Best Hacks to Preserve Your Pastel Paintings 1

Best Hacks to Preserve Your Pastel Paintings

Patel paints are the only painting medium that can provide vibrant colors and shades of different kinds with a fresh look from their pigments. They have the best characteristics as blending them through your painting surfaces straight away which is entirely different from other media. The only thing that gives pastel paints an issue is their tendency to getting smudge if storing them is not taken care properly that is why we have this best hacks to preserve your pastel paintings in a way that they will be safer than ever, deleting all those worries away.

So how do you make sure that your art piece from pastel paints is in good condition and won’t get smudge or damage after a painting session? Is there any extra precaution to do to avoid this to happen? Would fixatives help them or will this give you peace of mind?

Best Hacks to Preserve Your Pastel Paintings

If you have finished artwork from pastel paints, the next thing that comes into our mind right now is how to store them properly without damaging the perfectly blended vibrant colors of pastel into your painting surface. Good news! We do have the best hacks to preserve your pastel paintings and keep all those worries of getting all these lovely pastel pigments from getting smudged.

Best Hacks to Preserve Your Pastel Paintings
Soft Pastel Painting – Best Hacks to Preserve Your Pastel Paintings

But first, how do you determine a pastel painting from a drawing? There is not much of a difference aside from that you consider as pastel painting when you cover most all of your painting surfaces with pastel paints. On the other hand, pastel drawing is just another term for pastel painting with the visible part of the canvas or painting surface, as you commonly paint with your hands directly for pastel painting. Those drawing or painted surfaces that are not entirely covered with pastels can be considered a drawing, however, either way, they are both wonderful at a perfect piece of artwork that needs to be taken care of properly and store the same way to prevent your pastel paints from getting smudge all over the place.

The first of the list of our best hacks to preserve your pastel painting is to keep room for movement for pastel painting, that is like allowing a border to your artwork. This can be from half to one inch from all sides of your drawing surface as you can use this for later inputting masking tape on each corner for storing purposes.

Glassine paper is a very common material for keeping all your pastel painting free of any unwanted smudge all over the surface. This high-quality paper is specially made for pastel painting surfaces and charcoal that is used by most art exhibitors if they need to move their paintings from one place to another, making sure that pastel paintings are perfectly safe from such unwanted damages, and yes, glassine plays a big role on the best hacks to preserve your pastel painting from any of this unwanted damages, have it handy next to you the next time you have pastel painting sessions.

Best Hacks to Preserve Your Pastel Paintings
Pastel painting in Glassine Paper – Best Hacks to Preserve Your Pastel Paintings

While putting masking tape on all the corners of your pastel painting, plus glassine paper to keep the pastel paint from smudge all over and foam board to put on all sides and corners making sure that if you put another layer of paper, that won’t touch the pastel painting surface by any chance.

Extra Precaution For Pastel Painting

Always use acid-free materials in storing all your artworks for this is an investment and overtime when the art piece has taken years, you will thank yourself for investing on these acid-free materials as they prevent any deterioration and possible damage of your artwork. These best hacks to preserve your pastel paintings comes with a good kind of investments to the materials that you use for painting if you are beyond serious with your crafts.

Along time you will notice that ordinary papers or materials that have no such ingredients on them will turn yellowish and even change of colors will happen too. This discoloration begins when acids or other chemicals react to the paints as time goes by. That is the advantage of always using the right materials especially for pastel painting and pastel paints, the acid-free surfaces will prolong the lifespan of your painting without compromising quality.

Think of what will happen in the future once you have decided to store and preserve all your pastel paints. That way, knowing how to protect them from any unwanted harm, smudge, discoloring, and deterioration can be prevented even if it didn’t happen yet.

Best Hacks to Preserve Your Pastel Paintings
Pastel painting covered with glassine paper and secured with tape – Best Hacks to Preserve Your Pastel Paintings

The best way for this is to always use quality grade materials, from paints, o paper and even masking tapes, foam boards, and glassine paper. These materials will prolong the longevity of your artwork and will keep them safe and the colors of healthy and rich condition all through the years.

Frame your pastel paintings when you have time, that way ensuring the beauty and exquisitely of your masterpiece will be of safe condition every time. Knowing and using the best quality materials matters for they can only provide you the best results for your arts.

Fixatives For Pastel Paintings

Though there are many commercialize products that will help you as an artist to keep your paintings safe from any damages like using fixatives for example on your pastel paintings, most artist who has tried these products have their testimonials as well, and researching for the best one that suits you is the best thing to do if you have decided to use fixatives for your pastel paintings.

Best Hacks to Preserve Your Pastel Paintings
Fixatives – Best Hacks to Preserve Your Pastel Paintings

You can always grab the best quality for fixatives, however before spraying it all over your finished pastel painting, allow the work to be done on a scratch or sample paper with the same pastel paints that you have used. That way you can see the effects of the fixatives to your art piece and if you are happy with the results, only then can you totally spray the product to your paintings. Fixatives are also one of the best hacks to preserve your pastel paintings with proper precautions on using it, for their results are really permanent to your art piece.

Though there are a lot of feedbacks that fixatives can sometimes, or most of the times, darken the pastels vibrant colors, makes few moisture particles all over or even creating a wet-like texture on the surface, the tips mention above must be done with precautions.

Hairspray is another type of fixatives where you can try an experiment, not on your finished painting but always on a sample drawing every time as this the main rule you have to remember for pastel painting. Not on the finished surface but always on a sample piece to ensure its performance and quality that will affect your pastels and their reaction to such chemicals.

Alternative Storing Ideas For Pastel Painting

If you are not really ready to frame your pastel painting just yet and budget is an issue or any other reasons there might be,  you don’t need to worry about your pieces artwork’s safety. You can always find alternative storing and preservation process for pastel paintings.

So how do we put these best hacks to preserve your pastel painting with ideas that work with few materials and alternatives? Getting and using the right materials will lead you to the perfect storage and preservation of such great paintings.

Always get artist grade materials whenever you work for arts, be it of any paintings medium. The best explanation for this is, high-quality materials always produce the highest quality durability, functionality and performance, plus you can make sure that your works won’t get compromised with the price set.

Acid-free materials to keep all your pastel painting safe and their magnificent colors are to retain as how they are first created.

Though you can store pastel paintings and drawings with acid-free materials, masking tapes, foam boards, and glassine to keep the vibrant and velvety feels of their colors, handling and extra precautions for your health is a major issue too.

You have to keep in mind that though pastel paints produce such wonderful luxurious and rich colors, they also produce pastel dust that can be harmful to your health as well and knowing this, you must take care of your health as well. Wearing protective disposable gloves or surgical gloves is a must if you do not want your hands or fingers to be dirty as well, a mask is necessary and a well-ventilated area for both you and your painting sessions with pastel paints.

There may be a list of all alternative measures and knowing you are safe from toxins is another thing for you as you produce wonderful paintings along the way. Know more things about pastel paints here.


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