Clever Techniques For Acrylic Painting 1

Clever Techniques For Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting is a versatile medium for expressing your ideas, emotions, and inspiration through various style and strokes of a paintbrush with, however, if you are just beginning to paint with acrylics, you might find yourself lost in one to two few steps around. So here’s a list of clever techniques for acrylic painting that you will surely used to get those paint going on to reach that professional-like painting in no time.

We’ve listed the best techniques for beginners in acrylic painting and how to do them, in no time you will be painting more of them and be an expert with paintbrush and paints, read along as you learn new amazing ideas for your next acrylic painting session.

Clever Techniques For Acrylic Painting

The Application of Acrylic Paints

Clever Techniques For Acrylic Painting
Acrylic painting materials – Clever Techniques For Acrylic Painting

The best way to learn more of acrylic paints and their properties is to keep on doing it day in and day out, more encounter and practice is the key to a better understanding of each style, painting is really a new world once you’ve entered it and knowing a few, if not all of these clever techniques for acrylic painting will help you improve your skills with this medium.

Dry Brush Technique

Considered as the simplest and one of the clever techniques for acrylic painting for beginners, as it is  basically putting your paint straight from the tube to your canvas, the paint will really look stronger and the edges are uneven due to the absence of water from it, creating a sense of great texture and the strokes from your paintbrush will be visible as well showing their pathways clearly. If you desire to make the paint strokes smoother, then additional water can be added, it is just a matter of experiment and practice for this one.

Wash With Water

Acrylic paints give you different texture with the presence of water, just like watercolor paints, the more water you add to them, the lighter the color you can achieve, though take note that acrylic paints stay permanently once they are dried up. Wash technique is best if you needed to achieve a transparent color to your medium, wash and dry technique are best to combine to create an unpredictable texture to your creation all in one painting session.

Flick And Splatter

Playing with your paintbrush and colors with acrylic paints gives you extraordinary results too. This clever technique for acrylic painting is not just fun to do but creates amazing texture to your artwork. Get that large paintbrush with extra paint on it and just flick it to your canvas, splatter effects gives that unique abstract look that you rather want to achieve in no time.

Clever Techniques For Acrylic Painting
Flick and Splatter Technique Acrylic painting – Clever Techniques For Acrylic Painting

Stippling Effect

A basic drawing technique about creating lots of small dots altogether, putting multiple layers over, the finishing effect is creatively amazing especially if you want depth in your piece, this is best for making a beautifully rich scenery of forest with detailed trees in it. The possibilities of creating something with this technique are endless as your creativity peaks for more inspiration along the way.


Best for creating realistic images with accurate details of even the fine lines, the recommended brush for detailing is usually a small one with fine bristles for it provides accuracy to keen details. You can use a white color acrylic for it provides additional light to the image, while a darker color gives shading to it. A detailed eye is a must for most of the fine lines and patience to do it right.


The tools for this may be off the edge of any good sponge or a paper towel for paint application. This kind of clever technique for acrylic painting is great because you can never copy the effects again with the unique properties and texture from the surface of the used dabbed material like the sponge for example. The effects are really of unique beauty.

With Palette Knife

Just like the flickering style, this one is a fun and clever technique for acrylic painting to do too, imagine the paint as if you are covering a cake for a special occasion, that is most like how using a palette knife with your acrylic paints is. This technique is more about layers over the other however the struggle to master this technique is patience to let the first layer set its time to dry before going to the next layer as you move your palette knife.

Build A Paint: The Basic Techniques You Need to Know

Now that you have additional knowledge on how to paint acrylics, these clever techniques for acrylic painting are a must-know and practice them until you can paint them by heart, like most hobbies, acrylic paintings need more than just patience and dedication but more passion and commitment to do better each session, let’s start knowing these acrylic painting techniques.

1. Underpainting Technique

This technique requires the full visualization of your finish image just before you are about to start. Begin with a sketch and cover it entirely with a color that contrasts with the ones that you will be using your artwork with. The beauty of it is you can either cover the first paint entirely with the next layer or allow the previous colors to show off some of the underpainting in it. It gives both a layer and a brilliant texture all at the same time.

2. Layering technique

clever techniques for acrylic painting
Layering Technique – clever techniques for acrylic painting

Though it may sound as simple a kind of technique, it does require patience when applying a layer over the next one. The best thing for this to start with is making huge blocks on the first layer and adding more fine colors afterward. It is commonly said as similar to washes as well, however, to fully achieve the perfect layer over each layer is to let it completely get dry first, this really requires patience and perseverance in creating a magnificent masterpiece.

3. Glazing Technique

The key to letting your painting stand out is using a matte medium for this technique, which allows the composition and properties of well-blended colors to add additional transparency and depth to the finished art.

4. Blocks of Hues

Most recommended painting technique for beginners as it is like painting a medium with imaginary dots and pattern on it as you are tracing them one by one. You can mix and match different colors when doing this technique or you can choose colors that are harmonious to one another.

Blending Techniques For Acrylic Painting

Since you are just beginning with acrylic painting, after practicing and learning more of the above clever techniques for acrylic painting, we will introduce you more and know many things about acrylics as well, and the next on the long list is how to properly blend acrylic paints. This method is not as hard as you think, it is a matter of blending your desired colors and experimenting with new hues as you combine them in the process.

No Over Mixing Of Colors

The best way is to used palette knife when mixing acrylic paints together and not overdoing the process, it is like getting to know new friends from your old circle of friends, rediscovering their combination and getting a new kind of feeling as you push through the blending phase.

clever techniques for acrylic painting
Mixing acrylic paints – clever techniques for acrylic painting

Family Colors Together

A good way to start painting is by making a good kind of family colors all in your palette, this method allows you to experiment with different hues all from a primary color, just adding a light color such as white introduce you to the different tones a singular color can create, however, you have to keep in mind that it is not best to expose all your paints for they easily dry in the presence of air.

Practice and Paint More

Now that you know all of these techniques and method, the best way to get familiarize with them is by practicing them often, try mixing one method over the other and allow yourself to discover things by your own., it’s okay if you’ll make mistakes as long as you learn something new each day, they say you have to do one thing that scares you per day and that includes painting.

Have a great art session and hope to hear from you soon! Check out our other blog post about watercolor painting and things you need to know about pastel paints on the links 🙂







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