Can You Use Watercolor Paper With Acrylics?

Can You Use Watercolor Paper With Acrylics?

Are you still wondering if you can use watercolor paper with acrylics? The answer is yes, it is a great painting surface for acrylics. The trick is, if you will be using watercolor paper with acrylics, you don’t need to prime it. The fact that you can even dilute acrylics the same as watercolor paints. That way, you can add as much as water as needed. Make sure that you are using a heavier watercolor paper so it won’t buckle.

Will the watercolor paper with acrylics produce best results even with more water in them? What if the watercolor paper buckles with acrylics? Is there any possible remedy to fix that? Since acrylic paints tend to be water-resistant when dried, will the paper be a good choice?

Using Watercolor Paper With Acrylics

Can You Used Watercolor Paper With Acrylics?
Can You Use Watercolor Paper With Acrylics?

You can use watercolor paper with acrylics and that is okay. Watercolor paper can withstand water and absorb it. You can use acrylic paints in tubes directly and apply them on your painting surface. The tricks are since watercolor absorbency level is high, it will easily absorb any moisture present on the paint. You can thin your acrylic paints any way you want it as long as you use heavy papers. The heavier the weight the paper is, the more water it can absorb.

If you will be using watercolor paper with acrylics, take note of many factors as well. First is the weight of the paper that you will be using. Next, are the brand and quality of watercolor paints with acrylics applications. The coverage area of paint in the paper also matters. How much water are you going to add for your diluted acrylics also matters? Though there are other painting media to thin acrylics rather than water.

The Weight Of The Paper Matters

There are many factors to check using watercolor paper with acrylics. It is better to always use heavy weight papers. A 300 lb watercolor paper can hold up as much water without buckling. It can stay flat and lesser buckling as you pursue your acrylic painting sessions. Though there may be times that it will buckle, it will still be dried flat.

As much as possible, always get the artist grade watercolor paper. Their absorbency level with water is high. Using student grade watercolor paper is not really a good option for acrylic painting. Artist grade watercolor paper is usually made of cotton mix with artificial fibers. That characteristic helps in cutting down the buckling when painting on them.

Can You Used Watercolor Paper With Acrylics?
Can You Use Watercolor Paper With Acrylics?

Alternative Method Than Stretching Student Grade Watercolor Paper

If you do not want to stretch your watercolor paper with acrylics as your painting medium, you can. Just use a watercolor block when you start painting with acrylics. That way, you can avoid any buckling of paper along the process. When you used the watercolor block, you don’t need to stretch your paper. Just wait for the whole painting surface to completely dried and you are good to remove the canvas on the block.

Application of another layer of gesso or primer is another option. The added layer can reduce the water absorbency of the painting surface. That way it will also reduce any possible buckling. Though there will still be some curling and buckling.

Securing the watercolor paper with acrylics when applied is better with gummed tapes. Some use staples or clips the watercolor paper to their board or panel.

Can You Used Watercolor Paper With Acrylics?
Can You Used Watercolor Paper With Acrylics?

Things To Consider With Watercolor Paper For Acrylic Paints

The first thing that one artist must consider is the cost that is inclusive on the process. If it not that far from purchasing the right material for a certain medium, the go for the right one. That way you can avoid the guessing game in the long run. This will save you time and money as you work with the right materials per medium.

Watercolor paper with acrylics is just an alternative if you wanted to experiment. However, if you will be aiming something big for your masterpiece, always go to the right materials.

Though watercolor paper with acrylics is a best practice, hence think of the money and time in it. Though painting and mix media is a thing to always consider for acquired knowledge and experience. Once you are exposed to the different painting technique, things will be easier for you. Thus when you know and can predict the outcome, you can play with it.

Using watercolor paper with acrylics means there will be buckling at time. You can still fix this. There are known effective remedy for this. One good example of that is laying the finished painting flat on a clean surface. That way, you can spray some moisture at the back of your painting. Or just have a few damp of mist at the back. Take extra care not to mist too much water as it can awaken ts water solubility composition for other paints.

When you have added the right mist of water, then cover it with a towel or piece of glass. Leave it overnight, make sure that there is a heavy object to keep it flat. Though it will flatten the surface, it is best to test this method first to avoid any further damage.

Amazing Properties of Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints are known to be an easy medium. It can be a starter for a beginner with the medium or experience alike. Since acrylic paints are known for their amazing properties like fast-drying. They can also be painted with almost any surface. The options are almost endless. From canvas to paper, to wood panels or cloth, to glass and lots more. Acrylics are known to be an artist favorite from all walks of life and ages.

Can You Used Watercolor Paper With Acrylics?
Can You Used Watercolor Paper With Acrylics?

The application for acrylic paints can be just like oil paints. You apply a squeeze tube directly to your painting surface, thick as you wanted. Or you can paint acrylics just like watercolor paints. They can be as diluted as watercolors, thin application to the preferred painting surface. Acrylic paints have this wonderful versatility and flexibility with a unique composition.

Though acrylics are known to be painted with the right papers. The good thing about acrylic papers is their flexible support to the medium. They are lightweight and easy to carry and set up. The papers are not as expensive or costly than most canvas is. Papers are also handy, though ranging from small to large sizes depends on artist needs.

You can use the right acrylic paper with the right weight to maximize its absorbency. That way, you can produce what really inspires you to do. Small to medium sizes of acrylic painting can be done using a heavyweight paper. You can create a series of medium paintings which is called triptych. The possibilities with acrylic paints are endless. With the right materials for each medium must be used accordingly.

Factor to consider when choosing the right painting paper.

  • The paper that you will use for painting must be heavyweight. The weight of a painting paper tells its absorbency level to moisture.
  • The commonly used paper for painting must be durable. That way it can withstand overworking or applications and corrections. With painting, there will a lot of sanding or other known techniques that may tear a paper.
  • .Always go for the acid-free materials used for your painting.
  • Check the paper longevity and makes sure it will last longer without discoloration.
  • Avoid paper that is smooth or oily or even glossy surfaces.







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