8 Easy Acrylic Rainbow Willow Tree Painting Tutorial Guide For Beginners

Rainbow willow tree painting
Rainbow willow tree painting ideas - 8 Easy Acrylic Rainbow Willow Tree Painting Tutorial Guide For Beginners

If you are a beginner, you should try working with acrylic rainbow willow tree painting. This tutorial will help you improve your skills, not just with color mixing but with your painting medium. Take advantage of different tools to work with your acrylics today.

What are the materials you will need for your acrylic rainbow willow tree painting tutorial? Is acrylic rainbow willow tree painting for beginners as well? What are the factors you need to consider for a successful rainbow willow tree painting using your acrylic paints?

Acrylic Rainbow Willow Tree Painting Tutorial For Beginners

Who would never love to create a rainbow willow tree painting with fast-drying acrylic paints? Every beginner using this painting medium will want to try creating this design. It is a simple yet dynamic design that every artist must try doing in their painting journey.

The colors that you will use in your rainbow willow tree painting are easy to find. The shades or tones of colors varies per artist preference as well. You can use the brightest colors from the rainbow that you like. This not just creates a stunning after-effect but also a relaxing way to keep artist inspired every time.

If you are a beginner with acrylics and looking for easy design, you must try this one. Take advantage of acrylics fast-drying composition. This characteristic is what most artist like about acrylic paints. It allows the artist to create different designs with less time. As other painting mediums need some time to dry. Acrylics give you time flexibility with your chosen design.

If you have been working with other painting media, like oil paints, you can also try doing this design. On the other hand, if you are into acrylics, then let’s begin.

There are a few materials that you need to prepare for your rainbow willow tree painting. Check them out first so you will have a smooth painting session.

Essential Materials For Acrylic Rainbow Willow Tree Painting Tutorial

Rainbow willow tree painting
Using cotton swabs for your acrylic painting – 8 Easy Acrylic Rainbow Willow Tree Painting Tutorial Guide For Beginners

If this is your first time to create a rainbow willow tree painting, then you are into the right track. First of all, before you start painting, it is ideal to prepare all your materials and colors at hand. This will allow you to have a smooth painting session.

You wanted to avoid stopping while painting. Because your paints will have a higher risk of drying before you even apply them on your painting surface. This issue is one of the setbacks that you will experience with acrylic paints.

Now let’s prepare all the necessary materials for your rainbow willow tree painting using acrylic paints.

Painting surface of your choice. A panel canvas can be a great option for this type of design. You can also use a canvas board if you feel like working on this surface. Start off with a small size painting surface if you are a beginner.

Paintbrush can be an option. With this type of design, it is best to experiment with the painting tools too. Like you can use tips of cotton swabs for a unique texture in your painting surface. While some artists who create this design also use paintbrush of their choice. But best to work with cotton swabs.

Acrylic paints representing the rainbow colors. The colors that you will use still depends on your style and what you prefer to use. It can be tricky but you also need to get seven colors of your rainbow. The best part of this project is that you get to use the colors that you like. Which are the ones that will represent your rainbow colors?

Cotton swabs as an alternative to your paintbrushes. You will also need paper towels for this painting activity.

If you feel like working on an easel stand is totally find. Otherwise, you can work on a flat surface while painting. You can also prepare a ruler. Don’t forget about preparing some clean water on a plastic cup next to you.

Once you have all the right materials for this activity, we can start painting!

Factors To Consider For A Successful Rainbow Willow Tree Painting Using Acrylic Paints

As a beginner, there are some things that you need to consider when doing different designs. For your rainbow willow tree painting, some factors include the temperature of your workplace.

The humidity or the temperature present affects the quality of your paints and their drying time. This widely affects the overall results of your artwork.

Next will be the color of paints that you will use. It is essential to create a painting that you like the colors you use. Once you like the colors, you will also feel a good painting.

You can also work on your mixing skills with colors and try to create natural colors. The combination of two colors can give you a variety of options. With experience and exploring, you can then predict the colors that you can produce.

Step By Step Painting Tutorial For Rainbow Willow Tree Using Acrylic Paints

Rainbow willow tree painting with acrylics
Start off with the first rainbow color – 8 Easy Acrylic Rainbow Willow Tree Painting Tutorial Guide For Beginners

As a beginner, you wanted to create different yet stunning designs. Especially with rainbow color designs like a willow tree for example. On this tutorial, we will teach you a lot of things that will make you enjoy and enhance your skills all at the same time.

Read along our easy step by step process for your first ever willow tree rainbow painting using acrylic paints.

Step 1. Prepare all the essential materials for your painting session.

Make sure that you have all the materials to avoid stopping. This can cause the acrylic paints to get dry. Remember that acrylics have a fast-drying composition. Take advantage of this and keep them in mind.

Step 2. Prepare your underpainting or background. This can be any simple mixture of colors that will build the overall appearance of your painting.

Check for different background scenes that work best for you.

Step 3. Paint your canvas the chosen colors for your background.

This can be tricky but try to feel good and what colors you like to use. That way, there is a light and relaxing ambiance while creating your designs.

For the best ideas, you can create a cloudy background. Use colors like blue and white

Step 4. Let your painting background be totally dry.

Once you have worked on your underpainting or background, wait for it to dry. With acrylic paints, you will not wait that long as they dry faster.

Step 5. Outline the tree trunk using chalk. Then work on creating the tree size.

The outline will help you distinguish the size of your tree and serves as a border for your colors as you dab them.

Step 6. Get your cotton swabs and start working with colors.

Rainbow willow tree painting with acrylics
Use darker colors for tree trunk – 8 Easy Acrylic Rainbow Willow Tree Painting Tutorial Guide For Beginners

Since you will be creating a rainbow willow tree, work on your first color. Red is usually the first color that you will use.

Step 7. Transitioning from one color over the next rainbow color.

The trick with rainbow willow tree painting is all about the right colors. You do not need to duplicate the same image that you might be using. With painting is all about creativity and unique style.

There is no need to fully copy the same colors. You can work on a brighter red or orange. Keep on dabbing colors into your painting surface.

Make a consistent dab and transitioning over the next color from the rainbow. You can work on one side of your tree first. Then make sure that you spread the colors over the whole outlined tree.

Keep adding colors until you have covered the whole tree with the rainbow colors.

Step 8. Start working on your tree trunk.

Follow the outlined chalk of your rainbow willow tree painting trunk. Use a darker color for the tree trunk. You can even try working on mixing two colors instead of using black color at the same time.

The color mixing will enhance your skills with painting. Especially if you are working with several colors like from the rainbow.

Work on the lower part of your painting by creating a silhouette of grasses.


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