, which is better to work with a small size painting surface for the moment. However, it is all up to you on how large can your painting be.
Paintbrush, small or medium size can be a great option. That totally depends on your painting medium. For detailing, you can use a small paintbrush.
A jar of water for cleaning your paintbrush and thining your acrylic paints. You can also use a painting medium to modify the drying composition of your acrylic paints.
Paper towel for drying your paintbrush and wiping paints.

Easy Step By Step Process For Painting Acrylic Flowers

This can be an easy process for your acrylic flowers using the layering technique. Once all your painting materials are ready, we can start off.

Step 1. Start working at your underpainting or the background of your painting surface. This can be tricky but it is ideal to start working on an underpainting than a pain painting surface.

How To Paint Acrylic Flowers Using The Layering Technique
Layering technique with acrylic painting flower design – How To Paint Acrylic Flowers Using The Layering Technique In 6 Easy Steps!

The most commonly used underpainting for most acrylic paintings is blue, orange, and red. You can start with these solid colors for your acrylic flowers using the layering technique.

The reason why most artist applies an underpainting is for your painting surface and colors to unify. The underpainting will also appear in your finish painting at some point. When you are done painting your chosen color for underpainting, then let the surface be completely dried.

Step 2. Sketch the outline of your flowers using a pencil over your underpainting.

Step 3. Trace your pencil outline with thin lines of white acrylic paints. This will allow you to work on your designs properly as the white paints will be more visible in the next process.

Step 4. Explore with the color choices and combination of your flowers. If you have a preference photo, for example, you can follow a few of the color ideas in there.

If you do not have any reference photo, experiment with the contradicting and complementing colors. You can even start with the first layer of colors with white acrylics.

Mix and matching colors can be fun and it will help you understand the layering technique easily. Wait for the first layer of paint to be totally dry before applying another one.

Since acrylic paint dries faster, you will not need to wait longer. The first layer will dry faster even before you are doner applying colors to the other areas of your painting.

Step 5. Add colors of your choice until your whole painting canvas is totally covered with paints.

Step 6. Add some contrasting colors over your acrylic flowers. Keep on adding layers of paints into your surface.

Check out the colors from, your reference photo and add them on your painting as well. The process is all about adding layers of paint until you are satisfied with the outcome. It can take time for you to keep adding layers of paints

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