Amazing And Rich History Of Oil Painting 1

Amazing And Rich History Of Oil Painting

The amazing and rich history of oil painting was traced back as an old practice in the 11th century in Afghanistan  but were adopted by most painters in the 15th century when Jan van Eyck started the practice of the medium, in ancient time, people used oil painting to decorate caves and grottos of Southern Europe through a mixture of linseed oil and multiple other oils to achieve their desired colors.

During those times, oil painting is a crucial process which needs intricate knowledge on how to mix and cure oil properly, and most painters became apprentice first to familiarize with the process. Why do people love oil painting the most? Unlike acrylic and watercolor painting, oil paintings are considered of great investment even in the ancient times, look at this way, will you not purchase a painting that is marked ‘limited edition’? We’ll walk you through why oil painting is a perfect choice for creating mediums.

Amazing History Of Oil Painting

The Crucial Process Of Oil Paints – Comparison From Then To Now

Long before we can purchase our oil paint tubes ready to use nowadays, in the ancient time is fairly different, with the amazing and rich history of oil painting, artist from before have a unique process on how to handle oil paints and there were methods a painter must learn first before creating his masterpiece, and that require knowledge of oil paint properties, how to blend with other pigments and the process itself is beyond crucial. The fact that oil paints before have to be freshly made and perfectly grind to achieve its desired color and texture, and the drying process, one must be beyond dedicated to what they do.

With all of this procedure, maybe you’ll be asking why did they have to go through a lot for an art? Art even today is not just a simple canvas with colors in it, it is an elegant representation of our lives and knowing the whereabouts of it is a huge advantage. The good thing today is you don’t have to walk the road our great art ancestor did to just produce a magnificent masterpiece. Paints are handy and convenient and the choice for pigment is endless, though comes quite pricey at times, especially those of made from an intricate substance like gold and other special pigments that were made even during the old times.

Oil Paints – The Peculiar Choice For Your Medium

Amazing History Of Oil Painting
Old oil paint containers – Amazing History Of Oil Painting

Oil Paints are considered antique and of high value due to its exquisite properties. Oil paints precedence from other medium is their versatility and prominence of colors. The application is endless, from mixing and blending and its slow process of drying allows the artist to work with their crafts in a greater time adding vivid colors and layers which does not affect it is quality and oil paints colors stay the same even if it was cured and reach the process of drying.

Oil Paints even to this day holds the top notch for artists choice when it comes to choosing their mediums, with its complex and versatility, a wide range of application and methods allows a painter to interchange and play with their shades, tones, and effects of their transparency.

The very first record of the amazing and rich history of oil painting showcase the exceptional process of creating the craft through delicate blending, mixing, layout, proper toning and the curing itself, thus giving them the first seat to prominence which art enthusiast and collectors renown their beauty adding figure to every piece and craze to one painting over the other.

Oil Painting Worth To This Day

Amazing History Of Oil Painting
Oil Painting – Amazing History Of Oil Painting

Oil Painting has established its reputation since ancient time thus each expenditure is based on the duration and its consistent maturity. To acknowledge oil paintings age, there had been a wide range of test to examine the composition that was used per painting. These type of studies allows us to distinguish its authenticity. Through our technology nowadays, it is easier to check the amazing and rich history of oil painting’s stage of life, though others prefer the older way of checking by colorants, hues, and even cracks present to the masterpiece.

To this day, people are purchasing oil paintings to add beauty and sophistication to once sanctuary with which gives higher credit to every oil paintings notability. With state of the art technology, buying your next oil painting can be as easy as just a tip of the finger through various websites, galleries, auctions, and even a nearby art exhibit.

Oil Paintings Reputation

You’d probably asking yourself how this intricate medium had a huge effect in the modern practice of painting, which, it has influence and inspire every painter to create a medium with oil paints due to its challenging compositions and the satisfaction of after effects. There are many great artists who were renowned for their extraordinary creations with oil paints, just before we breakdown all of them, we will give you some, of the famous pieces:

Amazing And Rich History of Oil Painting
The Last Supper Jacopo Tintoretto – Amazing And Rich History Of Oil Painting
  • Mona Lisa [ Leonardo Da Vinci ] 1503 – This gives the highest reputation as the best painting ever created, it was painted in wood and used of oil painting with the sfumato style which not everyone used before.
  • Arnolfini Portrait [ Jan van Eyck ] 1434 – This oil painting is considered the breakthrough of oil paints as the painter mastered the technique using oils in a flat board
  • Girl With a Pearl Earring [ Johannes Vermeer ] 1665 – This is an oil painting on canvas
  • The Starry Night [ Vincent van Gogh ] 1889 – This oil painting of abstract landscaping on canvas showcase the painters’ undeniable expressive details surroundings. One of the most popular pieces of oil painting in the world.
  • The Last Supper [ Jacopo Tintoretto ]  1592-1594 – This oil painting gives an example as to how oil paints take time to cure and that gives an artist enough time to finish a masterpiece.

What You Need To Know About Oil Paints

Amazing History Of Oil Painting
Oil painting – Amazing History Of Oil Painting

To go back once again to the amazing and rich history of oil painting, that will be during the medieval era, painters who used oil paints really struggle to achieve a single pigment, and each pigment that they used has to be fresh every day, this requires patience because of the time you’ll use to make oil paints. Oil paints consist of three mixture; the colorants, the oil that binds all these three together and the thinner to allow the paint to be absorbed by a brush.

The commonly used oil is linseed because of its properties that allow it to dry by rusting or oxidation. The reason why oil paints take time to dry is it needs to react first to air, allowing the process that turns oil to gel and through rusting, penetrates the canvas until it becomes hard. This process also is the main reason why oil paints never fade in color as they were made, retaining their natural beauty a long time.

Techniques In Oil Paint Application

There is a variety of how you will apply oil paints in a canvas and its flexibility allows you to paint just like any other mediums that you’ll choose. You can use linen cloth, paint brushes and even knife palettes for oil paintings, the possibilities are endless so as you know how they were made.

Some painters do their work by applying the small amount of glaze or charcoal for first layers, allowing this to dry and repeating the process ensuring that every added layer of oil paints has more oil than the previous one to achieve transparency and also to initiate the process of oxidation. Commonly, it takes time for oil paint to completely dry which depends on its layer, that rounds up from months to even years.

On a final thought, oil painting has a huge impact in our modern civilization and artist from the ancient time had played an important role in how we have such great artist today. Thanks to this amazing and rich history of oil painting, w can always look back where they came from.

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