7 Benefits Of Gouache Paint In Pans And Tubes

7 Benefits Of Gouache Paint In Pans And Tubes

Looking back, there are a few important benefits of gouache paint in pans or tubes that artists are always coming back for this kind of painting medium. Their ability to reactivate even if they get dried up, like watercolors, is really a great benefit, for every artist who has new ideas from their previous artwork. If you are working with gouache paint in pans and tubes, or either of this type, you will understand more how you can benefit from their transparent characteristics.

What are the best-known benefits of gouache paint in pans and tubes that every artist needs to know? Can this really benefit artists who are using gouache paints in pans or tubes? What can you expect gouache paint in pans and tubes characteristics be like?

Understanding The Benefits Of Gouache Paint In Pans And Tubes

7 Benefits Of Gouache Paint In Pans And Tubes
Getting the right materials – 7 Benefits Of Gouache Paint In Pans And Tubes

Since gouache paints are like a mash-up characteristic between the fast-drying acrylics and the transparent watercolors, you are actually working with a wonderful painting medium. Gouache paint in pans and tubes are some of the types you can work on with your painting or artwork. The fact that gouache paint in pans and tubes can be an option for an artist to choose from, you are going to like their characteristics more than ever. Especially if you are previously working with acrylic paints or the watercolor painting medium.

If you are using gouache paint in pans, they are most likely to be like watercolors for reactivation process. Just have a sprinkle or spray of water on the surface of the pans or palette like how you do with watercolors. Since gouache paint is water-soluble, you can just add that water on your pans or palettes and start working on them.

Make sure you are working within the right materials when it comes to gouache painting and the right type of gouache paint especially if you wanted to reactivate the surface of your painting or artwork afterward.

Using acrylic gouache creates a thin film of protective surface that seals when it reaches its drying time. That may seem impossible to reactivate the surface anymore.

Gouache paint in pans and tubes are ideal for every artist who wants they painting materials to be handy and easy especially for outdoor painting. Gouache paint in pans and tubes can be the best painting medium if you are looking for transparency like watercolors and fast drying characteristics like acrylics.

Since gouache paint is the same as watercolor or sometimes can also be considered as watercolor, but in fact, is another painting medium, can be mixed together. They are like a natural painting medium together and are a perfect blend. Their similarities with each other are both beneficial for watercolor artist and gouache artists. You just need to find the right paint manufacturer for the type of pigment that will match your style and preferences.

The transparency of gouache paint in pans and tubes is because of the pigment and gum arabic, which is the binder, that is commonly used for this painting medium.

Benefits Of Gouache Paints That Artist Needs To Know

7 Benefits Of Gouache Paint In Pans And Tubes
Landscape painting with gouache paints – 7 Benefits Of Gouache Paint In Pans And Tubes

There are a lot of benefits you can get when it comes to working with gouache paint in pans and tubes or which one is best for you. The way that gouache paints are perfectly combined with watercolors is you are aiming for a unique opaque of certain colors is what makes them ideal for mixed media. Once you have worked on a more opaque color for watercolors and added gouache, you can easily achieve the next tonal shade you want for your opacity as gouache can modify the colors just for you. There are some artists who add gouache for their watercolor to replicate the old-style technique used by the masters for their paintings.


If you wanted to save time for your watercolor or gouache paints that are generally in tubes, you can squeeze them off to a pan set for you to easily work on them for later painting sessions. There are different benefits and reasons as to why artists usually pour the content of their gouache paints in a pan. Be that of a larger size of something in half to create a tiny paint palette of the colors that they desired.

Check for which one is more convenient for you to work on, for smaller painting surface or for even bigger painting canvas or paper. If you will be working with your gouache paint in pans and tubes or have made your own painting palette, then reactivating them is a lot easier. Some artists put a drop of water on the colors that they will be working on for their artworks. On the other hand, some artists use a sponge or their paintbrush for them to soften the paints that are on their painting palette. That way, when they are ready to work on them, they can easily be mixed the colors that they need.

What Should You Expect With Gouache Paints?

7 Benefits Of Gouache Paint In Pans And Tubes
Gouache painting – 7 Benefits Of Gouache Paint In Pans And Tubes

Knowing the unique characteristics of gouache paint will help you work on them properly. Though you can check with gouache paint in pans and tubes will work best for you. The thing once you get to learn their characteristics, you can modify and work on them faster and uniquely than most beginners with the painting medium that they have chosen.

The Gouache Paints Are Water Soluble

Just like watercolor, they can be thinned, reactivate in case they got dried, with water. Well, except those acrylic gouache type. So best to always check the labels that you ill be working with. Whether in pans or in tubes, surely you will find the right painting style for this mashed up combination of acrylic and watercolors.

Gouache Paint Are Fast-Drying painting Medium

They have this quality like acrylic paints. Although you will notice a change in their shades or tones when reaching their drying time. Some gouache paint tends to become darker when you use light colors and light colors sometimes tend to darken in color. The best way for you to understand their composition and predict the colors when dry is to personally work with them.

Gouache Paint Is Matte

They will always have that matte finished look once they reached their drying time.

There Is A Variety Of Colors With Gouache Paints

7 Benefits Of Gouache Paint In Pans And Tubes
Gouache painting in paper – 7 Benefits Of Gouache Paint In Pans And Tubes

If you are looking for more rich and vibrant colors that are almost the same with watercolor composition, then gouache paints are the best painting medium for you.

Gouache Paints Are Forgiving

You can always fix gouache painting whenever you want to. Since gouache paints are water-soluble, you can correct any mistakes you might have made with them or fix your artwork for modification. Just like watercolors, just lift up the area on your painting surface that you wanted to correct with your paintbrush and viola! You can start working with them again.

Thick Paint Application Like Acrylics

Just like acrylic paints, you can apply thick layers on your gouache paint into your painting surface. The thing with gouache paints is the thin layer has a larger possibility to fall off your painting surface. While cracking of paint is possible if you applied a thicker gouache paint on your painting surface.

Gouache And Acrylics Together

You can surely create artwork with acrylic paints and gouache paint together. There are no certain rules that tell you to just paint over the acrylic paints. With gouache and acrylic paints together, you definitely can work with them any way you feel like mixing these two.

Have a go and explore with your painting medium today. Have fun!






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