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Perfect Easel For Painting: 6 Types Of Easel To Choose From

Choosing the easel for painting may seem like a challenge especially for beginners. However, knowing the benefits and factors of getting your easel for painting or for displaying artwork is essential. Read along and learn every basic thing you need to know about easels.

What are the benefits that you can get when using the easel for painting and how it affects your perspective with painting? Are there any factors to consider when choosing your easel for painting? What are the things you should know about easels and how will they help you enhance your skills as an artist?

Choosing The Right Easel For Painting: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

Ever wonder if you really need to purchase an easel for your painting sessions? If you are not working with fluid paints, then you definitely can get one for you. The right one will help you get the right perspective to your every artwork.

If you have been using oil paints or heavy body acrylics, the easel can be one of your essential materials for painting. There are a lot of ways on how you can use the easel for painting or even display. On the other hand, just like with paintbrush, easels have different kinds.

Perfect Easel for painting
Floor-type easel – The Perfect Easel For Painting: 6 Types Of Easel To Choose From

The feeling that you are working with an easel for painting gives a unique boost of your artistic side. Though easels can also be used for displaying some artworks too. It gives the comfort and convenience for an artist to look at their artwork in different ways.

There are also some benefits that you can achieve when you are using easel whenever you are painting. With the factors that affect your every painting session, surely, easel will be a great help for you. Are you wondering which type of easel shall you get? Read along and we will give you helpful insights.

Factors To Consider In Choosing The Right Easel For Your Painting Sessions

There are some factors that we need to consider before getting ourselves an easel stand. As an artist, you would want to make sure that you will get all the essential materials for painting. These materials and tools will help you understand each step towards the arts.

An easel stand is considered an essential material for painting especially if you are working with oil paints and heavy body acrylic paints. Though you can definitely use it for pastel, watercolor, and another painting medium. There are just a few exemptions as to why it is not ideal for runny paints. But totally depends on the painting technique and style that you wanted to create.

Some factors affect your decision to what you need and what should you get. with considerable benefits from each material and tools. Like easel for painting or display. Check out for the benefits that will help you improve your painting skills too.

Working with an easel stand will prevent any neck pain from tilting our painting surface to get the right perspective. It also allows the artist to step back from time to time and see what and how your painting looks like. A refreshing look at your artworks too.

The painting medium that you will use also matters if you will need to get one easel stand. If you have set up a well ventilated and great position for your studio or art corner, better get an easel too. Though easel stand is pricey at a point.

easel for painting
Single mast easel – The Perfect Easel For Painting: 6 Types Of Easel To Choose From

Next is the right frame that you will use for your painting. There are a few types of easel frames to choose from. Which one will suit you best? There are three types of shapes to choose from with your easel stand.

Knowing Which Easel For Painting Works Best For You

There are three kinds of shapes for your easel stand. They differ from the needs, designs, and quality at times.

Tripod easel or A-frame easel, Lyre easel
If you will look at this easel shape, it looks more like the letter A. This frame shape is sturdy and commonly used by most artists. The triangular shape easel has a lot of benefits.

This is best if you are the type of artist who moves and works outdoors. The lyre or tripod easel is not as expensive as you think. You can also count on the stability of this easel stand. You can adjust your tripod easel to fit your desired position.

As for storing, this can be left sitting in the corner of your studio. Though one setback for this easel is its limited number of panel or canvas size to hold. If you are working on a larger size canvas, you can try other frames like the H-frame easel. Or you can customize your own easel-stand too.

Single Mast Easel
If you are looking for a basic shape easel for painting, then this one is good for you. You have a simple choice with this type of easel. If your studio is not as spacious as it is, this easel is a great option. You can fold this for storing.

One setback for the type of frame for easel is it is not as sturdy as the other shapes. Though it can be a simple setback it is also important to take in consideration. Especially if you will be working with larger size painting canvas and panels. You wanted to make sure that your support can lift the weight of your painting canvas without worrying that it might fall off.

The single mast easel comes at cheaper price from the rest of the other easel shapes.

The H-Frame easel

Easel for painting
H-frame easel – The Perfect Easel For Painting: 6 Types Of Easel To Choose From

From the name of this easel stand, it replicates the letter H. It is sturdy and can hold even large paintings and canvas. The best part is it is really sturdy. As for storing, it is best to have an art studio where you can pout this easel on one side.

The H-frame easel stand is heavy to fold or store. Though there are new models that you can try to detached. however, it is best to have a dedicated art studio for this type of support. Though the h-frame easel is really expensive than most of the other easel shapes available.

There are some easel support h-frame that comes with paint holder in them. There are also some without those features. If you are working with a large size of the painting surface. This frame will work best for you.

Other options for your painting support.

There are also a few options for art easel for painting. Though this depends on the artist and what they needed the most. If you are just beginning with your painting journey and using small size painting surface, try working with tabletop easel.

The tabletop easel for painting is best for students who are transporting their stand from school to home. This can easily be folded and carry around. The tabletop easel usually comes with a compartment for your art supplies too. This is not as expensive as you thought.

The limited works station or studio is another factor to consider when it comes to a tabletop easel. But for convenience, you can try working with a floor easel like the a or h frame shapes which can support almost any canvas size.

It is best to invest in good quality painting materials to make sure they last. They can be costly at times, but surely they will come a long way with you.

Next type of easel for a painting to try is the portable or stationary easel and the display easel. If you are working outdoors most of the time. The portable easel is a great choice for you. It is made of lightweight materials for easy transportation. Though it is not as sturdy as traditional support.

The display easel for painting. You will easily guess that this is not really for painting sessions. If you wanted to display artworks that are finished, then this is a great option for your art studio. This is not as sturdy as other painting easel and will just stand to support your paintings alone.





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