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8 Easy Crab Nebula Acrylic Painting Tutorial

In this article about the Crab Nebula acrylic painting tutorial, we will learn a lot of basic techniques from your acrylic paints. This may seem overwhelming but once you get to know the easy steps for crab nebula acrylic painting, you will surely have another step forward improving your skills. Check it out.

What are the steps to achieve the stunning effects of the Crab Nebula acrylic painting tutorial even if you are a beginner? Are there important factors for a dynamic result using acrylic paints for your crab nebula design? Is this design idea for beginners to begin with?

Crab Nebula Acrylic Painting Tutorial

In this article, we will teach you the easy step by step process for creating Crab Nebula design using your acrylic paints. Even if you are a beginner, you will surely get a grip on how you can improve your skills in painting. With the right materials and painting technique. The style that you will use for this acrylic painting is stunning.

This design is also for beginners to try working with. The best part is you can work with a rainbow dash of colors and some metallic color paints. Another great tip is to modify your painting surface to easily work on the color applications.

The crab nebula acrylic painting tutorial is best for most beginners. There are helpful tips included in this article to help you achieve stunning effects. You can work with the steps as they are or use them as a reference to help you understand the painting medium itself. Since you will be working with acrylic paints, you will have control over their fast-drying composition.

Crab Nebula Acrylic Painting Tutorial
Crab nebula acrylic painting – Crab Nebula Acrylic Painting Tutorial

One of the great ways to have a successful painting is to consider the factors that affect your artwork. As a beginner, one of the first things that you have to know is the characteristics of the painting medium that you will be using. For example with acrylic paints, they are fast drying. They can go on almost any painting surface, as long as it is not that greasy or oily.

You can even modify your painting surface by working on it. Prime your painting surface if you need to. You can also purchase ready to use a canvas that is pre-primed. Applying gesso can be another step for you once you gained enough exposure to the painting medium.

Now let’s get you going with your crab nebula acrylic painting tutorial by preparing these materials. The colors may differ and they will be based on your style and preference. You can also try working with different types of acrylic paints. It is best to allow yourself to work on a different type of paints as an experience. This will help you improve your skills as an artist.

Essential Materials For Crab Nebula Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Crab Nebula Acrylic Painting Tutorial
nebula painting ideas with acrylics – Crab Nebula Acrylic Painting Tutorial

If you are wondering what are the materials that you will use for your crab nebula design, here they are;

  • Acrylic paints – best to use the colors from the rainbow to help you achieve the stunning effects of your crab nebula.
  • Glazing medium for your acrylic paints
  • Metallic paints from the colors that you will use
  • White charcoal pencil for outlining your design
  • White paint
  • Small brush/ tiny paintbrush when working with your stars
  • A jar of water to clean your paintbrush and thin your paint
  • Paper towel to clean your paintbrush
  • Pre-primed canvas or you can work on your own painting surface

Easy Step by Step Process For Crab Nebula Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Now that you have prepared all your essential materials for the crab nebula acrylic painting tutorial, let’s begin. The first thing is to prepare your painting surface. You can purchase a pre-primed painting canvas or you can make your own. It is best to try doing it yourself as you can improve your preparation time.

With the Crab Nebula, you can work on the ground by covering it with a solid black color. On the other hand, you can also prime it with black gesso. That way, you already have a good ground, to begin with.

Step 1. Prime your painting surface with a solid black color. Acrylic gesso is black to help you easily work with your design.

Crab Nebula Acrylic Painting Tutorial
Crab Nebula painting ideas – Crab Nebula Acrylic Painting Tutorial

The solid black color acrylic gesso is an optional choice if you just prefer doing it. There are some artists that prefer to work with their black colors over the painting surface before working with their crab nebula acrylic painting.

Step 2. Prepare all the colors that you will use for your crab nebula acrylic painting tutorial.

You can use any color that represents the universe or the galaxy. Or you can work with rainbow colors to give a great layer of colors as well. You can also try working with interference, iridescent, and metallic color acrylic paints.

Step 3. Sketch your crab nebula design to your painting canvas using a white charcoal pencil.

Be creative in working with your crab nebula design and details. You can use a reference photo when working on this design for the first time. That way you can also try to locate the different stars close to your design idea.

Step 4. With your small/tiny paintbrush, you can work with your starts with the white paint that is not yet mixed. This will be a great tool for working with stars in the background.

Step 5. Start working on the areas of your painting surface that has lighter colors. You can use orange and yellow colors, to begin with.

Crab Nebula Acrylic Painting Tutorial
Nebula painting ideas – Crab Nebula Acrylic Painting Tutorial

It is best to work with a reference photo if you are a beginner with this painting style. That way, you will easily determine the areas that need the details of your painting. You may want to keep working with a white charcoal pencil for adding more details on your painting surface.

This white pencil marks will serve as your guide while working with the right image. Now you can work on the glazing technique for this painting style. It is best to know the right ratio for the glazing medium that you will be working with.

Step 6. Work with the areas that you will glaze.

You can use our fingertips or a rag to create a streak of paints. This will give you full control of the illusion of gas in a dense point. Work with different colors all over your painting surface. Once you are good with the design, allow them to dry first.

Step 7. Work with the center of your nebula.

This can be tricky as you will need to work on different colors without compromising the fog that you are creating. It may be challenging but building solid colors of gas for your clouds will surely be a great style to work on with.

Add more layers of paints with glazes. You can use purple and blue and other iridescent colors. Keep on adding details and colors to your painting surface. repeat the process of detailing. You will see that as you add layers of paint, you are creating depth on your painting surface.

Step 8. Add metallic and iridescent colors into the center of your painting surface. This will give you receding highlights on areas that need to stand out. Add the metallic paint to your final touches of colors.


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