Dandelion flowers with acrylics

Dandelion Flowers With Acrylics Tutorial

One of the designs that you can work on is dandelion flowers with acrylics. It is an easy design to try working with. This tutorial for dandelion flowers with acrylics is a must-try for beginners who are still exploring the medium.

What are the materials that you will need for your dandelion flowers with acrylics as your painting medium? Is this design a good start for beginners with painting? What are the factors you should consider to achieve the right effects for your painting?

Dandelion Flowers With Acrylics Painting Tutorial

Probably one of the easiest designs that you can create with acrylics is dandelion flowers. It is a stunning yet easy design to work on even for beginners. With this painting tutorial, you can make that dandelion flowers artwork of your choice.

Though there are some factors that you need to consider to get the right results. Since you will be taking advantage of the fast-drying composition of acrylics, you can easily finish the design in no time.

As for beginners, acrylics dry faster than any other painting medium. The blending process needs to be planned. Usually, if you will not pay attention to your paints, they will dry faster than you think.

The good thing about dandelion flowers with acrylic paints is they are handy. The design is not as complicated as other flowers you make. All you have to do is visualize your artwork even before you start applying paint.

It is ideal to prepare all the necessary materials that you will use for this activity. That way you will just only think about paint applications and nothing else.

There are a few essential materials that you will need for your dandelion with acrylics painting tutorial. Check them out and come back once your tools and complete. This will be an easy tutorial that you will finish in less than an hour. If you keep good timing and pace.

Essential Materials For Your Artwork

Dandelion flowers with acrylics
Dandelion flower ideas – Dandelion Flowers With Acrylics Tutorial With 8 Easy Steps For Beginners

What are the materials that you will use for your dandelion flowers with acrylics painting tutorial? Check out the following tools for this easy activity that you will surely love.

Here’s the list:
A painting canvas or painting surface of your choice. The best part about acrylics is they can go on almost any painting surface. As long as it is not greasy or oily, the acrylics work better.

If you happen to have an oily surface, you can prepare it by applying gesso on it. Or you can get the pre-primed painting surface on an art store near you. Try to apply your gesso once you gained enough exposure to the painting medium afterward.

The acrylic paints that you will use varies based on your style, preference, and where you are most comfortable to work on with. Since dandelion flowers are white, you can add extra colors on your background.

The dandelion stands out on a colored background too. Or you can make it rustic and try working on a different surface. Like a wood panel, glass, and many more to try with. You can also enhance your background afterward.

For this activity, you will need two sizes of paintbrushes. One is for working on your background. The other one will be for your dandelion flowers, stems and detailing.

You can also prepare a jar of water to clean and thin your paints when needed. Especially if you will be working on solid color background.

Some paper towels or old rags to wipe and dry your paintbrush is also better. Once you have prepared all the essential materials, then it is time to paint.

Factors To Consider When Creating Your Dandelion Flowers With Acrylics

Dandelion flowers with acrylics
Dandelion ideas for acrylic painting – Dandelion Flowers With Acrylics Tutorial With 8 Easy Steps For Beginners

Since you will be working with a fast-drying medium, it is best to check a few factors too. Like the temperature of your work station. Or if you will be painting outdoors, the climate is an essential factor.

The humidity present in the air affects your paints and their drying time too. The paint application and consistency also matters. If you will be using a thicker paint application, the chances of your painting drying faster will also be modified.

That means if you will be applying thin layers of paint. They will dry off easily. Best to do this on your background. Choose the colors that you like and use them for your dandelion flowers with acrylics.

Another important factor to consider is the design that you will be doing. Like this dandelion flower. It is an easy design, to begin with. Which preparing the materials at hand will give you a lot of benefits.

Step By Step Process For Dandelion Flowers

On this painting tutorial, you will make dandelion flowers with acrylics like a pro. If you are ready, let’s get those paintbrushes on. Your dandelion design is waiting to be unlocked!

Step 1. Prepare your background first.

Choose the color that you like your background to appear. That means a few combinations of colors will help along. This will stand out as you work on your design for later.

Keep a jar of water next to you when you modify or thin your colors. Wait for the background colors to be completely dried before working on the next step. Don’t forget to paint the sides of your canvas as well.

Step 2. Work on the stem of your dandelion flowers. Use a darker color green first.

Next is to add highlights on your stems by adding a touch of white color. This will give your stem a nicer appearance and a standout color from your background color. Especially if you are using solid and warmer colors.

Step 3. Work on the dandelion center by creating an oval shape from the stem colors you use.

Dandelion flowers with acrylics
Ideas for your next dandelion painting – Dandelion Flowers With Acrylics Tutorial With 8 Easy Steps For Beginners

You can also add hanging leaves at the bottom of your oval center for your dandelion flowers.

Step 4. Create the size of your dandelion flowers by using chalk.

The trick with the fluffy dandelion flowers with acrylics is the chalk outlined on your background. Since chalk will be easily removed with a paintbrush. You do not need to worry about them messing your painting too.

Draw as far off from your dandelion center and even cover the leaves hanging off the center. This is a unique way of creating volume for your dandelions.

Step 5. Work on your dandelion seeds with the smallest paintbrush you have.

This is best done with the tiniest line that you can make using a small paintbrush. Extend the lines until the chalk outline you made. make different sizes of lines spreading over your flower center.

Make different sizes of lines and cover the whole outlined extension of chalk.

Step 6. Work on the fly-aways seeds of your dandelion.

You can create a rhythm of how and where the wind is taking your dandelion seed flyaways.

Step 7. Remove the chalk outline by using a clean wet paintbrush.

You can also use a paper towel but best to try your wet paintbrush first. That way you will avoid your background getting scratch off. You can play with the outlined chalk with different shapes other than circles. You can also make heart shapes too. Try it in your next painting session.

Step 8. Add leaves for your dandelion flowers with acrylics. This will add value to your painting.

You can always add more flyaway seeds to your dandelion flowers.

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